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Female plants contain the valuable cannabis flower that’s full of the cannabinoids that growers want. You won’t have to discard any male crops, helping you streamline and quicken the growing process.
If you purchase feminized seeds through our website, they’re guaranteed to be female or we’ll ship you replacements.

Feminized seeds
Autoflower seeds
Regular seeds

The marijuana plant is naturally dioecious, meaning that it contains both male and female seeds. These are known as regular seeds, producing both male and female plants.
Traditional growers who want to respect the integrity of the plant often prefer this seed type over the rest. However, keep in mind that as a grower, you won’t have control over the sex of the plant and could wind up discarding half of your crop during the early flowering stage.
Wait too long to perform this step, and your male plants will start producing pollen, leading to a seedy crop.

Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds

I49 Seeds Michigan provides its customers the best possible shopping experience, so that although you may have an alternate seed source in mind, we will become your first choice for great selection, great value, and exceptional customer service. Cannabis seeds for sale in Michigan come in many forms – all available right here on our i-49 seed bank website. Contrary to the common typo for our name “i49”, we have many more than 149 seeds available. In fact, much much more! Instead of driving your car around looking for Michigan marijuana seeds, why not shop from your computer, in your pyjamas, and have better luck finding a perfect match. The prices of Cannabis seeds for sale in Michigan will vary from store to store, but the 1 49 seed bank commitment to low price will beat them out every time. Although we are not strictly a Michigan Seed Company, we serve all 50 states with an equal level of excellence. Modern times have brought this industry into new heights compared to the days of the original seed bank days. Now with just a few mouse clicks, you can be the proud owner of top-notch medical marihuana seeds to sprout and grow!

Michigan residents are some of the lucky few who can enjoy marijuana both recreationally and medically. Why not capitalize on this freedom and grow the best plants around?
If you’re looking for top-tier products backed by a guarantee you can trust, we’d love to connect. We’re proud to offer a variety of cannabis seeds Michigan residents can enjoy.
Keep browsing our online shop to learn more about the kinds of seeds we offer. Throughout, you’ll also find insider tips and tricks on how to make the most of your crop. Let’s grow something great together!

The Cannabis Seeds Michigan Residents Need
Now that we’ve covered Michigan’s growing climate and the benefits of buying your seeds online, which strains should you buy?
We offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds that are ideal for Michigan breeders. The three main types that you’ll find in our online store include:

Autoflower seeds don’t take as long to flower as other varieties. They also require less care and upkeep than feminized or regular seeds. This makes them ideal for first-time growers!

Unlike hybrid seeds, GMO seeds are not created using traditional breeding methods. Instead, GMO seed varieties are created using high-tech solutions in the lab, and include the complicated processes of genetic engineering, often extracting material from one type of plant and inserting it into another type of plan. The inserted genetic material can provide a desirable trait such as resistance to a disease or increased vigor. GMO crops most used in the U.S. are soybean and corn. They have been engineered for increased vigor but also resistance to glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide. Due to excessive use of glyphosate there are economically important weeds that are now resistant to this herbicide.

American Organic Seed
American Hybrid and Organic Seed is an independent, family-owned and operated company which supplies certified organic and non-gmo seeds and services. Their catalog includes a wide variety of small grains, cover crops, row crops, pasture mixes, forages and inoculants.


In order to create a hybrid variety, the parents must be crossed each time to create the same combination of characteristics. So, hybrid seeds do not “reproduce true,” which means that plants grown from seeds (i.e., the second generation) may or may not share the desired characteristics selected from the first generation.

To advertise and legally sell a hybrid product, the parent plants must be identified and the pollination controlled. Hybrid seeds generally cost more but will not produce consistent characteristics after the first generation.

Non-GMO Sourcebook
The Non-GMO Sourcebook is a “farm to fork” directory of non-genetically modified (non-GMO) food and agricultural products. The website is both a buyers’ guide and a companion to the print edition, which is updated annually and now features over 750 non-GMO suppliers and service providers.

Native Seeds/SEARCH – Native Seeds/SEARCH seeks to find, protect and preserve the seeds of the people of the Greater Southwest so that these arid adapted crops may benefit all peoples and nourish a changing world.

All of MIGardener’s seeds are sourced from small family seed farms throughout the United States and are non-GMO and organically grown. MIGardener has a storefront located in Port Huron where they offer seeds, supplies, and in-person events and classes. Learn more here .

Based in Oregon, the mission of Territorial Seed Co is to improve people’s self-sufficiency and independence by enabling gardeners to produce an abundance of good tasting, fresh from the garden food, twelve months a year.

Seed Savers Exchange

Botanical Interests Operating out of Colorado, Botanical Interests is a family-owned seed company offering over 600 non-GMO herb, flower, and vegetable varieties for the home gardener. Each seed packet is beautiful and offers more than enough information for you to have a successful harvest.

Seeds of Change – Founded in 1989,1% of profits goes towards projects that helps communities grow more of their own food. Their seeds are free of GMOs, organic, and sourced from trusted growers in the US.

Alliance of Native Seedkeepers – Native-American owned, AoNSK is more than just a seed store, it’s a revolution. Unity cannot happen until we place our hands into the soil and feed each other.

Fedco Seeds – A Maine-based cooperative specializing in hardy varieties.