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seedsman seed bank review

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Made an order – all auto fems – which also had many free auto fems. Received the order and the free auto fems were replaced by fems without any notice or advice. Dealt with customer service which basically told me – they were free so suck it up. When I wrote a scathing review, finally someone woke up and said that they had a faulty system which they were fixing. And I was sent some auto fems as compensation.
Too much trouble to get them to correct their errors. This was my first order. It will also be my last.

Got nothing. Apparently they sent 2 packages. After I lost the first one they offered some freebies. Having figured that their ‘discreet packaging" was not good enough, I asked to buy insurance or extra discreet packaging for the freebies. They declined and tried to reassure me. So I lost them too. When I told them they suggest another place.

After their new system changed for this country all was good. Then all of a sudden they are in chaos. Last ordered was cancelled and then they redid and I let them pick the new order, still took 6 weeks to be delivered and I was short changed from what I paid for originally. Then I watch a YouTube video with some scammer on there getting a care package from them , just to push to an advertiser how sweet they are. I’ve now ordered again and if they screw this up, I will not return again, there are other super seed banks out there that still ship quick and are eager to grow so be aware seedsman you can fall like a statue.

guest Canada, November 2019

Very quick delivery and seeds in breeders pack

Ordered 6 large orders, received every single one of them, packaging is discrete and very stealthy, you get extra freebies and large discounts via bitcoin, i highly recommend using bitcoin on this site. I had an error with one of my orders and reached out to support, spoke with the owner of seedsman, he hooked me up with 3 packs of 5 seeds of my choice. Now how can you go wrong with that, best seedbank experience i have ever had. i highly recommend, great customer service, fast shipping, stealthy packaging, great prices, whats not to love about seedsman. Their best promo is during Halloween so i highly recommend you have a list ready and choose your freebies fast because stock runs out quick. I will never go anywhere else.

This last order was the 4th season I ordered from Seedsman, and will be my last. Last years order had inferior seeds which they(Seedsman) finally made good, but was received too late to plant for the season. This year was worst, of the 4 strains I ordered, 2 strains (both were high is CDB) were duds. Not only were the seeds very small, but only 2 of the 9 seeds in total developed into a seedling and then only 1 of these continues to grow. I am a small grower and for financial reasons I cannot put my trust in Seedsman for quality goods.

Shop of the Seedsman Ltd., but they also sell seeds who are made by many other breeders.

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