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BEWARE:SCAMMERS/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
Scammers. Sent me dead seeds. I spent 140.00 and the seeds were dead on arrival. Don’t let them take your money. They offered me 50percent off my next order!? like I would give them more money. They pocketed 140.00. My bank is working to reverse the charges to my credit card!
The half of the order that turned up were great, but the other half… I ordered 21 seeds and twelve arrived. Of the 12 I received, 10 have sprouted. The other nine that were ordered and never turned up? It’s been nearly three weeks and I’m still trying to get them to ship. I don’t know if they’re thieves or simply incompetent, but I cannot get this resolved. Look for a more trustworthy source with a concern about their customers.
Customer service is horrible on seed replacement on seeds that don’t pop they just tried to tell you you didn’t use sterilized water your room wasn’t warm enough any answer they can blame it on you instead of simply just sending out a couple of seeds to make up for the ones that didn’t pop this is very upsetting when 9 out of 40 seeds will not popso now you have 10 which on their site would cost $100 I’m supposed to take $100 loss they will not replace them all they do is offer you a coupon to buy more seeds that will not pop they will not have a repeat customer I will not buy from this company ever again no matter how the end product looks

Buyer beware,web site claims shipping…/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
Buyer beware,web site claims shipping in 2 to 3 business days.Over 2 weeks and 11 business days and no seeds.Seller offers no tracking and no solution,have to fight to get money back.

Here is just a sad sample of what I am seeing on Feed Back-Buyer Beware

Royal Queen Seeds Review

I am trying to cancel order with this company now for days and can’t get any response from anyone.. Wish I would have looked on here first before I bought.. just bull shit they don’t even have a number to call that’s a huge red flag. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They need a O star button

Personal information entered on our web site is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our company. Information gathered on the site is used solely for fulfilling your order.

My Trust was Betrayed…
Well, I was stiffed for my money. So I do not understand how anyone could state that this company does honest or good business. I was lied to and told that my seeds would arrive by Fed X and the shipping number was bogus. I asked for my money back and I have been given the run around. I will happily amend this post if Seed King will only refund my money otherwise everyone should check out.

What is the best way to germinate the seeds?

BC Seed King White Widows under 220watt CFLs. Germinated 5, these are the 2 remaining females, other 3 were males. Beginning to get very frosty (trait of White widow, yes?) All strong plants thus far:

As to BC Seed King. I’m pleased with them. Their White Widow is great. I just ordered it again. It arrived in two days last time

This thread is about BC Seed King. None of those strains are available on their site.


Just heads up for anyone interested in the company, noticed this thread via Google search on them.

This pot seed company specializes in marijuana seeds produced by growers in British Columbia, Canada. Here you can buy some of the finest marijuana seeds at low prices. BC Seed King offers a wide variety of marijuana seeds for indoor marijuana growing, outdoor marijuana growing, and greenhouse growing. They stock seeds of superior quality, from superior strains and offer a selection of marijuana seeds suitable for medical users. BC Seed King tests their marijuana seeds regularly for germination rates to ensure maximum yields, 100% quality is guaranteed. They have established long-term relationships with reliable seed producers who are committed to growing only the highest quality cannabis seeds. The majority of marijuana seeds BC Seed King carry for sale has been grown in B.C. for decades.

BC Seed King offers fast and discreet delivery of Marijuana Seeds worldwide free of cost and is committed to protecting your privacy.