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white rhino cannabis seeds

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An old school indica dominant, short sized plant that is perfect for beginner growers. She has a high resistance and works incredibly well in a Sea of Green and for growers with limited height. An extremely frosty, potent hybrid that boasts a THC level between 18-22%, and those who are not careful will feel White Rhino Feminized’s full throttle charge and crumble under her potency.

She has a flavour that can be described as pungent, earthy, sweet, skunk with woody overtones. A complex flavour representing the best of indica Cannabis with an old school funk. Medical patients may find White Rhino Feminized useful for therapeutic use, aches and pains, reducing feelings of anxiety and insomnia.

Strain Characteristics: White Rhino Feminized is a tough, highly resistant hybrid that finishes short with one main central cola. Thanks to her uniform and homogenous traits, this lady is well suited for new growers and those with limited grow space. When flowering, she will produce thick, nugs at each internode giving the plants as short but compact appearance.

What makes this strain so great: This girl is a blast from the past, who can leave you on your knees begging for more. A big power puncher that is best advised to those who are purveyors of true, narcotic potency. Hash makers prepare those trim buckets in advance!

Experiencing this strain: You will feel like you got caught up in a stampede if you take her lightly. A powerful effect that can leave you immobilized with a big grin on your face and puffy eyes. A wonderful medical strain thanks to her deeply therapeutic side that is well recommended for evening times, and smokers with a high tolerance looking for pure power. You can easily curl up on the couch or sofa with this strain and smoke yourself into a demotivated, sleepy state.

Going back to the physical side, the extremely hefty 26% THC concentration of this strain also gives it analgesic properties. A study that came out of the University of New Mexico found that high-THC cannabis offers an effective alternative to opioids for treating pain, but with very minimal side effects. As such, it can be used to alleviate migraines and dysmenorrhea, as well as chronic ailments like neuropathic pain and arthritis.

In view of the high THC content, White Rhino could potentially cause psychoactive effects that lead to dizziness, paranoia, or increased anxiety. First-timers are encouraged to take a more conservative approach towards consumption. Individuals who are particularly sensitive to THC should avoid this strain altogether.

Medical Application

In contrast, the CBD level is insignificant at less than 1%. Consequently, this strain is not suitable for reducing the frequency of seizures and inflammation.

Outdoors, harvesting can begin in early October, but extra time on the bush can ramp up the buds’ THC level and aroma.

However, if you wish for a more balanced high, Gold Leaf Fem is a fine choice. Named for its golden foliage and sunshine-yellow hairs, it contains 21% THC for intense pain relief. In addition, it has a significant level of CBD (17%) to help mitigate the symptoms associated with chemotherapy treatment, such as nausea and loss of appetite. As a recreational weed, this 60% Indica, 40% Sativa mix induces an invigorating cerebral buzz, followed by tranquility of the body.