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Grow It offers you everything you need to grow your own and create the perfect growing environment to nurture, care and protect plants and crops.

The Grow It collection of growhouses and tunnels are extremely robust with added stability pockets for extra sturdiness. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with replacement covers also available.

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Our range of propagation is perfect for growing seeds and seedlings into strong and healthy plants. The range uses strong recyclable plastics to cut down on single plastic use.

Westland Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes, enriched with BIO3 is a tried and tested formula, designed to help plants at every stage of their.

We’re all aware there’s been a shift in behaviour when it comes to sustainable gardening, and sustainability in general. People are more mindful than ever.

$8.50 – Mortdale, NSW

Common Name: Vietnamese Mint, Vietnamese Coriander, Laksa Leaf Scientific Name: Persicaria odorata Vietnamese Mint is a creeping, herbaceous perennial that grows from 15-30cm high, but it has been reported to grow up to 80cm in ideal conditions. It is vigorously spreading herb, has an assertive flavour, being piquant, peppery and intensely fragrant. You can harvest fresh leaves and stems as you need them for cooking or to use as health supplements. The plant recovers well and you will have a constant supply, so there is no need to dry and store the leaves. The leaves are widely used in cooking and also have some traditional medicinal uses.

$7.50 – Mortdale, NSW

Vietnamese Mint (Persicaria odorata) – Pick up only

A high yielding European heirloom variety with fragnant, soft pink strawberry fruits. It is sweet tasting in flavour with a bubblegum / mixed berry undertone. This heirloom variety was popular in 19th century and referenced in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’ Sensational on their own, also great to use in jams, cakes and ice-creams.

Chutney – Spicy Apple, Tomato, Red Capsicum & Chilli Chutney; Non-Spicy Apple &Tomato Chutney (small/medium jar is $5, large jar is $9) Red Onion Relish (small/medium jar is $5) Cumquat Marmalade (300ml jar is $5) Citrus Cleaner (bottle is $2)

$10.50 – Mortdale, NSW

In this super instructive & fun-filled session Costa will teach us how to build a verge garden from scratch. We'll cover everything from patch design, getting your soil right, selecting what to grow and the benefits of home growing on the verge. You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand all about his new book 'Costasworld' Tickets are limited so register now & join. us for this exclusive, live digital workshop with master grower, friend and all round plant lover Costa. * Note: consult your local council' before embarking on a verge garden of your ow. Guidelines and legislation varies across states and territories.

Because only female cannabis plants produce buds and you want them to focus all their energy on producing buds and not seeds, it’s important to identify and get rid of male weed plants so they don’t pollinate females. If females are pollinated, it will give you buds filled with seeds, making your weed harsh and unpleasant.

Because they grow and flower quicker, growers can fit in multiple autoflower cannabis harvests into the span of one regular harvest.

The main drawback to growing from seed is there is no guarantee as to what you’ll end up with—if you buy a regular pack of cannabis seeds, it will be a mix of males and females. You’ll need to sex them out (more below) to identify the males and get rid of them, because you don’t want your females producing seeds.

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Seeds for these varieties are now widely available online and through dispensaries. It should be noted, however, that any plant grown from these seeds is not guaranteed to produce high levels of CBD, as it takes many years to create a seed line that produces consistent results. A grower looking to produce cannabis with a certain THC to CBD ratio will need to grow from a tested and proven clone or seed.

You might also find a mature seed that has been physically damaged through poor handling, like rough trimming. In those cases, it probably isn’t worth the effort to try and germinate the seed.

Take two of the paper towels and place them on a plate. Then, place the marijuana seeds at least an inch apart from each other and cover them with the remaining two water-soaked paper towels.

Germination is the process in which a seed sprouts and begins to grow into a new plant. Also referred to as “popping,” germination is the very first step in starting your weed grow.