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How does Holistapet compare to other CBD brands for dogs? Our in-depth review looks at price, customer reviews, CBD extract, and more. Holistapet specializes in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) products for dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock. Get a detailed honest HolistaPet Review. Here's what you need to know before you buy. Get full customer ratings, coupons, return policy, and more.

Holistapet CBD for Dogs Review 2022

Holistapet didn’t make the cut in our review of the best CBD oil for dogs in 2022. But we think this California-based company has more to offer beyond their oils. With a range of intriguing, superfood-infused CBD treats and a large customer base, let’s take a deep dive into Holistapet CBD oil and Holistapet dog treats.

What we liked

  • Safe, broad spectrum CBD extract
  • Large number of positive independent reviews on Google and Facebook
  • 25% off subscribe and save offer

Things to consider

  • Lab report suggests higher CBD content than the label

Who is Holistapet?

California-based pet CBD brand HolistaPet was founded by a group of health specialists with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. Today, they’ve earned a large following and carry a significant online presence. They create their CBD products in partnership with hemp farms in Colorado and claim to offer some of the highest-grade CBD pet products around.

Quality assurance

When we review CBD oils, our first port of call is always ingredient and production quality. As a natural supplement, CBD is only as good as the hemp it’s made from, and the skill of extractors. Thankfully, Holistapet provides some great quality assurance claims that separate them from many brands out there. Their products are 100 percent organic and vegan, as well as being cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free. They also reject the use of artificial flavors or colors.

Like most CBD companies, Holistapet advocates for the benefits of treatment through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a network of signaling molecules inside ours and or dog’s bodies, which affects all major organs and systems. The signaling molecules (endocannabinoids) are thought to be responsible for maintaining internal balance, controlling things like temperature and inflammation.

Cannabis products can mimic and boost endocannabinoids, resulting in tangible effects on pain, swelling, stress, sleep, and the immune system.

Customer focus

As well as caring about their ingredients, Holistapet demonstrates a genuine interest in customer satisfaction, through a 30 day, 100 percent satisfaction, money-back guarantee. They also offer free US shipping with every purchase and a 15 percent discount on purchases by new customers.

Holistapet keeps track of their customer experiences with testimonials, Trustpilot verified reviews, and owner-recorded videos—such as the one below, featuring Louie the Schnauzer! At the time of writing this review, Holistapet’s products received 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 2,057 reviews from owners of cats and dogs of all ages.

Owner testimonials from Holistapet:

Paula’s adopted dog Jamie had developed “some really severe separation anxiety over the past few years,” coming home “to find the door bottom all chewed up.” After supplementing Jamie’s diet with CBD treats, Paula observed immediate changes: “the next time I came home, to my surprise, there were no anxiety issues, no destruction or signs of any stress. Actually, she has been stress-free ever since.”

When Bethany’s pup Stacey was diagnosed with chronic arthritis and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, she found that the drugs were expensive without having significant effects. Switching to CBD, Bethany found that “feeding my girl only about 1-2 treats a day is much more affordable than the prescription drugs from my vet. Seems to work better too so I’m a happy mom.”

Best Holistapet CBD oils and treats for dogs

Holistapet CBD Oil For Dogs

Full spectrum extract

Hemp seed oil carrier

5 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

Holistapet’s CBD oil didn’t make it into this year’s list of the best CBD oil for dogs, but we think their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing process represents the best practices for the industry. They develop personal relationships with established organic farms and ensure that they only work with the most beneficial strains of low-THC hemp plants.

Because they use CO2 extraction, there’s also a little-to-zero risk of contamination, with the most likely extraction byproduct being excess carbonation (the bubbles in soda). Holistapet also has their CBD oil certified by a third party, the results of which show the extraction is almost all CBD with trace amounts of THC and other Cannabinoids.

Price per mg of CBD

Depending on the size of the bottle, the price of Holistapet’s CBD per mg is between a respectable $0.17 and a highly competitive $0.05, according to our calculations. If you’re on the fence about trying Holistapet out, this is good news, as buying a small bottle first won’t leave you significantly out of pocket. If you decide that this oil is the one for your pup, then we’d recommend forking out for the largest size, and reaping the per/mg savings over time.


