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stealth cannabis seeds

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Guerrilla or stealth growing is the practice of growing cannabis plants outdoors in secret, secluded places. There are some basic tips that can help to ensure success with your stealth crop, although the fact that you’re growing in a remote place means that there can be no guarantees. Marijuana plants can and are ravaged by insects and animals, there are light-fingered types out there who will be happy to steal your crop if they stumble across it, so secrecy is high on the agenda.

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Crop King has been on the business since the early 2000s. They are now considered experts in discreet shipping. They use special packaging that ensures the freshness of the seeds. As their website has mentioned, the orders are shipped discreetly and with complete privacy. They also do not hold onto credit card records and email addresses so the privacy of the customer is completely assured.

The slogan in Rocket Seeds as the best of “World’s fastest Marijuana seeds shipped directly to you” is true to their shipping. They also use regular and express shipping. Regular shipping can take up to 7-21 days for international shipments while their express shipping might take up to 7-14 days.

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Stealth shipping cannabis seeds is a shipping method that allows the package to be undetectable and unnoticeable to even raise a single ounce of suspicion. Areas such as customs and courier deliveries, will not think about opening it for inspection.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks with Stealth Shipping Marijuana Seeds

Acquiring marijuana has always been regulated by the government, so if you are of legal age, has a valid address where marijuana consumption is considered legit and a working credit card from that area then you’re all good. The next procedure that you’ll need to examine is how will the seed bank ship your order? Most will offer stealth shipping cannabis seeds but always scan through customer reviews to make sure.

Service dogs can be very sensitive to smell, especially to perfumes and colognes and they will immediately warn their officers. If the service dog feels that there is an outright intention to mask the item, that item will be automatically confiscated.

We have tackled what stealth shipping is all about and how it works. Let us now go to marijuana seed banks that ship to USA. Expect that most seed banks have this but these are the top 5 companies that will give you a 100% guarantee. Of course, this will all depend on your personal preference. While some may find one appealing, others may not feel the same way. Take what we have to say with a grain of salt and make sure you do what is most comfortable. Remember, you will always have the final say! So, which exactly is the best stealth shipping seed bank?

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Before we go on and give you a list of cannabis seed banks that use stealth shipping, let us tell you more about what stealth shipping is and how companies do it.

Guerrilla cannabis seeds is the name given to tough, low-maintenance outdoor cannabis seeds. A cannabis guerrilla grow, by definition has to be hardy enough to cope for long periods without any human assistance. In fact, the best guerrilla grow strains will only require the grower to prepare a sheltered, sunny location. All you need to do is ensure the soil is moist and nutritious and safe from grazing animals, dog walkers etc.

Guerrilla growing is the name given to outdoor cannabis cultivation in a hidden location. Not everyone can grow indoors, or in a back garden. Growing your outdoor cannabis seeds in a secret, hidden and unexpected location maximises the chance of a successful harvest.

What does guerrilla or stealth cannabis mean?

The best strains for stealth grows are typically tough and resilient to difficult outdoor weather. They won’t require any special maintenance, nutrients or supervision. For some growers, the best stealth grow strain may be a short/squat variety which is easy to hide and won’t be too easy to see.

The best guerrilla grow strains will grow from seed to harvest with no human intervention. This is ideal if you are growing cannabis in the countryside, in the hills/mountains or somewhere that you won’t visit very often.

Frisian Duck outdoor feminised seeds (and Auto Duck autoflower seeds) are unique in the cannabis world for the webbed leaf shape. It’s one of the best stealth strain marijuana plants that you can grow. Guerrilla cannabis growing is easier when you have a stealth cannabis strain which isn’t instantly recognisable as weed.

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