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I ordered "Sungold Select" tomato seeds from the vendor. I specifically wanted the named F1 hybrid variety. After 4 mos of cultivation, what I got were punky. orange plum shaped fruits with no taste; and no resemblance to Sungold. Either they were seeds collected from the F1 hybrid, which any idiot would know that they would not come true, or they were just some random crap seed. I have been reading that this is a scam operation—now I'm convinced. A whole season wasted!

Save your money and go with i49. I have used them in the past for my medication and their germination rate was much better. Their prices are slightly higher but atleast your getting what you pay for.

I believe this is a scam company—i…

Ordered seeds never received
No tracking number or response from company

I ordered tomato seeds end of Feb and they said they shipped March 10th which I never received. I called and they told me it must have gotten lost in the mail and that they would resend the order. It's now April 5th and I have not received anything and no response from them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Early Miss Auto Flower
Without a doubt the highest quality seeds that i have ever purchased.
If that wasn't enough to earn my respect, Seed King was the quickest to deliver and i was able to speak to a real person in customer service in under one minute. 10 out of 10 seeds popped after using the Seed King germination method and i had true leaves when they popped out of the soil. They are heavy feeders with giant fat buds growing in 90*f enclosed in a racecar trailer with charcoal air filtration. Covered with zucchini sized buds rolled in sugar they make the Northern Lights Autos from DNA next to them look like ditch weed. Long live the King and long live the Kings and Queens at Seed King that made it all happen. Bravo

Seed King has been our name Since 2014, but we’ve recently changed to Seed Bank. Seed Bank offers the same great premium marijuana seed strains with high germination rates, but we now offer more variety, faster shipping and better prices!

Nothing has changed other than the layout of our site and our name. Everything will work the exact same and your previous order history is available on the My Account page.

Seed Bank Marijuana Seeds, premium Cannabis Seed Bank featuring feminized and autoflower seeds from elite genetics, authentic cannabis strains with extremely high Germination rates.

First, you can use the company’s website to send them a message. Also, the company’s site features an online chat, which gives you the ability to speaking with a representative almost instantly. A physical address is also available. Finally, a toll free telephone number was the most effective option for us. The company’s associates were topnotch, respectful and very professional, during our time with them.

Before judging the price of the company’s strains, it is essential to remember that you get what you pay for! With Crop King Seeds, you may find that prices are a little more expensive, but this ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality seeds imaginable. For the quality and germination rate of the seeds, the price is more than justified. To us, the price could be called a steal!
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Website Usability – Review

Cropkingseeds website is very user friendly, even though it is a 1995 old fashion design. You can easily navigate throughout the entire website very easily and all content is self-explanatory.

Crop King Seeds offers worldwide shipping, which means everyone will win. Original packaging is utilized, when shipping to Canadian customers, but other customers around the globe will receive their seeds inside of random objects.

When taking the time to browse Crop King Seeds strain selection, you will notice immediately that their stock is a little limited, but this comes with some positives. The company engineers each and every one of the strains offered. This gives you the ability to purchase seeds, which have been crafted, with precision and careful experimentation. The company only sells their most potent strains, which have the highest germination rate. When making your purchase, you can rest assured knowing that your seeds will grow and the marijuana will be very powerful.
The company sells some of the most potent strains of 2021. A few of these are:
• White Cookies
• Purple Kush
• Candy Cane
• Dark Angel
• Crown Royale
• Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)
• Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)
• Crop King Seeds Strains THC Chart
• Crop King Seeds Strains CBD Chart