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Rocket Seeds cares about your privacy, with unmarked, stealth shipping options to countries other than Canada being the default.

Getting started with growing your own cannabis begins with finding the best Canadian seed bank. That can prove difficult, as there ’ s a vast and growing market of seed banks across the country that vary in quality. To help you out, we did the research to identify some of the best Canadian seed banks out there.

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Yes, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Canada, because with the passage of 2018’s Cannabis Act , Canada became the first G7 and G20 nation to legalize cannabis. The Act specifically allows each household to cultivate up to four cannabis plants from “ licensed seed or seedlings.”

However, the drawback of using autoflowering seeds is that their yields are often smaller and less potent. This can be a deal-breaker, particularly for medical growers. And even if you’re just a hobby grower, potency and yield matter if you need to maximize space, and who doesn’t?

Following our list of the best Canadian seed banks we will break down how to avoid scams and ensure that your cannabis seeds are real and of great quality.

If you search for cannabis seeds online, chances are that you’d find Crop King Seeds as a choice in Google. It’s not surprising since the brand is a very popular and reliable website that makes things easier for its customers. This Crop King Seeds review will explore everything you’ll need to know about the brand and determine whether or not this Canadian Seed company is worth trying out.

If you’re looking for a particular strain of cannabis, then Crop King seeds are one of the best seed banks to rely on. They have a good variety of strains and even mixtures of Sativa, Indica, ruderalis, and many hybrids, like Canadian seed. Expect to see a lot of different cannabis strains of high quality like candy cane, purple haze, purple kush, and many more!

What You Like About Crop King Seeds?

Although Crop King Seeds was formed in 2005, the company has been in business as early as 2000. The company has been perfecting its seed banks ever since and today it has a large seed bank for cannabis seeds and sells various strains. They have built up the reputation of the company and because of this, their seed ships offer extra services like stealth shipping and even toll-free shipping.

When it comes to payment options, Crop King Seeds offers very good service. Whether you are ordering 10 seeds or 100, payment via their website is very easy. They accept different payment options from credit cards and they even accept bitcoins as payment for their shipping and service.

Their website is very reliable and the information about the products is very accurate and the seeds online have good strain variety and offer free shipping based on the amount that you ordered.

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank is one of the leading growers and providers of marijuana strains in the Canadian market as well as the rest of the world. The seed bank only deals with high quality cannabis seeds and provide them in different varieties that include auto-flowering, regular, and feminized marijuana seeds. The seed bank has been operational for more than 15 years with its main focus being on the quality of marijuana that they provide. Whether you are looking for recreational or medical cannabis, you are confident of getting the best strains with the required amounts of CBD and THC levels. The seeds can survive the harsh environments in North America. You can get seeds for both commercial and private use. Quebec Seeds ships their products worldwide with a two weeks delivery period to the USA for regular shipping and 5 to 7 days when using express shipping. The company accepts payments through debit card, credit card, money order, and bitcoin. You can directly communicate with the staff from the website through live chat or by email and phone.

Sonoma Seeds is a premium marijuana seeds supplier based in West Coast, Canada. The company is popular for its premium quality organically grown cannabis seeds. With seeds from this company, you are assured of 80% germination rates on their seeds if you adhere to their stringent germination methods. This seed bank ships marijuana seeds locally and internationally with fair shipping fees and rates. Customers can get free shipping if their orders exceed $300.

Dr Seed Bank

Dr Seed is a relatively new company that has been in the limelight since its establishment in 2015, and they only provide high quality marijuana seed to the world. The company has numerous positive reviews on different ratings and review networks. Their clients are happy about the high-quality strains the company makes. An order from the US will take approximately 15 to 30 days for the seeds to arrive. However, you have to cater for a shipping fee of $15 if the purchase you make is not above $245. The Shipping is done very discretely with the seeds well hidden inside the packaging.

Another essential aspect to consider is the method of payment that a company offers. Most companies do their transactions online; hence they have a set mode of online payment on their website. Some companies support the use of credit cards, bitcoin, bank transfer, PayPal and other forms of online payment. Be on the lookout and identify one that works best with you. You should also go through online reviews and try to find out the impressions and opinions of other customers on the different companies. On top of that, you should identify a seed bank that is customer friendly with staff ready to answer any of your questions in the event you stumble upon a few problems.

The marijuana seeds go through a very strict manual check-up and quality control testing before they release them to the market. They have a germination percentage of more than 90 percent. It takes approximately 6 to 20 days to ship an order of seed to the US. The package comes with a random product in which they will put the seeds. The company strives to make sure that you receive the seed in any way possible. With every purchase, you make, be sure to get free seeds.