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regular cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are only fit for a single harvest, and their genetics have the tendency to become unstable when cloned.

The entire germination process takes between 1–4 days. During this time, seeds require a relative humidity level of around 80%. The Easy Start Kit or a moist paper towel will easily achieve that.


Without regular cannabis seeds, there is no breeding! It’s as simple as that. Pick your favourite male and female specimens, and cross them to create offspring that display the best traits of each.

You can boost the number of these useful microorganisms by making your own compost tea. This nutrient-dense liquid encourages the growth of beneficial fungi and bacteria while helping to deter pathogens.

Outdoor plants are more susceptible to overwatering during rainy weather. Place them inside a greenhouse or under a temporary shelter to prevent root rot from taking hold.

Marula Fruit ticks all of the boxes of a premium regular strain. She offers high levels of THC, tasty terpenes, big yields, and reliable genetics that thrive during the cloning process. After you smoke these sweet buds and experience her relaxing high, you’ll immediately want to start cloning your other plants to ensure a constant supply.

Upon completing the tour, sit down for a tasting session. Ask your guests what they detect with each hit. You’ll likely bring smiles to their faces with distinct flavours of earthiness, fruit, and sandalwood. A physically relaxing high quickly follows this experience. Get ready to feel your muscles relax and sink into the couch as the conversation takes a philosophical turn.

Garlic Mist offers incredible tastes, massive yields, and a high that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated for hours to come. Our breeders created this unusual regular strain by crossing Original Garlic Bud with Cali Sativa Haze. After stabilising these strains over several generations and sampling the offspring, they noticed something they’d never experienced before: Tastes of herbs, pepper, and garlic.

Mango Crunch Regular

This flavourful regular strain stems from the legendary Jamaican variety Lambsbread and also features genetics passed down from a Pre-98 Bubba Kush. She blends old-school taste and effects with huge harvests. Her flowers exert a soothing and clear-headed effect. Although she stimulates the mind, you’ll remain completely lucid and capable of getting on with day to day tasks without any issue.

If you prefer to grow outside, get ready for a yield of up to 650g/plant during early October. This strain thrives in biodiverse polycultures of companion plants, where the rich soil fuels her speedy growth.

If you’re interested in cultivating some regular seeds, you need to check out the 5 varieties below. These strains offer potent cannabinoid profiles, rare and exotic terpene blends, and productive genetics.

While the taste of garlic might sound off-putting, it actually synergises perfectly with the typical terpenes found within cannabis. This unique taste goes down superbly in vapes, edibles, and potent extracts. THC levels of 19% are an ideal addition to this eccentric mix. Together, this phytochemical cocktail produces a euphoric and clear-headed high perfect for daytime toking.

100% pure and chemically un-altered, regular marijuana seeds are bred from a male and female parent and can produce male or female plants. They are some of the purest genetics available and produce approximately 50% male and 50% female offspring.

and in recent years have concentrated our efforts on producing regular only strains in an effort to maintain genetic heritage. It is this commitment to breeding that allows MSNL to offer one of the largest catalogues of regular marijuana seeds.

The hardier of the cannabis strains, outdoor strains grow tall and produce big yields.


We offer the bulk of our award winning genetics in both regular and feminized seeds

Despite the rise in advanced, specifically bred female genetics, the popularity of regular cannabis seeds has remained strong amongst enthusiasts. The pure genetics are highly sought by growers looking for greater flexibility in their gardens and increased value for money. Until recent years growers had no choice but use regular seeds however the introduction of feminized seeds has seen many seed breeders neglect the regular strain category.

Slightly shorter, high quality marijuana strains, developed specifically for indoor setups.

The connoisseurs choice, offering soaring, cerebral highs and excellent medical qualities.