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A Bit of Botany – Some technical bits – gardening and botanical terms, including types of fruits, diagram of a flower, classification of plants (including information on the new APG III system), meaning of Latin names, botanical names for common plants, an Introduction to Plant Families, pests, weeds, leaf shapes, flower shapes and more, with explanatory photos, charts and diagrams.

Seed Sowing – General information about how, when and where to sow seeds by several different methods. Explains the reasons you might want to use winter sowing, and suggests plants you can start this way. Includes a photo guide to seed sowing and pricking out.

I’d like to think everything on these pages is right, but I’m only a gardener, and have no botanical qualifications or experience.
If you find any errors, please let me know.

Seedling Images – Photos of 800 seedlings in alphabetical order of their Latin name, or sorted according to the shape of the first true leaves, with their Latin and common names, to make it easier to identify the plantsthat come up in your garden, or to show you what should come up from the seeds you sow. Includes some FAQs about seedlings.

Seeds and Seed Pods – If you want to collect your own seeds, but aren’t sure what the seed or seedpod looks like, or if you have seeds without a name, hopefully this section will help you identify them. Life-size pictures of 1000 seeds in alphabetical order of their Latin name, 950 seeds sorted by size and shape, and close-up images of 900 seeds to show more detail. Photographs of 500 seedpods (sorted by alphabetical order of Latin name or according to the Plant Family they belong to) so you can recognise those too.

A website devoted entirely to seeds!
WELCOME to my webpages about seeds – collecting seeds, storing seeds, sowing seeds, germinating seeds
and exchanging seeds, with pictures of seeds, seedpods and seedlings (and a bit of botany!)

Germination – A Seed Germination Database – A table showing the results of sowing over 2000 batches of seeds of almost 1700 species, by several different methods, at different times of the year.

That leaves the Search Engine Optimization community pretty divided on the issue but here’s the thing . it really doesn’t matter.

Now just to cover some old ground if you are new to SEO backlinks from good quality websites will help you rank because links carry something called link juice. The more link juice you get the easier it is for you to rank.

Whatever the ultimate truth just concentrate your link building efforts at realistically achievable targets that are likely to have plenty of link juice as link juice is something everyone agrees exists . it was Google’s founding principle on how to rank websites in the search results and its never denied it.

Backlinks and degrees of separation

So obviously if you think about the mega websites out there which are household names and do a little digging with something like AHrefs you’ll find they have buckets and buckets of backlinks giving them so much link juice that they’re fit to burst. A backlink from just one of these websites can be enough to propel your a page on your site to the top of the search results for some search terms.

Examples might include Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, and so on. They are angels in Google’s eyes and the opposite end of the spectrum from the spammy or junk filled sites that constantly try to rank using Black Hat SEO. If everyone had websites like these angels Google’s job would be a whole lot easier . but they don’t.

OK so what are seed sites or seed websites. I’ll give you my take on them and and what can do for your rankings and then at the end cover the burning question – do they actually exist?

How much link juice you get depends on many factors such as where the link is on the other websites page. Ultimately the best position is high up the page but within the main content and that content is covering a theme similar to the one your web page is about. If it isn’t it looks suspicious. Why would a webmaster talk about one thing but include a link to a page on another website about something completely different?

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