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i found weed

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Some people who use marijuana report having sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoid thoughts, and this might be caused by trying higher-potency marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Short-Term Effects of Smoking Pot

Some studies suggest that the impact that marijuana has can depend on the age at which a person began smoking marijuana and for how long they used the substance.

Any drug that is taken over a prolonged period of time can have an effect on your health. Several of the physical barriers that can occur range from infertility problems to overall brain function.

There are a number of different things that can happen to you when you smoke weed. In addition to the immediate short-term impact of the substance, smoking pot can also have long-term effects on both your mind and body. These effects can vary from person to person.

Don’t go straight to your mother. You’ll risk ruining your relationship.

Plus he’s 15 so he should stop as I can’t remember exactly but marijuana changes the way the brain develops if used at a young age.

Talk to your older brother about it first as he might be able to convince your brother to stop or, like another poster suggested, he might come clean to your Mum himself.

I’d say don’t tell your mum, confiscate it. Tell your older bro to sort him out.

You’ve an older brother you’ve already discussed this with so go to him first. Ideally things will go more smoothly if together you two can get him to a) stop (unrealistic) or b) come clean to your mother himself.

I had no plan going into this. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie—I really wanted to teach her a lesson! My first instinct when I found the joint was to yell, scream, kick … whatever it took. But some rational thinking replaced the powerful urge. What would I want if I was her in this situation? What would I do if I were her? I softened as I looked at her.

I looked at my daughter, this child standing before me who suddenly seemed a woman—all 14 years of her. Gosh, when did she get so mature looking?

The Opening I Needed

This world is forever changing—what was once difficult for us, like getting pot, has become easy and accessible to them. And the speed of information has dramatically increased from when I was my daughter’s age. I can’t even comprehend a day in the life of a teenager today.

One of the best days of my life was the moment I busted my daughter with pot. It was not only moment of reflection but also a wakeup call.

Ask her why. Share my stories, and share my soul with this child turning into a woman. Love her, hug her, save her. And that’s just what I did.