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Viable or not, there’s only one sure way to find out if a bagseed will grow. If you’re simply curious to learn and not as concerned with the overall outcome, you can plant a couple of bagseeds outside and see what happens.

If you’re ready for a more serious approach, make sure you have the space for a proper garden and pop the seeds to see what fruit they bear.

As we’ve mentioned, cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning male and female reproductive organs appear on different plants.

Is the seed viable?

In some cases, even if a seed isn’t completely mature, there’s still a chance it could be viable. But often these are extremely weak, take long to develop, and express other unfavorable characteristics. Growers usually discard weak plants to free up space.

Cultivating males is important for breeders trying to cross new strains and genetics, but most people growing for buds will want to remove the males.

This is sometimes referred to as “cloning by seed” and will not produce any male plants. This is achieved through several methods:

But if the seed you found looks decent, you might as well germinate it and see what sprouts.

Water deeply, but be sure the pot has plenty of drainages. Standing water kills plants quickly.

You might wonder if you can grow brussel sprouts inside in a container without moving them outside.

If you plant dwarf varieties, chances are you won’t need to do any type of staking. Those plants typically only reach heights of 24-28 inches, which is shorter than most tomato plants! If you decide not to grow the dwarf varieties, you may need to stake them.

10: Fertilizing Brussel Sprouts

And if you want to grow them in winter, you can Plant seeds in early April and transfer these outside in May or June.

So I live in central Georgia. Zone 8. I am new to Brussels sprouts and think I started them too early. It’s April and my seedlings looks great. Should I attempt indoor container growing since we have such hot summers? Or should I discard and start more seeds later in the summer for fall harvest? Thanks so much!

When the sprouted seedlings display their first pair of real leaves, pick the healthiest one and use sterilized scissors to snip off of the others at the soil line.

Brussel sprouts grow, unlike any other plant, growing on tall plants with incredibly massive stalks. The sprouts look like tiny cabbages growing up and down the stems.

If a seed’s root breaks through the shell and the water around has dried up, your seedling will die. Plain and simple.

After you see that your cannabis seeds have sprouted, you should plant them right away.

Germination Method 1: Starter Cubes & Seedling Plugs (Recommended)

Cons of Jiffy Pellets

Cannabis germination is the process of getting your seeds to sprout, and you know sprouting has occurred when a little white tendril pops out of the seed.

Rapid Rooters (Highly Recommended For All Setups)