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is it illegal to send seeds in the mail

Then, can you mail seeds to another country?

My understanding is that because the seeds themselves do not contain THC, they are technically legal to mail. The seed labeling is always marked something like “birdseed” or “for novelty only, do not germinate” or “for collection/preservation only, do not germinate where illegal to do so”.

Can you send plants through the mail?

Furthermore, how do you mail seeds? Small seeds such as tomato and pepper seeds to some extent can be sent in a plain envelope with something like a thick paper towel for padding. If there is more than one packet they need to be taped down so that they can’t get on top on each other.

Because most countries have regulations to protect against agricultural pests and diseases as well as invasive species, you will probably need both a phytosanitary certificate and an import permit to take or send your seeds to another country.

But you can’t always ship them or receive them in the mail.

When packing seeds, do not simply put them inside a regular envelope. They will likely get crushed by the post office’s equipment. Put them inside a bubble type envelope or something similar, to ensure they are protected.

If you buy from an online store, it should warn you if you are attempting to buy a species that can’t be mailed. In fact, at the time of writing, Amazon had just banned all seed sales from overseas to the US, due to unidentified seed packets being mailed from China.

New Zealand

They also offer a germination guarantee, so you get new seeds if yours don’t germinate. This bank is based in the Netherlands, but they also have a warehouse in California. That means shipping is a lot faster to the US than most other stores. The also have excellent customer service.

In Canada, you can legally grow up to four plants per household (get a large grow tent and make those 4 plants HUGE, unless you are in one of the provinces that restricts your grow space). But you have to buy your seeds domestically.

ILGM still ships there, however. They do a great job of concealing the seeds with their stealth shipments, so most end up getting through. And if they don’t, they will send you a new shipment.

When it comes to seeds, the confusion only gets worse. Seeds don’t contain THC and they have plenty of uses besides growing cannabis. You can eat them for their proteins, you can use them for fishing, you can buy them as collectibles and more.

Well, you will need them to be vacuum packed, Mylar bags plus a printer. Now, with gloves, place the wax on parchment paper and place it in the bag, don’t touch the outside, remove the gloves and use new ones now, take the bag and seal it inside a Mylar bag and seal it, with that procedure you have an odorless bag and that cannot be seen inside.

While it is not certain what the supreme court would rule on the illegality of mailing weed, many people are routinely using the USPS to ship small amounts of weed around their home states. Less common, and criminal for sure is to ship large amounts – pounds or to another state.

My choice of marker Pen was an edding 800 that worked perfectly for 1/8-ounce storage, it was made of metal tube with a plastic cover. I used to backpack though EU, so after taking the ferry crossing the border, they put me in a van with other people and a dog sniffed though all our stuff without finding anything.


While having a valid medical marijuana ID card does not provide protection from prosecution by the Feds and their related agencies, in practice it does allow for the potential of better treatment, a slap on the wrist or simple confiscation without charges. The reason? The medical use of Cannabis is more respected by authorities compared to recreational users.

An acquaintance of mine sent me marijuana seeds in CD or DVD boxes, it worked very well.

Yes, they are better, a night mailing if you want to guarantee. USPS is the least to look inside packages from all the large shippers, according to the word in the street, because they are government but it is just a rumor. Although they don`t have the best rates at night so I use them every time.

If problems do arise, if is much better to have a medical cannabis card in hand, where say the package contains a high-CBD strain and the user has Epilepsy.