Holistapet is a full-spectrum CBD brand. This means that they formulate their CBD extraction so that a small amount of other, non-psychoactive cannabinoids are included along with the primary CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants, and many other cannabinoid compounds are thought to offer similar or additional benefits.

Beyond their individual benefits, brands choose to create full-spectrum products because of the entourage effect. This theory states that cannabinoids are more able to affect the body when supplied as a cocktail than when isolated and administered independently. While this might sound mysterious, the truth is that science has yet to fully identify the mechanism by which cannabis products interact with the body. So, we think that leaving more of the chemical profile of cannabis intact just makes good sense.

Carrier oil

Holistapet uses hemp seed oil to carry their CBD extraction, which is made by pressing the seeds of hemp plants. It isn’t considered a cannabis product and is not psychoactive, but it may contain trace amounts of cannabinoids. For this reason, it’s thought that the combination of full-spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil is the best way to promote the entourage effect in CBD oils.

Even when consumed alone, hemp seed oil offers health benefits, which is why you’ll often find it in human dietary plans. It’s a rich source of polyunsaturated fats (better known as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids). These are easy on the stomach and promote the full digestion of CBD, as well as contributing to healthy skin and coat. Hemp seed oil also contains vitamins A, C, E, β-carotene, and tocopherol, which are known antioxidants.

HolistaPet CBD Oil Reviews August 2022

Holistapet specializes in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) products for dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock.

Based in California, the brand has 25 years of collective experience in the organic food industry.

The brand aims to provide your pets with the same safety and quality standards as CBD products for humans. Holistapet CBD products are tested by third-party laboratories for purity and potency for animal consumption.

Available only in the United States, Holistapet CBD provides free shipping to all customers.

Best Products from the Company

HolistaPet Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

We believe that all pets also deserve only the best and the highest quality in healthy ingredients.
Overall Clinical Score

HolistaPet CBD Oil only use all-natural, non-GMO organic & vegan ingredients and never put any wheat, animal by-products, cornmeal, artificial flavors or colors in any of the products.

Formulated specifically for Pets

Organic Superfoods +CBD

A little bit pricey compared to other brands

Discount pricing available? 20% Off Coupon Code: CBDCLINICALS

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Horses

Fast-acting and can be given to other livestock animals
Overall Clinical Score

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Horses is formulated with pure CO2 extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. This creates a powerful concentration of CBD that you can easily give to your horse.

More affordable compared to other brands

Can be given to other Livestock animals

No other flavor

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

HolistaPet Cat Treats

The grain-free and gluten-free delicious salmon flavor makes these crunchy little treats irresistible.
Overall Clinical Score

These treats are made from the finest natural ingredients and never contain any animal by-products meals, grains, artificial preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats are the perfect treat to reward your little feline friend after a long hard day.

A little bit pricey compared to other brands

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Holistapet Company Summary

    • Holistapet is a pet supply CBD brand that caters to dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock.

    The company, Holistapet LLC, is based in California. The team consists of professionals with a combined 25 years of experience in the organic food industry.

    The business, which had been around since 2018, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

    Holistapet Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
    Holistapet specializes in CBD for pets and livestock. No worldwide shipping
    The CBD pet supply has 25 years of experience in the organic food industry. No third-party laboratory results proving products are free from contaminants
    Holistapet CBD products are made from organic and natural ingredients. Product range is limited to pets
    Products are tested for potency and concentration.
    The brand provides free shipping to all orders in the US.

    Pros of Holistapet CBD:

    • Holistapet CBD is a brand that specializes in CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. Pet owners may select from the various CBD formulas, such as CBD oil drops, CBD pet tinctures , CBD treats, CBD pellets for horses, CBD capsules , CBD shampoo for dogs, and CBD catnip sprays.
    • The company behind the brand is founded by health-conscious enthusiasts who have a combined 25 years of experience in the organic food industry.
    • Holistapet CBD consists of organic, plant-based superfood ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The products also do not contain any artificial flavoring or preservatives.
    • The brand aims to provide high-quality CBD products for pets by testing for potency and purity (1) .
    • Pet owners may enjoy free shipping for all Holistapet CBD products .

