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mr nice cannabis seeds

The Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by Shantibaba, and incorporates the talents of another equally experienced breeder of exceptionally high quality, and operates with the collaboration of Howard Marks. These three individuals command a huge wealth of experience in producing cannabis strains. They have produced a large amount of the winning strains of cannabis since 1990, including such legendary strains as Northern Lights No. 5, NL5 x Haze, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino, and White Shark.

G13 Widow from Mr Nice Seeds combines two cannabis genetics known for their powerful effect: Indica G13 and the Black Widow strain , getting very resinous plants with floral and musky aroma and a very relaxing effect. Now available in AlchimiaWeb on [. ]

Mango x Widow combines two of the main successes of Mr Nice Seeds: timeless Black Widow, with its dense buds blanched by resin, and Mango Haze genetics , a powerful sativa with fruity and floral aromas and a long lasting high effect. Discover this Sa [. ]

Ortega Marijuana is a cannabis strain whose genetics has a 100% Northern Lights base. To create the Breeder Shantibaba used an old seed packet of Neville which he kept since 1987. Based on these same seeds Neville had developed several lineages of N [. ]

G13 Widow – Mr. Nice

G13 Haze from Mr Nice is a high quality Sativa-dominant hybrid developed from female clones of the legendary original G13 crossed with Haze. These exclusive limited edition seeds produce outstanding plants with a truly impressive flavour and a power [. ]

Mr. Nice strains come in packs of 15 seeds.

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Critical Mass has gained almost legendary status in Spain, where in the early 2000’s in the Basque city of Bilbao the famous Critical Bilbo clone was selected, going on to win countless prizes and continuing to dominate the Spanish cannabis scene to [. ]

A true original classic, Shit is a timeless combination of two mainstays of the cannabis world, Skunk and Afghani. Famous the world over and winner of countless awards under it’s more well known name Skunk #1, Mr Nice Seed Bank now present these gene [. ]

Very popular old-school medical strain with a very pleasant and calming overall effect on both body and mind.

The regular Critical Haze by Mr. Nice is a limited time offer of a high yielding variety with very high medicinal value! Despite the Haze influence the plants reach full maturity within only 8-10 weeks of flowering and produce heavy yields of 450-650g/m² in an indoor plantation. The plethora of aromas and the productivity will convince you in no time.

Today, Mr. Nice Seed Bank still owns the original genetics which were saved from the Dutch authorities’ repression in 1995, and then saved again from the shutdown forced by a Swiss Prosecutor in 2003. Thanks to the actual owner Scott Blakey, the spirit and the smiles of his friend Mr. Nice still live today in both the old school and the new descendant strains. Preserving genetics and biodiversity has always been Shantibaba’s and Mr. Nice Seeds Bank’s philosophy, reflected in today’s precious cannabis seeds such as Lights 5, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino and White Shark, to name a few.

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Medicine Man (Mr. Nice) regular

A smart crossing of 3 award-winning monster-strains! A Northern Lights #5, a Skunk and a true Haze.

The regular Critical Skunk by Mr. Nice is a very aromatic and high yielding niece of the Critical Mass, a variety that took the European stoner community by storm. It is the perfect choice for novice growers who want a heavy plant within a relatively short period of time. In an indoor plantation one can expect 650-800g/m² after only 6-8 weeks of flowering, depending on the phenotype.

The regular NL5 x Afghan by Mr. Nice is a highly sought after variety for medical patients who seek both flavor and potency in a product. Nevil and Shantibaba combined different Afghan land races and by doing so, they created a compact plant with a short flowering period, strong flavors and an end-product with a strong Indica punch. Expect 500-750g/m² after 7-9 weeks.

In April 2016 Howard Marks, alias Mr. Nice, left this world. He was one of the first pioneers of today’s “regulated” cannabis business, and he left us with a rich inheritance of unique cannabis strains. After being imprisoned in the United States for smuggling, he founded in 1990 the Mr. Nice Seed Bank together with other two notorious breeders, Scott Blakey “Shantibaba” and Neville Schoenmaker. All cannabis strains bred by Mr Nice Seed Bank actually incorporate the talents and the huge wealth of experience of their breeders, resulting in a large amount of international awards.