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when autoflower start to flower

Perhaps the most-awaited and exciting part of planting marijuana plants is witnessing the process of how the plants grow and mature until harvest. For pro growers, this might be a typical and mundane incident, but for a beginner grower, this is where the fun starts to reveal. The traditional marijuana plant strain like Indica or Sativa goes a long way before it matures, but the autoflower strains offer a different process since they mature and grow in a shorter time. To get to the harvest time correctly, it is essential to know how to tell when the autoflower is flowering.

Having the autoflower start flowering is part of the process. It means that the plant’s initial care and nutrients worked, so it is now bound to the final steps, which are maturing and getting ready for harvest. This is very important since knowing how to tell when autoflower is flowering will also tell the growers what to expect from the plant. These important features allow the growers to know the gender of the plants and what else could be done in order to make them grow sturdier and healthier.

Life growth Stages of an Autoflower

Just like traditional strains, autoflower plants also follow the specific growth stages but only for a shorter time. Instead of waiting for almost a year before the harvest, in a span of two to three months, the autoflower marijuana plants are healthy and ready. That is why many growers are encouraged to grow autoflowers even when they cost higher than the traditional ones. Growing autoflower strains is not different from growing all other strains available. It still needs the same care, attention, and nutrients. It is in the knowledge of the time frame of the growth stage that will make all the difference. Thus, the first step on how to tell when autoflower is flowering is when a grower knows the autoflower growing process.

The next life stage of the autoflower plant is the seedling part. Once the seeds are transferred or buried safely in the soil, nature will do wonders and let the seed grow into a seedling or a small plant with more or less two leaves. There is no need to rush the seedling growth of the plant. Just let it sprout in its own time and effort. Messing with the plant’s natural growth may lead to damages that could lead to any irregularities for the next stages. Make sure the soil’s pH balance is adjusted to the preferred or needed range. There are different organic nutrients available in the market, but since this is just the seedling part, avoid overdoing the process.

Two weeks have passed, and the plant will grow more leaves, though they are still very fragile and sensitive. This is also a good time to start giving nutrients, especially if the soil lacks the pre-made natural nutrients. Adjust the lights, especially when no specific improvements on the plant’s growth. Once the grower reaches this part, the ways on how to tell when autoflower is flowering are getting nearer.

1: its an auto . why distinguish between veg and the other one?

I would run a 50/50 veg/bloom mix until it shows solidly in bloom. Basically just give it access to increased P and K with a bit reduced N. Then you can go solid bloom once the plant really gets into flower. It like most other plants will still use more N at the beginning of it’s life and more P and K at the end. I don’t see a need for a sudden transition, I just start adding more bloom and less veg as it proceeds into flower. This is assuming you are in something other than soil.


2: its not flowering but has pre- flowers . then its flowering .

3: veg and ‘bloom’ are photo periodic terms used by ‘sewage bottlers’
and other carpet baggers to entice you to spend more,
as you will find less is best with all autos

I just harvested 2 vision northern lights autos. They weren’t the fastest autos. Flowering didn’t start until at least weak 6, took about 11 weeks total.

1. The stigmas have completely turned brown and wilted, this means your plants have already gone through the reproduction stage and is almost nearing the end of its life cycle.

First of all, you need to remember that the information most breeders specify is when growing their genetics in optimal conditions so if you don’t have a good light fixture, nutrients and are not controlling the conditions, your plants may take a bit longer but don’t worry, they will flower.

The name of the white hair is stigma and will emerge from the calyxes. As the female sex organ, it is the stigma that must come into direct contact with the pollen in order to produce seeds.

3. How to tell if my auto is ready?

Stigmas can be found on the flowering sites and as the plant develops, starting from the pre-flowering stage and onwards, the entire plant will become filled with thousands of long white hairs.

These long hairs emerge from the calyxes and are responsible for capturing pollen to produce seeds but usually, home growers don’t make seeds so these hairs won’t wilt and brown until the last couple of weeks of the flowering stage.

Remember that trichomes produce and store the terpenes which are responsible for the smell, in most cases, when cannabis plants start producing trichomes they will start smelling really strong so depending on where you’re growing and the setup, now it’s a good time to deal with it.

Apart from these two, cannabis plants also need micronutrients, these minerals are needed in much lower doses, and depending on the type of medium you’re growing in, you will have to provide them with products such as CalMag additives.