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You may already know important things about the life cycle of cannabis or how to germinate seeds. Now, you may want to grow some plants yourself. If you decide to plant indoors, you will need to set up your grow room before planti…

When buying feminized cannabis seeds, you will get the best yield. Our feminized seeds have an average germination rate of 96.1%, so almost every seed grows into a full cannabis plant.

Berner Cookies feminized seeds

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Buying autoflower marijuana seeds is a wise choice. These autoflower seeds need little attention to grow, which makes them very suitable for inexperienced growers.

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It will certainly be interesting to see what WeedSeedsExpress does in its next 15 years. Its first months in business have already been such a whirlwind of growth and new innovations that it’s hard to imagine where they’ll be that far into the future!

Luckily, WeedSeedsExpress is legit. They may not have the pages and pages of endless reviews online that some seed brands that have been around for years have, but the reviews that are out there are all very positive.


They pride themselves not only on their amazing genetics, but also the incredible level of support and service that they offer their customers. It’s clear that the founders wanted to create not only a convenient place to buy some stable and high quality cannabis seeds online, but also a place you could go to get support and advice for every aspect of your grow, from start to finish.

The first thing a lot of people want to know whenever they hear about a new online seed bank is whether or not it’s legit.

Note: Because of local laws, there is currently a limit of maximum 25 seeds per order.

They are legit. Got about 10 different Strains from them and all had great genetics. Cant ask for better customer service. They are like the Chickfla of weed seed delivery!

Great service,stands by products,fast discreet delivery
Nothing else needed.

Ordered seeds on a Friday

Very happy. reasonably quickly comment again AFTER I harvest. LOL

I'm glad to hear you're happy with how everything went, great!

a great experience!
The service was truly excellent ! Responding instantly and dispatching at the speed of light. the tracked carrier service was on time. The packaging good and even a useful free gift included. The free seed was same type as ordered so didnt get an unwanted strain. Comms were constant and we never felt left wondering.
Would recommend this company and hope they can keep up this standard. After sales follow up provided.