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There are a few distinct types, or subspecies, of cannabis. The two major categories are sativa and indica, but there are also hybrid and ruderalis strains to consider.

Fast-flowering strains have been bred to help with this issue. They can be ready to harvest after a short 6–7 weeks of bloom, meaning cultivators can bring them in during mid/late-September with little risk of rain destroying their harvest.


Male plants produce seed pods, and, if they stick around long enough, they’ll pollinate the female plants and dramatically reduce their yields. Because of that, those growing regular seeds had to identify the sex of their plants as soon as possible in order to cull the males.

There is another, often unmentioned subspecies to consider called Cannabis ruderalis. Ruderalis strains are “weed-like” and grow wild in northern regions like Siberia. What’s interesting, though, is that ruderalis is naturally autoflowering. As a result, breeders can use ruderalis genetics to make autoflowering varieties of classic photoperiod strains.

Most cannabis strains these days aren’t pure indicas or sativas. Rather, they are hybrids combining indica and sativa characteristics, and thus their growing characteristics vary.

One Love Genetics One Love Genetics is a team of breeders with a combined total of over 30 years of experience in breeding top shelf hemp seeds dedicated to providing the best strains without a high price tag. Based in Sacramento, California, USA, we specialize in regular seeds, offering indicas, sativas, hybrids, and autoflowering strains from a wide variety of origins.

High quality cannabis genetics and micro dosing maintenance right here. PSGx is Midwest born and West Coast raised. Genetics should be the head cornerstone of any solid grow. PSGx is here to help guide you along your journey. Don’t make the mistake of going out and spending thousands of dollars on your grow setup and then skimp on your genetics because your final product is ALL ABOUT the genetics you are growing.

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ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds An incredibly large online cannabis seed bank that is well known for their reliable shipping and free swag (e.g. beanies and t-shirts) with every purchase. Attitude Seed Bank allows customers to pay by credit card or by using cryptocurrency as well. Reviews on reddit certainly seem to suggest this has been a reliable seed retailer for several years. To learn more about cannabis home grow, visit the Attitude Seedbank blog.

Authentic Genetics Seed Company is the home of Todd McCormick and Mel Frank’s personal seed collection. Curated by cannabis cultivator Todd McCormick, this unique library of genetics spans his more-than-35 years of experience in breeding and selection. The seedstock available in this catalogue are bred to be the most authentic representations of the varieties listed. As for the Skunk No.1 seeds, they were begotten from Skunkman Sam by Mel Frank in 1988, Mel Frank reproduced them in 1996 and again in 2010, Authentic Genetics has seeds from both years and they are $20.00 each in very limited quantities.

Crop King Seeds We have been in the cannabis seeds industry since 2005 and has evolved significantly from being a one-employee company shipping from an apartment to being a full scale marijuana seed brand which is sold in over 300 stores across Canada. Crop King Seeds is progressively growing with over 40 strains available in our lineup. More cannabis strains will be introduced in the near future as the company is investing time and money on breeding new strains. You can visit our About page for more details.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are positive aspects of breeding two feminized seeds together?

Although I have a few anecdotes from growers who have used only feminized seeds for a few generations, it would be much better to share information from someone who has conducted plenty of testing over several generations. We’d love to hear from you if you have bred more than a few generations using only feminized seeds and want to share your experience!

2.) Spray the bud sites of your known female plant daily during first 3-4 weeks of the flowering stage (until pollen sacs form and start splitting open)

How can I identify plant gender before the plant actually starts flowering? (Besides using feminized seeds)

When it comes to genetic diversity, the ability to cross out to thousands of different cannabis strains allows you to dramatically increase the gene pool without using male plants.

Overview: How to Make Feminized Seeds