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seattle cannabis seed bank

While a bill that would allow adults 21 years and older to grow recreational-use cannabis at home has been introduced in the Washington state Legislature, currently the only legal exception for home growing is medical. If you have a Washington medical marijuana card, you can grow a small number of plants without registering, and up to 15 if registered.

One of the biggest advantages of autoflowering seeds is their ability to produce a minimum of two outdoor crops. When you grow them indoors, however, you can produce four or five crops a year, and certain strains can become mature in as little as 10 weeks. They are heavily resistant to mold and pests and produce a higher yield when exposed to powerful light sources.

How to buy seeds

The short answer? It’s complicated. Even if you live in California, where it is legal for adults to grow cannabis at home, and you purchase seeds from a California-based seed bank, your package can still be confiscated if mailed.

Feminized seeds have no male chromosomes and are guaranteed to provide resinous bud.

For that reason, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney well-versed in cannabis law to make sure you are protected when buying seeds.

The higher prices that come with some seed banks may be a drawback when you’re first shopping around, keep in mind that this higher price that you’re paying ensures that you’re purchasing quality seeds.

For example, if you’re shopping around for feminized seeds and you end up purchasing from a retailer that no many people know about and that offers super cheap prices, there’s a chance that some of the seeds that you’ve purchased may not be feminized.

Is Cannabis Legal in Washington?

Have 216 ounces of liquid marijuana-infused products on their person

Want to purchase marijuana seeds, but not sure if it’s legal to do because you live in Washington?

Legally, people in Washington are able to:

Seed City is one of the best marijuana seed banks in the UK and ships to the United States and other parts of the world. The company started selling seeds in 2010, and its founders are passionate about growing different cannabis seeds. Like some online seed banks, they also established partnerships with professional cannabis seed breeders to produce high-quality products.

Lastly, the Ministry of Cannabis ships worldwide. The duration of the shipping may vary depending on your location. Nevertheless, the company guarantees that all your orders are backed with stealth shipping.

1. Can I get seeds delivered to any country?

8. Weedseedsexpress

If you live in the US, you should expect a longer time for your item to be shipped (around 25 days). However, if you live in the UK or other parts of Europe, shipping is much faster.

Like other seed banks, MSNL also offers different payment options. These include credit cards or debit cards, but they do not accept visas. If you do not have a Mastercard, you may choose from cash payments, bank transfers, bitcoin, and international money orders. Choosing bitcoin will qualify you for an additional 10% discount with doubled free seeds.

Our list of best cannabis seed banks offers you a convenient way to pay for your seeds. The majority of buyers can now pay via credit cards and debit cards, including visa and Mastercard. Nowadays, where cryptocurrency becomes a trend, bitcoin (BTC) also becomes one of the seed bank payment options. In addition, most cannabis seed banks are also accepting cash payments, which you can send via mail.

With I Love Growing Marijuana, you can use varying payment options. Options include credit card, debit card, bitcoin, bank transfer, cash payments, and check. The most popular options are the use of Credit cards and debit cards. However, if you want to avail more discounts, choose bitcoin. They give around a 10% discount for customers using bitcoin as a payment method.