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where do you buy seeds

This is why I’m strategic about where I buy seeds — both locally and online — for the most reliable seeds, best selection, budget-friendly options, and most promising harvest.

They also, in my experience, have a limited selection of each crop — which can be a benefit for beginning gardeners. How many times have I become overwhelmed with the vast selection in a bright, shiny seed catalog? I just want a simple squash, for goodness’ sake! With my local feed store, I can choose a reliable variety for my climate without the overwhelm of endless choices.

Don’t underestimate the importance of growing crops suited for your climate. As a gardener in the southeast, I’ve enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from buying from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Even if you’re not in the Southeast, look for reputable seed companies in your area for climate-specific varieties.

Territorial Seed Company

Learning how to source garden seeds can seem like a daunting task, but keeping these considerations in mind, I hope you’re better-equipped as you start planning your seed purchases for this year!

With all these options to buy seeds, how do you go about buying seeds?

The most obvious benefit to buying straight from a seed supplier is the selection. You can dream of unique varieties not typically available locally, and you can venture out and experiment with crops you’d never find at your grocery store.

Another option to buy seeds is through online sources and seed catalogs. In fact, most experienced gardeners I know purchase most, if not all, of their seeds this way.

No hybrid or GMO varieties

Beautiful catalog and website

Fun curated collections

Eden Brothers

Most consumers are familiar with The Home Depot as a one-stop shop for home repair, renovation, and improvement. They also have a decent garden section. If you are working on multiple projects around your home and just want to place one order, The Home Depot is a great place to do it. Plus, they have brick-and-mortar stores, so returns are generally easier than online-only retailers.

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Long company history of expertise

If you want to support a company with a mission, Seeds of Change is the ideal choice. Your purchase will get you high-quality seeds and support school gardening programs around the United States. They have given over $2.5 Million to school programs through FoodCorps to help increase gardening knowledge, enthusiasm, and healthy lifestyles in schools.

It's official: the homegrown vegetable garden is making a major comeback this spring. With many of us spending more time at home and grocery shopping requiring extra precautions, many Americans are starting their own vegetable gardens, some for the very first time. According to Jack Whettam, sales and marketing manager at Hudson Valley Seed Co, orders have increased "by orders of magnitude" this year, and other seed companies report similar spikes in sales.

Because there’s never been a better time to start a vegetable garden.

While many seed companies experienced shipping delays or had to take a short break to catch up on shipments earlier this April, most are currently back to accepting new orders. Translation: now is a great time to order and start planting all of those tomato, zucchini, and eggplant seeds. Buy vegetable seeds online at the sources below, then consult our month-by-month guide to learn what to plant when.