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We do not encourage any one to do illegal things. In some countries the rules about cultivating are a bit behind, make sure you know what they say about it in your local Law. In Holland weed seeds are legal if we sell them to other countries we will sell them as a take-care so you will have bought a souvenir for the invoice. Not in every country seeds are legal in this way so check your risks! Do not ever cultivate or use marijuana in any way that is possible in the neighborhood of children and don’t cause complaints by hard noise or the smell of the flowering cannabis.

Some will need a bit of care and others are very easy to cultivate. Follow our lead and you will be successful yourself.

Weed Seeds are available in regular, feminized and automatic flowering

Nothing can beat the joy of smoking some self cultivated weed that you the home grower nursed yourself.

Quick delivery.
Good quality seeds.
My only peef was a packaging,but other than that great service.

Good reliable seller
5 star

Excellent service

From the first 10xseeds about 7x died my own fault. Next 10xseeds 3xgood 1xmale 6x died .
Last 10xseeds until now about 6 are growing so fast in a short White. .
We will see!
And I Will be here Next year if results are ok!

Excellent service, fast en with care, save delivery!

Delivery was perfect and on time.
But I received a bad seed its been more than 4 weeks and still de seed has not germinate.

Amnesia Feminized Cannabis seeds WS

Feminized cannabis seeds also called Feminsed and only female seeds.
Feminized cannabis seeds produce
* 99.9% plants without seeds
* Sinsemilla with full cannabis buds
Are known internationally as Feminized Weed Seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are 99.9% only female cannabis seeds. All weed is autoflowering, but these strains will flower themselves (photo flower). Approximately 3 weeks after germination, this species will automatically start flowering during growth. That is why we also call these cannabis strains self-flowering and autoflower.

Amnesia Haze Feminized Cannabis seeds WS

Amnesia Feminized Cannabis seeds WS

Regular cannabis seeds are both male and female cannabis seeds. Suitable for
* Growing cannabis seeds yourself
* Making Hemp Oil yourself
* Strongest DNA genetics
Regular male & female weed seeds.

LED Grow Lights suitable for all plants

Weedseeds cannabis seeds can be ordered individually or at a discount in the feminized, autoflowering, regular and cbd seeds varieties. Orders are shipped without mention of weedseeds .site in a discreet and extra sturdy packaging. Cannabis seeds are selected by hand for the best quality, payment can be made with ideal, credit card and anonymously. LED grow lights and cultivation equipment are always packaged firmly and discreetly, just like the cannabis seeds.