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Keeping these terpenes in mind will give you a broad understanding of how a strain will taste. But, you’ll want to get more specific once you’ve narrowed down your search. Although most strains feature high levels of a particular terpene, they all feature a unique blend of dozens of these flavour molecules. Here’s an idea of the specific tastes available in each strain:

If you’ve ever shopped around for cannabis seeds, you know how confusing things can get. Use the guide below to make finding your favourite strains easier than ever—regardless of where you’re at in your cannabis growing journey.


Why? Well, terpenes are volatile molecules. Following exposure to a flame, they change in structure. Plus, they light up nerves in the tongue and nose differently.

If you still can’t choose, let us choose for you! At Royal Queen Seeds, we’ve been breeding cannabis and providing high-quality seeds to growers for years. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about cannabis!

Chocolate Haze never fails to hit the mark before entering the zone of creativity. This tasty cultivar harnesses a THC level of 20% and sweet, sugary terpenes to catapult the mind into a state of focus, motivation, and immense creativity.

The Choice Seedbank sells cannabis seeds solely for souvenir and storage purposes. It is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK and in most countries. We cannot and we will not discuss germination/yields/THC and etc. as we cannot be seen to be promoting this.

For your own protection we require you to check with all local laws and international laws governing the purchase of cannabis seeds in your part of the world. By ordering, you confirm that you checked this and it is ok for to order. The Choice cannot accept the responsibility for that decision which rests solely upon you.

I purchased the product awhile ago about 8-9 months. The only ones that actually came up were the free ones. I sent a complaint in today and the response I received was ridiculous it was only concerning about 6 items the extreme they wanted me to go through for replacements is crazy I just won't do business with them again and if asked I would explain my experience about the company. (Horrible service).

So over the past couple of months i have ordered 3 different times through the mail.
1st order: 3- 9lb hammer photo only 1 actually germinated and finished,
2nd order: 3- amnesia photo only 1 actually germinated and currently growing. Other 2 didn't germinate or died after putting it in dirt. 3 free sugar kush sent because i sent a money order in the snail mail, 2 out of 3 made it and currently growing slowly,
3rd order: 5 guerrilla glue autos,
Zero out of 5 germinated all 5 have died never even made it to the dirt, 3 more free sugar kush sent through snail mail only attempted to germinate 1 of them so far and it didnt germinate.. my advice is go with another company. I hand wrote them a letter explaining my concerns with the last 3 orders and nothing was done about it no email, no replacement seeds nothing just sent me what i paid for and that's it. Customer support seems to be nonexistent.

I would not trust them. Too many other great seedbanks that care about there customers and reviews .

So far I am beyond disappointed and disgusted with Growers Choice. I had a good friend refer me to them and was thinking about stalking some of there most popular seeds in our dispensary . So like a idiot I trusted this friend after I had been using the same 3 seed banks for years and never had a problem. I should have researched them more. They are horrible about getting stuff out in any hurry . Ordered a couple weeks ago and still have nothing on its way. I just keep getting the run around about how its peak spring season. I would think that would be March and April .Anyways keep telling me my package is at the post office and that the post office just has not scanned it in a week. To me that makes no sense at all. I was going to get a refund a couple weeks ago after reading all the negative reviews on them but was told it would take 2-3 weeks for a refund. No other seed bank I have ever dealt with does there customers like this. Growers choice claims they ship from the U.S so 2 weeks and nothing in the mail is crazyiness. I can order from Holland or Spain and have my seeds in 10 days everytime. I honestly believe this company does not care after they get your money.

Sent me 3 batches of bad seeds. Instead of refunding me like I asked they have opted to send me more seeds but have yet to ship them. First batch were all duds in 2020. I decided to wait another year before giving them another chance. Now I've been sent 2 more batches of bad seeds and was told they would replace them over a week ago but have yet to ship them. I always give a company the chance to make right with the customer but this is a joke. Don't waste your money or time.

Ordered three gorilla glue autoflowers and nothing happened 1 germinated and then rotted when placed in soil and what I thought to be it's new home. First time buyer and might be last