    Cons of the Holistapet CBD:

    • Currently, there is no international shipping option provided by the company. The brand can only ship to customers residing in the United States.
    • According to the company’s website, the products are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure their safety. The website has not shared any third-party laboratory results proving the products are free from heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants.
    • Despite the various products offered, the brand only caters to pets and livestock.

    *These findings are based on information retrieved from October 15, 2020. Website information may change after this review.

    Holistapet Product Reviews

    Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats 150mg

    According to the website, this product provides immediate results. Pet owners can easily administer the product to their pets using the applicator.

    One serving of Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats provides the pet with 13.25 milligrams per millimeter (mg/ml) of CBD (2) .

    Suggested use: Apply the CBD tincture using the dropper directly into the pet’s mouth or on its f avorite food or snack.

    *This data is retrieved from the certificate of analysis (COA) dated May 12, 2020.

    Here is Holistapet’s recommended CBD dosage according to the pet’s weight:

    Pet’s Weight Recommended CBD Dose
    Under 20 pounds 150mg
    20 to 60 pounds 300mg
    60 to 100 pounds 600mg
    100 to 160 pounds 1200mg
    Over 160 pounds 3000mg

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief 150mg

    This organic and vegan CBD dog treat comes in green apple and peanut butter flavor. Each 150mg bag provides dogs with 30 servings.

    The product’s formula includes chamomile and pure CBD oil . Other ingredients in the product include organic apple sauce, peanut butter, molasses, brown rice flour, coconut oil, and cinnamon.

    A study from Frontiers in Veterinary Science mentioned that many pet owners endorse hemp-derived products and treats because of their perceived benefits of reducing anxiety in dogs (3) .

    Meanwhile, chamomile has been studied for its calming properties. However, researchers called on more studies to verify its efficacy in relieving anxiety (4) .

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress and Anxiety Relief is recommended for nervous or anxious dogs. This product is available in 300mg and 600mg bags.

    For the suggested dosage, pet owners may refer to Holistapet’s dosing chart online.

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care 150mg

    This product is recommended for dogs who need extra support for joint health. Each bag is advertised to contain 150mg CBD and provides dogs with benefits from natural remedies , such as turmeric root and boswellia extract.

    A study from Frontiers in Veterinary Science suggested that CBD might provide comfort in osteoarthritis dogs (5) .

    Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric, which has the potential to provide relief in inflammatory conditions in humans (6) .

    Meanwhile, studies have acknowledged boswellia extracts for reducing pain scores and improving mobility in humans with arthritis (7) .

    Although the studies mentioned were conducted on humans, the results may be useful to future studies on dogs.

    This non-dairy, gluten-free product is flavored with pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Pet owners who have larger dogs may opt for the 300mg or 600mg CBD variants.

    For the suggested dosage, pet owners may refer to Holistapet’s dosing chart online.

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care 150mg

    Available in blueberry and sweet potato flavor, this CBD dog treat is recommended for dogs who need extra support for their immune system.

    The product is also infused with blueberry extract and flaxseeds.

    Consuming blueberry extract has been acknowledged by experts to provide dogs with antioxidants benefits (8) . Meanwhile, studies have shown that taking flaxseed extract might promote healthy skin and hair coat (9) .

    For the suggested dosage, pet owners may refer to Holistapet’s dosing chart online.

    Holistapet CBD Cat Treats 150mg

    This CBD cat treat consists of full-spectrum CBD oil and natural ingredients. Available in natural salmon flavor, this product easily provides cats with a daily dose of CBD through a delicious treat.

    Other ingredients infused into the product include potato starch, chicken, potassium chloride, and citric acid.

    Cat products have lower CBD content compared to dog products. The Holistapet CBD Cat Treats are advertised to contain 2mg of CBD per treat.

    Suggested serving: Serve one treat to cat a day or every eight to twelve hours.

