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just feminized seed bank

Fantastic selection of great priced seeds ordered on 2 seperate occasions and all have germinated. Superfast delivery couldnt recommend more

Ordered seeds that were in stock on the site. Then received email about my seeds not being available, and they tried to push their in house seeds. I insisted otherwise, and it took a couple days before they received them from the "supplier". Then after having germination issues, the response was: Its the seed manufacturers fault, and we do not guarantee them. However, their in house "freebies" also had a problem with germination, but they neglected to offer replacements for those either. Even saying that it could be my fault for improper germination. Offered only a discount code, if I wanted it, for my future order. And theyll most likely never get it. There are plenty of seedbanks that will take the effort to replace "duds" in order to maintain a certain professionalism, as well as showing that they value your business.

Got my seeds in nine days after i ordered from justfeminized great people communicated the whole time.they didnt give me the tracking at first but i asked and got it within a hour.then it was the waiting game soo to any one making a bad review look this is a up date to you maybe u didnt do it right.get insurence for one and patience plus they gave me two blue dream autos fo free ya dig man i cant wait to plant these babies.oh yeah midwest bout to get bllessed lol

guest United Kingdom, April 2017

Ps: I ordered twice from a different seedbank in the UK before (closed now) with No Stealth Options and They delivered both time.

Seeds are small and most are hermie! It is easy to sort seeds, yet these clowns sent mostly small male and hermie seeds. They should change their name to "Just Malized" since I see few female plants. The female auto plants that did grow are runts due to weak seeds. Avoid this seller, their prices are dirt cheap for a reason. They will sell you weak genetic seeds and many are not males. Zero return policy or customer service. Wish I could post pictures of the plants and remaining seeds they sold me. All sellers should email you a picture of the seeds they are selling you. It is so easy to spot male and hermie seeds from large and health females just by viewing the seed shape, size, and markings! You have been warned. If you like weak male plants than use this seller!

I tried branded big Buddha cheese and Just Cheese and was satisfied with both.

Very impressed with this company. I use special delivery and they deliver next day. I pay a little extra but it?s worth it. On my last order they emailed 1 hour after I ordered to say the item was out of stock and they would order it in within 1-4 days. 2 days later they emailed again to say it had then been dispatched. Seem very genuine to me and I?m happy to buy from them again.

One of the important things we have found is that when business provide blended seed loads they typically mix all 5 strains in the very same pack. The problem with this remains in identifying which is which. This has actually led us to decide to provide 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 seed packs. If you select 5 various pressures you will get 5 independently jam-packed seeds so they are quickly recognized. Our cost is the most competitive on the internet for premium quality marijuana seeds and each month we have a various pressure on special deal.

Personally, I attempted many paths to discover exactly what one matched and none genuinely fitted the costs. It wasn’t till my late teens when I decided to grow a little individual batch of home grown weed. I went online and got some seeds, bought a fundamental overview of growing, bought a little light then started on my little experiment to see where it was going to take me.

They say, and I think, that you can turn every negative circumstance into a favorable one. I say that because as it turns out, the seeds I acquired were the worst produced seeds I might have ever purchased. The plants didn’t do anything and I ended up tossing them all away, so the first effort was a major downer. The paradoxical thing is that before I planted the seeds I understood they were so cheap compared with other websites that undoubtedly I might make a small profit selling them online! Obviously those lousy seeds would not be suitable for anybody to buy so they were thrown away, but by that time I had actually found a potential business opportunity and began doing some more major research study.

Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

All our seeds are now produced in the most exact and professional conditions. Our genes are steady and all our own brand cannabis seeds are 99.5% feminized and 99.5% feasible. We load them into hinge lipped plastic containers and store them at optimal temperature levels to maintain quality. We found that business such as Dutch Passion and Nirvana were utilizing paper product packaging with no seed defense. The problem with this is that in transit they can easily get harmed and we didn’t desire that to be a concern with our seeds.

Our Future: Several years have actually now passed since our first site started and now things have actually massively advanced. We have actually managed to team up with one of Amsterdam’s finest seed banks, renowned for being one the most effective breeders on the planet. We have actually been working night and day to create a complete range of premium quality feminized marijuana seeds. When choosing the ranges we have on offer our main focus was on appeal, quality and price. Having been in the business for many years we understand that these pressures are all big sellers and award winners alike. We have actually likewise managed to include some truly good quality auto-flowering marijuana pressures to our collection as we know they are getting a lot of success. The only reason our costs are so competitive is since we have invested some serious money and protected an unique agreement with our team in Amsterdam.

With much success I managed to find some actually good info about marijuana genes and the distinctions between numerous types of plants. I discovered that a lot of serious premium quality seeds are produced by Dutch Seed banks and low-cost seeds just aren’t worth entertaining. My research led me to find contacts that might sell me the official retail seeds and within no time at all I was working selling and getting much success online as a relied on supplier. My company had grown and now it was turning into a good little household business that I really enjoyed.

Our History: Our journey started growing up in London where the cannabis culture was having a significant influence in how we were living our lives. Both the relaxed way of life and the social circles we found ourselves a part of were definitely going to be a part of us for a truly very long time.

All ways a good service, A+ would recommend to my grandma =)

I have been using these guys for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say, you will not find any better!
I have nothing but 100% results EVERYTIME!!
The guys offer great service, amazing delivery times, and super discreet packaging!
You've tried the rest, now try the best! . Seriously.

Could not recommend more the people have a boss set

Great seed bank regular updates via…

Great site cheapest on the net , fast delivery can’t fault them

Great service great quality products Quick delivery friendly and up to date information on order
I would never use anyone else

Fast service , excellent quality! Never disappointed! Amazing service ! Scruffy

First class service keeped up to date with a delivery and really fast and amazing quality can't recommend them enough 👍