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seedsman shipping to canada

Can’t you find a specific strain from other seed banks? Why not try Seedsman. They offer even the rarest strain of cannabis seeds.

Starting a few years ago, the number of online seed banks that sell different marijuana strains is getting higher. Almost all of them claim that they are the best seed bank globally.

Product Quality

Is the seed bank’s reputation concerning you? Seedsman is already built enough. As previously mentioned, the company started its business in 2003. It’s already close to two decades!

Seedsman is one of the online seed banks selling different strains of cannabis seeds. The company was known for its contribution to the legalization of marijuana use in Canada and other parts of the world. Started around 18 years ago, they became popular with breeders and seed growers because of their high-quality products with little to no germination problems.

The shipping system of Seedsman is a bit different from others. Instead of having fixed shipping prices, they base the cost according to your location. However, this is understandable since they ship items worldwide, where the processes might be a bit different from one place to another.

You can opt to REMOVE or KEEP Breeder’s Packaging during the Checkout process.

All envelopes have your address details, a stamp (or postage paid label) a tracking label for traceable services and for orders outside the UK and EU a declaration. We do not write what the contents of the package are or put our company name on the envelope.

Telephone numbers will not appear on parcels, unless previously instructed by the customer, with the exception of China or Japan. We also ask that customers from China and Japan email us with their address in their local script so that this can be added to the front of the parcel, next to the address written in English.

What will my order be declared as ?

No, you do not get charged import tax.

Every package is packed discreetly by our expert team.

How will I know the difference between the seeds?

We will do our best to swap free seeds where possible. We are able to swap free seeds from the same breeder. i.e Seedsman Free feminised seeds to Seedsman Auto free seeds.

For people who really want to remain anonymous, they also accept cash in the mail as well as Bitcoin!

New or limited edition strains can almost always be found on their site – if I can’t find a strain elsewhere, Seedsman usually has it!

Seedsman doesn’t delete negative customer seed reviews either, meaning you can trust you’re getting a balanced view.

Are there any Seedsman discount codes?

With Seedsman, shipping cost is calculated based upon your location rather than a flat rate.

Seedsman offers a number of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, money order, and check for your order.

I would recommend Seedsman for anyone on a tight budget or who enjoys an Amazon-style shopping experience.

Seedsman is probably not for anyone who values lightning quick shipping to the USA or customer service that will do anything to make things right.