    Holistapet CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats 150mg

    The brand’s CBD capsules are formulated to provide cats and dogs with a daily dose of broad-spectrum CBD. The CBD oil and hempseed extracts are contained in a vegan capsule.

    The Holistapet CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats is a cruelty-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free product recommended for pet owners who travel with their pets.

    This CBD product is also available in other sizes. Check the chart for the recommended product size according to your pet’s weight.

    Suggested use: Gently open your pet’s mouth. Place the pill in the middle of the tongue while gently rubbing its throat to encourage swallowing. You can also put the capsule inside a ball of cat or dog food.

    Product specifications Bodyweight Mg CBD per capsule
    150mg Under 20 pounds 5mg
    300mg 20 to 60 pounds 10mg
    600mg 60 to 100 pounds 20mg
    1,200mg 100 to 160 pounds 40mg
    3,000mg Over 160 pounds 100mg

    Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg

    Horses and other livestock may achieve overall wellness with Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg. The product contains a potent blend of full-spectrum CBD oil . The formula also contains hempseed oil.

    The brand claims this product is non-psychoactive. However , THC contained in this variant is in the higher range.

    The 7,500mg package contains 448.93mg of CBD with 120 servings (10) . According to the website, this product is not available for orders coming from California.

    For the suggested dosage, pet owners may refer to Holistapet’s dosing chart online.

    Product Summary

    Recommended for Overall wellness for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock
    Source of Hemp 100% pure hemp oil from Colorado, USA
    Popular Products Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief

    Holistapet CBD Cat Treats

    Holistapet CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats

    Holistapets CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg – 8,223.86mg per package

    Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg – 68.53mg/ml

    Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg – 448.93 mg per package

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief 150mg – green apple and peanut butter

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care – pumpkin spice and cinnamon

    Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care – blueberry and sweet potato

    Holistapet CBD Cat Treats – salmon

    Holistapet discount code available sitewide

    Recommended for Overall Wellness

    Holistapet CBD products are specially-formulated to help support the well-being of cats, dogs, horses, and other livestock.

    Individuals who want to try the brand’s high-quality CBD oil and CBD treats may choose among the various products and formulas available on the website.

    Source of Hemp

    Holistapet uses 100% pure hemp oil supplied by farms based in Colorado, USA. According to the website, the brand uses only hemp farms that are compliant with US regulations.

    Popular Products

    The most popular products are the ones that cater to cats and dogs. The Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats continuously receives five-star ratings from customers.

    Pet owners expressed satisfaction after treating their pets with Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress and Anxiety Relief and Holistapet CBD Cat Treats .

    Lastly, several customers have also provided five-star ratings to the Holistapet CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats for producing impressive results.

    These products are available in several concentrations.

    Check Holistapet reviews from customers to learn more about how the products work.

    Types Sold

    All products except for the Holistapet CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats contain full-spectrum CBD oil . The CBD capsules provide your furry friends with broad-spectrum CBD oil .

    Range of Products/Forms

    Holistapet carries CBD tinctures , CBD treats for dogs and cats, CBD sprays for cats, CBD capsules for dogs and cats, CBD oil , and CBD pellets for horses and other livestock.


    The price ranges from $23.95 for the Holistapet Catnip Spray with CBD to $419.95 Holistapet CBD Pellets for Horses 37,500mg. The price depends on the product concentration and amount of CBD per serving.

    The brand also offers coupon codes that provide 10% to 15% off CBD pet products. Customers can sign up for the mailing list and receive seasonal vouchers and discount codes .

    Extraction Method

    All the products go through CO 2 extraction. This process does not require any solvents or harmful chemicals to separate the CBD extract from other compounds.

    Lab Testing Transparency & Availability

    Updated third-party lab results indicating the products’ potency and concentration are posted on the website.

    CBD Concentration per Serving Range

    Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats 150mg has a concentration of 198.72 milligram (mg) of CBD per package, which is more than the amount advertised on the label (11) .

    Meanwhile, the Holistapet Equine Formula 7,500mg provides a concentration of 8,223.86mg of CBD per package (12) .

