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male autoflower

I got some seeds from a friend who said they were feminized, I planted two of the seeds and they are in veg for about 2 weeks and there was no flowers yesterday, but I walk in today and one of the two has produced pollen sack and it seemed as if one opened and fell of. Im not sure whats going. Is it an autflower or it is somehthign else going the other seedling that I planted has no sign of any sex yet.

Also they are in a my veg room? can vegging plants be pollinated what steps should I take to make sure I no seeds in my garden?

Cannabis plants that are put into flowering from the seedling stage, will still require 3-4 weeks before the first signs of pre-flowers appear. These are the very first signs of the Cannabis plant’s sex and will either be a tiny male or female pre-flower.

Sexing cannabis plants is really just finding out whether they are male or female, this can be very important for various reasons, ranging from a breeding project to extensive phenotype hunting. Knowing how and when to tell if your plants are male or female will give you an advantage when growing indoors.

2. Male Plant Characteristics

It is much easier to spot a female preflower, as you are only looking for a thin, hair shaped pistil. When these emerge from between the internodes, they will look like a white eyelash or a tiny blade of grass.

• Top Tip: It is best to use a magnifying glass, or loupe for checking trichomes to double-check. It may take a week or two before you can confidently say you have a female.

After the first signs of pistils emerge, over the following weeks, the female plants will begin to display an abundance of pistils. This is where plants require higher amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium encouraging flower production and produce buds.

I’ve read a little about it – something about F2s and F4s – but most of it is over my head – ha ha!

There are some very experienced breeders on this site that can tell you why feminized cannabis seeds sometimes become hermaphrodites (and I’m assuming by week 4 that your plant has produced pistels at the bud sites?).

As she was the only plant I had in flower – I kept on with her, and she produced three seeds (that I can see) on her bud sites.

Anyway – I’m sure someone that knows what their talking about will chime in here – but in summation, from what I’ve read, feminized seeds are just a little unstable like that.

The Hobbit I currently have underway also produced pollen sacks – low down on his/her stem that I didn’t notice under the fan leaves until after they had opened and dropped their payload.