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Check out Pinnacle Hemp CBD Oil Review. It is a supplement that consumers can use to balance out their body, dealing with everything from anxiety to bone growth. Pinnacle Hemp has 5 stars! Check out what 263 people have written so far, and share your own experience.

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Oil Review

Founded by a husband-wife partnership, the Pinnacle Hemp story starts out like many other CBD brands. With a child suffering with disease, parents Kevin and Jessica Lacey made it their objective to find sustainable, effective treatment that would help their daughter overcome her epilepsy. And when they finally discovered the wonders of CBD, they knew they had to share it with the rest of the world.

Today, Pinnacle Hemp enjoys its place among other premier CBD brands. Their line of products includes everything from oils, to raw flower, to edibles, and more, offering buyers a complete inventory of items that can serve the purpose of a one-stop CBD shop.

More About the Pinnacle Hemp Brand

Pinnacle Hemp was founded by husband and wife after having searched the market for an effective CBD formulation. When their daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, they tried every CBD product they could find, claiming that nothing really worked for their child. Partially losing belief in the effects of CBD altogether, owner Kevin Lacey met a friend who would teach him everything he needed to know about making his own CBD.

After partnering with a few reputable farmers, the couple started their own brand of CBD to meet the needs of buyers who want effective, quality product. Their formulations today are guaranteed free from synthetic ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals that could potentially dampen the effects of the CBD they produce. They also carry a range of other products in their virtual store, carefully selecting formulations that meet their own standards of quality.

The Pinnacle Hemp Oil Line-Up

While they do have an extensive selection of products, the Pinnacle Hemp brand is best known for their oil formulations. These come in two varieties – the Pinnacle Hemp Original CBD Oil Tincture, and a similar formulation that mixes in MCT. These oils are made from carefully handpicked crops to guarantee the highest level of CBD. But more than that, the formulations are also made available in varying strengths. The lowest concentration at 150mg costs just under $20, while their most potent version clocks in 1800mg at $119.99.

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The Pinnacle online store also carries a range of other products from many other brands. Their selection combines edibles, topicals, pet products, vapables, and capsules. They also offer a modest selection of raw hemp flower which they source from their trusted farmer partners. Their raw flower can be purchased in small jars, or as pre-rolls. Particularly enticing are their terpene enriched choices that are imbued with stronger terpene chemistry for more flavor.

The Verdict

The Pinnacle Hemp brand’s dedication to good product has made them a trusted curator in the eyes of many hemp product buyers. And although some of their offers might be a little steeply priced, they do guarantee satisfying quality that makes each product a suitable purchase for those who are willing to spend a little extra for their CBD essentials.

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Pinnacle Hemp Reviews

This is my second order from Pinnacle hemp. The second order was delivered so fast, I didn’t know it had shipped. They sent me an email the day after I placed my order and it came in the mail the next day. Great service. Great gummies. I wish they could explain the different flavors of values on their website, but that’s no biggie. I love this company.

Date of experience : July 20, 2022

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These gummies taste terrible!

This review is all about the product itself. The ordering and delivery were fine. Everything that was stated about the full spectrum cbd gummirs said they taste great! THEY DO NOT! These gummies ate terrible. They gave such an earthy plant flavor that they have a flavor that feels like it burns my mouth. I get nothing from these gummies in any beneficial terms.

Date of experience : July 14, 2022

My dog loves this stuff

My dog loves this stuff. We’ve tried some cheaper hemp meal based treats off of Amazon but this is the only thing that doesn’t ups egg his stomach, and compared to other options, it’s affordable too! It works within an hour and then he’s no longer scared from the storms outside. Also, they gave me some free gifts along with the package.

Date of experience : July 14, 2022

Absolutely love getting my marijuana…

Absolutely love getting my marijuana from this brand

Date of experience : August 05, 2022

The items arrived just fine, just not truly satisfied with the product.

The items arrived just fine. But the items were somewhat different than what I ordered!
They had done away with the lesser relief/cooling product that I was using for arthritis pain in my lower back. It was helping, but not as much as I would’ve like. So I decided to order the stronger dosage. I received it & there was a note with explanation on the change. So, ok let’s try it. It was really hard to get it out of the jar. This happened each time I used it for over a week. So I tried one of the other jars. It’s a little better. But why is it not as easy to get it out as the 250 jars? I feel like I’m in a fight to get the cream out of the jars. So I’m rather disappointed. It also doesn’t seem to be working any better than the 250 or 500 I had. So I’m only partially satisfied,if even that!

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Date of experience : July 18, 2022

Fantastic product

I use this for my stomach and anxiety issues. It works great. The shipping is always quick as well. Highly recommend.

Date of experience : July 24, 2022

I was turned on to this by a friend…

I was turned on to this by a friend when I was in utter pain she gave me some of hers and I was able to move easier than I had all week I would recommend this to anyone that has constant pain

Date of experience : July 13, 2022

Best pet products hands down!!

We adopted our dog Manny from the shelter when he was 3mos old. He was badly abused by his previous owner so he was very anxious. He couldn’t handle storms, sudden movements, fireworks and alot of other things. We used a thunder vest, but it wasn’t enough until we discovered your pet products. We have now used your dog chews for a few years. It’s the only thing that calms him. So thank you from my entire family especially Manny (our pup)!! Jessica ~

Date of experience : June 28, 2022

I’ve been using Pinnacle Hemp products…

I’ve been using Pinnacle Hemp products for about three years and I’m very satisfied with the products and service they provide. I recommend them to anyone that is looking to try hemp as an alternative to other medication.

Date of experience : July 06, 2022

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Nice people to do business with

Nice people to do business with, very helpful. I have tried other companies products but Pinnacle’s were the only one that helped my Mother with her back pain. We been using them for a couple of years now and highly recommend them. Bob

Date of experience : July 03, 2022

Delta -9 CBD Gummy’s are tasty

Delta -9 CBD Gummy’s are tasty. The will uplift your spirits. Serving suggestions. Infused with Coffee. Sounds good. Thanks.

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