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MSNL has been in business for over 15 years and are one of the leading seed-banks from The Netherlands. They claim to have the best unique selling points off every seed bank out there. They have some great online deals and their customer service is great. A deep range of products and some of the best strains is what makes them one of the best.
We will make sure you know everything about MSNL after reading this article. We gave them a solid rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD-oils, hemp, growing and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. MSNL is one of them.
MSNL Free Seeds, Bitcoin (15% Off), MSNL10, DONTGO10, SAVE10 (10% Off)

MSNL is one of the seed banks that provide a wide range of payment options. Most users pay via credit and debit card, but you can also pay MSNL via bitcoin, cash and bank wire. Check out all the options here:

What makes MSNL such a popular option?

Peter Handson from Germany. Me and my brother ordered the Aurora Indica feminized marijuana seeds. Me and my brother have a family condition were we feel more pain than others. We use the plant for CBD oil and with a 18% THC level; it is a great opportunity. This strain is especially made for medical purposes. All your aches and pains will disappear in no time.
The flowering time is around 9 weeks and you can best grow the Aurora Indica feminized indoors. Me and my brother love this CBD strain and we can easily yield around 400grams per m2. We could find enough information about this strain on MSNLs website and their customer service has been great so far.

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The contact information of MSNL: via their contact form or call them at +44(0)7909316916

Overall a great seed-bank that have one of the best prices in the market. MSNL takes great care in providing the right information for every type of grower that comes to their online shop. The customer service is also excellent and the shipping & payment options are also very reasonable. A great seed-bank and this is also the reason why we gave them 4.9 stars.

Once we have selected the freshest, highest quality seeds to fill your order you will receive a second email that has the shipping information and if you selected a shipping method that has tracking, your tracking number will be on there too.

At present Paypal are not supporting the medical marijuana industry and this extends to the sale of seeds so we can’t accept PayPal payments. We are always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers so if this changes we will add it to our services.


Sorry but as we use national postal services to delivery your seeds we are unable to offer a COD service.

Please ensure you keep the receipt with your tracking number – in case we don’t receive it you can track it and/or claim compensation for the value from the post office. (b) Wrap cash well in several pieces of carbon paper or many pieces of thick paper. Place wrapped cash and your order confirmation # in a well sealed envelope – we suggest you tape the seal closed. Then place well sealed envelope inside a plastic ‘tamper proof’ document type envelope and label contents as ‘documents’. Please note customers send cash at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for cash orders that go missing in transit to us.

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Credit or debit card is the fastest and most simple form of payment.

Well the simple answer to this is yes of course we are. We are the “original seedbank since 1999” and have many thousands of satisfied customers from around the world.

Your statement will not display anything even remotely connected to the products and will be billed to an unrelated billing name. This is for your complete security and discretion. We change this regularly to keep it safe for you, so if you have ordered and you are in any doubt just drop us an email and we will let you know it’s us.

When you checkout correctly you should see a screen displayed telling you the order was received and showing your order reference number. You will receive an automated email to the address you supplied when ordering telling you that the order has been received by our team. Also, if you set up an account with us, the full order details will be added to the “orders” section in your account area. Please then allow 24 hrs (or 24hrs from Monday if ordering over the weekend) for your shipping confirmation to be sent to the email address you supplied. If you do not receive one in this period please check your spam filter, or check for an alternative email from us which may be notifying you of a problem with your order.

Payment & Billing Queries

If you get a package you don’t recognise DON’T THROW IT OUT. Many times people may receive a package from us without knowing. Look very carefully through the package and read through any email correspondence from us fully. If you still cannot find your seeds, get in touch and we’ll tell you where we’ve hidden them!

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If you selected a shipping level that means your item has been sent with a tracking code, it will be included in your shipping confirmation. If you set us an account when you ordered the tracking code can also be found in the “orders” section of your account area by viewing the relevant order. If you have deleted the shipping email just let us know and we will resend it for you.

Please note some banks charge a small fee for international transactions. This is an international charge your bank may add, not us.

Guaranteed Stealth is an additional level of reassurance for you. Items are sent using the same methods as Stealth delivery, but always use a tracking system. Should the items tracking code not show as delivered after the maximum allotted time period we will resend the items free of charge. Guaranteed stealth items will only be re-shipped once. (don’t worry that’s all it will take!) Full details of our shipping and returns methods are HERE