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how long does it take for cannabis seeds to sprout


Probably one of the most common methods of germination. The kitchen towel method comes in several iterations. Some growers use cotton wool pads or absorbent pieces of paper. For this guide, we will be using kitchen towel as it is readily available and holds moisture relatively well.


Your growing pots will need to be placed in a damp climate that is within the temperature range listed under our golden rules. After 4–10 days, you should see a young seedling sprout, while the roots will have begun to develop underneath the soil. The entire plant and its soil can now be transferred to a larger pot, where normal growing routines should start.

Before you can be met with bountiful hauls of dank buds, there are several stages of cannabis growing that take precedence. Unless you can successfully germinate cannabis seeds, you won’t have a plant to harvest. Give your seeds the best possible start in life by reading our definitive guide to germination.

To avoid disappointment, seeds that have a darker colouration stand a better chance of germinating, while pale green or white seeds are likely to fail. Even if dark seeds look slightly damaged, they should be planted anyway. There is a good chance they will still germinate, even if the outer shell is somewhat crushed.

If you’re one of those people that have to have control over everything you might find yourself wondering how long cannabis seeds germinate. The long and short of it is that it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the cannabis seeds to germinate. If they are placed somewhere moist, warm and dark, like a cupboard or in a propagator. These are ideal places for the Cannabis seeds to germinate and they will crack out of their protective shells.

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After another two days, they should have a pair of leaves then continue growing for another two weeks until they begin the vegetation period. If you are concerned that the seed cover is still on the leaf or concerned about how long the cannabis seed germination will still take, just remember the more warmth and moisture (not dampness) will accelerate the process for the Cannabis seeds to germinate and within 24 to 48 hours it should be completely out of its shell.

So now you know how long cannabis seeds germinate, what will happen after?

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With Grobo, seed germination is simple. The Grobo Start is our newest product, designed to be the perfect seed starter. All you need to do it fill the water tank, place your seed in the peat pods, and wait for your seed to pop. The Grobo Start even comes with humidity domes to ensure the best environment for your precious seeds.

Further, if using a Grobo Start alongside a Grobo Solid or Premium, you can expect to have an additional harvest per year as it speeds up the process.

Here is a diagram of a bean seed. Cannabis seeds are very similar, as they are both dicots. A dicot plant is a plant that has 2 cotyledons (the first leaves that appear on a seedling) compared to a monocot plant that only has one cotyledon.

Germinate Seeds With Grobo

As well as water, temperature affects seed germination. In a natural outdoor environment with the changing seasons, the temperature will indicate to the seed that it’s the right time of year to grow. If your temperature is too low, your seed will stay dormant. While if the temperature is too high, your seed will suffer from heat stress or seed aging – both of which can cause weaker plants in the long run even if germination is successful. For most plants, springtime temperatures are usually what to aim for in germination stages (22-24ºC or 68-72ºF).

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With Grobo you can grow from seeds or clones, and our state of the art grow box also reduces smell. Grobo users can expect to grow approximately 2 to 3 ounces every 3 or 4 months.

We have no doubt you’ve probably already read tons on the huge amount of germination methods available to pick from, like the popular paper towel method or the arguably inefficient glass of water method.

Depending on the seed and the environment, a general rule of thumb is you should see signs of germination within 3 to 5 days of moisture being introduced to the seed and, if your germination method allows, you will be able to see a white root tip within this time frame. If you’re using soil in your germination method, as you won’t be able to see the root appear, you won’t see a sprout until roughly 7 to 10 days since first beginning your germination process. Many gardeners will germinate seeds on a damp paper towel in a ziplock bag. This method allows you to see the root start to develop, and also works quite well.