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But when you’re starting out, there are 4 essential things to keep in mind:

Again, there is no ‘better’ method.

But if you know what you’re doing, the quality of your nugs will be out of this world in terms of:

7. Thermometer

Since we’re growing indoors and can’t make use of the ground…

Classic example:

If you choose a hydroponic system, you’ll need an inert medium like hydroton or lava-rock.

Classic example:

Biobizz Starters Pack: If you want to grow organically, this kit is perfect. Biobizz is another well-respected brand, and this box contains its iconic Bio·Heaven™, Bio·Bloom™ and Bio·Grow® nutrients, as well as their Top·Max™ (to improve the size of your flowers) and the Root·Juice™ to encourage root development.

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent S Eco: This is a small tent perfect for beginners or first-time growers. It’s completely light-proof, boasts an extra-durable design complete with super-strong and stable rods, multiple air intake windows and “Superflaps” for maximum airflow, a watertight interior base and three ventilation socks. This is a perfect option if you’re tackling your first indoor grow and working with a tight budget.

ThermoPro TP50: This digital thermometer/hygrometer is perfect for beginner growers or anyone working with a small number of plants in a small grow space. It’s got a 3-year warranty and provides accurate readings of roughly ±2/3% RH and ±1°F.


When growing cannabis indoors, you’ll want to ensure you have as much control over your growing environment as possible. And the best way to do this is to grow your plants in a tent where you can tightly control variables like temperature, relative humidity, air circulation, ventilation, and more.

Most growers will usually opt for one of the following potting options:

TROTEC B 400 Air Humidifier: Advanced growers with a larger grow tent will need a larger humidifier. That’s where the TROTEC B 400 Air Humidifier comes in. With 34l capacity, this beast can manage humidity levels in a room of up to 360m². Plus, the unit automatically switches off once it has reached the right humidity level. If you’re running a big grow op, this is the perfect solution for you.

Homemade super soil: If you’re an experienced grower, nothing beats preparing your own organic super soil at home. Using natural fertilisers, compost, and other organic ingredients, you can create a tailor-made potting mix. Plus, you’ll get the added peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re feeding your plants.

Thankfully, you can reduce the sound of these fans by controlling the speed of your fans with a fan controller. Lowering the speed of a fan will lower the noise coming out of the fan. Some fans even come with built-in motor controllers, like the Yield Lab Pro Series Fan.

There’s a sense of pride that comes with growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Aside from feeling accomplished, you also know you’re growing more organic, better-tasting food. In addition, you also lower your environmental impact because you’re not polluting the soil with unnecessary chemicals.

Controllers — Scheduling, Timers

Keep a tight watch on your plants’ levels with a pH meter and PPM meter. And if you notice your plants’ pH levels are increasing or decreasing drastically, it’s always good to keep some pH Up and pH Down solution handy.

The canopy of your grow room is the specific area that your plants are using. In short, your canopy is the area where your plants grow, and the grow room is everything around them.

6 Site System (2 Gal Pot)
12 Site System (2 Gal Pot)