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how to buy seeds

You can also do some research and find an online grow journal that details the whole growing process of a specific strain from a particular breeder. Through these, you’ll be able to look over another grower’s specific notes and see pictures of the final results.

The first couple months of the year is a great time to start planning your cannabis garden to get a head start on the outdoor growing season, which roughly runs from March to November, depending on where you live.

How to look for quality genetics when buying marijuana seeds

Even one weed plant can produce a lot of buds come harvest time, so make sure you grow a strain you like. Note strains you enjoy when you pick something up at the dispensary or smoke with friends, and look for seeds of it when you want to start growing.

When growing regular seeds, some won’t germinate and some will have to be discarded because they’ll turn out to be males. With feminized seeds, some won’t germinate, but a higher percentage of them will turn into flowering plants because there won’t be any males.

An inexperienced breeder might cross a male and a female one time and sell the resulting seeds as a new hybrid strain, but professional breeders usually put their strains through several rounds of backcrossing to stabilize the genetics and ensure consistent plants that reflect those genetics.

Because there’s never been a better time to start a vegetable garden.

It's official: the homegrown vegetable garden is making a major comeback this spring. With many of us spending more time at home and grocery shopping requiring extra precautions, many Americans are starting their own vegetable gardens, some for the very first time. According to Jack Whettam, sales and marketing manager at Hudson Valley Seed Co, orders have increased "by orders of magnitude" this year, and other seed companies report similar spikes in sales.

While many seed companies experienced shipping delays or had to take a short break to catch up on shipments earlier this April, most are currently back to accepting new orders. Translation: now is a great time to order and start planting all of those tomato, zucchini, and eggplant seeds. Buy vegetable seeds online at the sources below, then consult our month-by-month guide to learn what to plant when.

In short, conventional and naturally grown, describes seeds that are not certified organic. These seeds will often be cheaper than organic and heirloom seeds, and they are most likely the kind you will find at your local hardware store, or any shop selling garden seeds.

They are not lost, but you will have to hunt for some of them. The information in this article should help you decide what to plant in your garden and where to find the best seeds.

After all, it is good feeling to harvest and eat/devour what you grow! That’s the ultimate reason to plant a garden.

3 types of seeds to avoid planting in the garden

What this does mean, however, is that the seeds are “true-to-type”, meaning that the seeds can produce plants that both look and taste like the parent plant (provided that cross-pollination between different species does not occur).

If they are open about how they grow, and you trust that they are gardening out of love for the soil and saving quality seeds, then support those small companies every chance you get!

Next thing to do, is talk to and ask questions from other local gardeners, as many as you can think of!

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