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the vault cannabis seed store

You can find a lot of cannabis cup-winner strains in their shop.

They have a wide variety of options when it comes to payment. None of the options they provide will use marijuana-related information in transactions.


The vault cannabis seed store seed bank is also at the forefront of the cannabis legalization fight . They do a lot of pro-cannabis activism.

They also accept all major currencies via money order or just cash envelope . We would recommend everyone to use Bitcoin to pay seed bank as it is the safest and most anonymous way to pay for marijuana.

We love how they have made their website. It’s easy to use and navigate . They have links to Top regular seeds, Top medical seeds, Top THC seeds, Top Autoflowering seeds, and Top feminized seeds right on the homepage.

When quality matters, don’t accept sub-par imitations: view the best-feminized seeds which were good enough to meet our exacting standards!

Need any more reasons?

#5: Super-rapid delivery

The Vault is still open and dispatching orders and still bringing you more and more amazing deals!

Reason #1: The best freebies on the planet!

Order in confidence – You can rest easy when you place an order with The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

#4: Reliability

Feminized Seeds – Fall to the charms of the fairer sex

Contacted customer service with some questions, told I was in good hands and less than 2 weeks had my seeds.Further day and looking at sprouting seeds, very happy and will continue to shop there.

great people my favorite seed bank

Great service with quick delivery

guest Canada, April 2019

Everything fine except the most important part-seeds. Out of 9 seeds only 1 germinated.Im not new in this business so be careful what company You chose.

Amazing fast service, would recommend to everyone and will definitely be buying from these guys again.

Excellent service and viable seeds quick delivery

Very satisfied,seeds come in original breeder packs so you can have 100% good quality seeds..highly recommended