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ministryofcannabis com review

Got 10 seeds of two different strains and they are all herme. Got another batch of different seeds from a different resource and all went well. Beware of MOC.

I placed an order for 5 seeds. All the seeds germinated perfectly.
Seed bank highly recommended: Fast shipping, excellent customer service.
Fully recommended for novice and expert growers

I’ve used M.O.C plenty but this last time was a nightmare. I placed an order for over $60 it never showed waited over a month so they resent it over three weeks ago still no show!! I checked an made sure my address was correct an it is.. I don’t get what happened to this company it use to be ok.. Now it’s a mess IAM pissed IAM out my $ an they say they only reship once so I guess IAM screwed.. I’ve ordered from seedsman twice since I placed my order with M.O.C an have gotten both packages from seedsman .. weird when there companies are so close together. So I guess I will be sticking with Seedsman. Stay away from M.O.C.

guest Pakistan, March 2017

Einfach nicht geliefert!

Seeds came quickly and well packaged. When opened, the first thing I noticed is they were VERY small. I tried every method of germination for over a month, following their website directly. One out of five germinated. Two weeks into my only plant growing it is still only 2? tall, not yet showing its first true leaves. After contacting the company they said I must have germinated hem wrong and all they are willing to do is a 10? coupon. Very, very unhappy. Company couldn?t care less. BUYER BEWARE
Ordered 5 white widow fem

Wow!! This company does it right. First order arrived in 2 weeks to US with 100% success rate !! Second order got nabbed by CBP and they sent another order totally free no questions asked!! WOW.
Will never go anywhere else!!

All the people involved into the Ministry of Cannabis project have a long and deep relationship with Cannabis. Company founders have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seed companies of this industry. Through the years it has been a passion to develop exclusive seeds for a small crowd. Now we have reached the level of excellence that we were looking for, and it’s time to offer our seeds to the world!

The dispensary does not send packages in the original pack. Instead, they pack it in very simple packaging to avoid detection. People also love the creative ways they hide and use stealth , be it a 5-seeds or 10-seeds parcel. No matter what kind of delivery service you pay for, you will always receive a stealth package. This package will not mention the marijuana-related text of images on the outside. The package will look like any ordinary parcel . You can have peace of mind that the order package is going to be safely and securely delivered to you. The bundle is securely packed inside a padded envelope, which will not let the seeds damage during the transit. You will be happy with the efforts of the customer service team.

Ministry of Cannabis officially states that they have more than 90% germination ratio on their seeds. That means that every order that you buy will have more than 90% of high-quality strains, remember that for a lot of customers, this ratio is 99%. When a company, along with the positive customer reviews , tell that the germination is more than 90%, you ought to try them once to see for yourself. You will get an option to select the bag of 2 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, and 25 seeds when buying your seeds. The bundle of 10 seeds is popular among users.

After selling marijuana for 15 years , they have become expert growers as well as capable of earning loyal customers after years of loyal customer service. One thing that they focus on is, searching for the best strains and adding them to their already well-maintained marijuana strain stock . They are also expert on carefully breeding the best marijuana varieties, two of their most famous and most smoked marijuana strains on the planet are Carnival strains and the Zensation strain .

Payment Methods

Ministry of Cannabis is a well-known brand that focuses on the best customer service. They take good care of all the buyers and their queries/questions. You can contact them anytime you need assistance, and they will punctually reply and solve your issues. They are really efficient at solving the customer’s problems. You ought to try them once, and you will see how good they are.

Unfortunately, with the Ministry of Cannabis, there is no guaranteed delivery service. Still, looking at the hordes of positive reviews, we don’t think you are going to have any problems with the delivery. One thing you have to be careful about is to read the laws of your country because if the officials intercept the parcel, you won’t be getting another one. If you want to know more about the shipping, then go to their official shipping page.

They have a very big Blog, where they share a lot of information related to marijuana. Some of the articles on their official blog are about how you can control the s mell of marijuana, how to mix marijuana and food, indoor growing guides , and many more. If you like to read about marijuana, this is a great place to find new knowledge.

Are you out on a hunt for a good online marijuana dispensary? Check out the Ministry of Cannabis Review below to discover a great seed bank that will help you out with their expertise in choosing and buying top-quality marijuana strains. From the city of Barcelona, this online webshop ships out marijuana everywhere. Did you know? Spanish weather is really good for marijuana plants . Marijuana sold on the Ministry of Cannabis is highly recommended when it comes to the quality of cannabis seeds and customer experience .

Cheese NL Autoflower

Their dedication to perfecting the genetics of each strain truly shows in the carefully-chosen products they offer for sale. In addition to exciting new strains, they also maintain a lineup of tried-and-true favorites that keep customers coming back again and again.

Auto-Fem Fun Mix Pack

Shopping Experience

For customers looking for discounts on an ever-changing massive selection of top strains and high-quality seeds, check out the MSNL Special Offers Page and take advantage of their worldwide shipping.

Northern Lights Feminized

The shopping experience on the Ministry of Cannabis website is very streamlined. There aren’t an overwhelming number of strains to sort through, so customers can very easily find what they’re looking for. Each strain page has a wealth of information about that strain along with user-submitted reviews, so you’ll have a really good idea what you’re buying even if you’re not familiar with that particular strain. If you still have questions, the website provides an email address for 24/7 customer support.

They are able to offer consistent, premium seeds because of their unique and ongoing production process. Their first goal is to keep classic cannabis strains and specimens, like White Widow, available in viable female form in perpetuity. That’s a noble goal. It would be a tragic loss if the strains everyone knows and loves were left by the wayside and disappeared in favor of newer, flashier strains, wouldn’t it?