    *This data is retrieved from the certificate of analysis (COA) dated May 12, 2020.


    Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats 150mg has a potency of 13.25 mg/m l (13) .

    The Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg, which may also be used on other livestock, has a potency of 68.53mg/ml of CBD (14) .

    *This data is retrieved from the COA dated May 12, 2020.

    THC Range of Products %

    Holistapets CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats 150mg contains a total of 6.58mg THC per package (15) .

    Meanwhile, the Holistapet CBD Oil Equine Formula 7,500mg provides 448.93mg of THC per package. This particular CBD oil for horses and other livestock is not available for orders coming from California (16) .

    *The data is retrieved from the COA dated May 12, 2020.


    All of Holistapet’s CBD tinctures are unflavored.

    The CBD treats for dogs come in different flavors. Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief is available in green apple and peanut butter.

    Dogs taking the Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care get to enjoy pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor.

    Meanwhile, the Holistapet CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care provides a blueberry and sweet potato flavor.

    Lastly, cats get to enjoy a salmon flavor with the Holistapet CBD Cat Treats .

    Tincture Carrier Oil

    The brand uses hempseed oil as the carrier oil in Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats and Holistapet Equine Formula.

    Lab Results

    The brand sends its products to an ISO-accredited third-party laboratory in California. The third-party lab tests for products’ concentration and potency.


    The brand may take one to two days to process the order. The regular shipping period may take around five days or less after the order has been processed.

    Customers can use the priority shipping option for an extra $7.50. Priority shipping may take two to three days to deliver the product.


    The company behind the brand has been given an A rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has been BBB-accredited since November 6, 2019 (17) .

    Refund Policy

    The brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers who are not satisfied with the product may return the item within 30 days after purchase.

    The brand also allows a 15-day grace period on top of the 30-day policy for the guarantee.

    Items may be shipped to this address: 7250 Bandini Blvd #110 Commerce, CA 90040.


    According to their website, all Holistapet CBD products are free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

    However, the website has not provided third-party laboratory results indicating that the products are free from pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants.

    Customer Service

    Customers may call (818) 330-3968 for inquiries. They may also visit the Holistapet headquarters at 7250 Bandini Blvd #110 Commerce, CA 90040 United States.

    If you are looking for the best discounts on Holistapet CBD products , you can subscribe to the company’s newsletter and follow them on social media. The brand regularly sends new coupon codes through seasonal campaigns.

    New customers can get Holistapet coupon codes online for a 15% sitewide discount on all products on their first order .

    Patrons may retrieve the coupon code by signing up for the website’s mailing list. The 15% discount shall be reflected on the final price upon entry of the code during checkout .

    Holistapet offers discounts on all dog & cat treats , horse pellets , and horse tinctures for a limited time through newsletters, social media, and the official website.

    Holistapet also provides a rewards program that grants points to returning patrons. Customers can use the points to reduce the price of their next order .

    The rewards program can provide up to $40 off all pet treats and tinctures purchase. However, you may not combine Holistapet promo codes , coupon codes , and discount coupons with reward points.

    The website has not specified if the brand is going on sale for Black Friday or during the Christmas season.

    Countries Served

    Currently, the products are only available to customers residing in the USA.

    What is CBD Oil?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid derived from Cannabis sativa, also known as hemp or marijuana. Aside from CBD, other cannabinoids found in hemp are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabichromene (CBC).

    Currently, there are three different types of CBD oil on the market.

    In full-spectrum CBD oil , all these compounds are found in the concentration. When this type of CBD oil is consumed, an individual or an animal may experience a synergy of cannabinoids, called the “entourage effect.”

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the compounds found in hemp except for THC. THC is known to cause psychoactive effects.

    The CBD isolate consists of pure CBD. This product may come in powder form or infused in a carrier oil.

    Is CBD Legal?

    In the United States, hemp-derived products are legal. The 2018 Farm Bill mandates that the hemp used in these products must contain less than 0.3% THC.

    The CBD industry remains highly unregulated.

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) partially regulates how CBD products are marketed.

    CBD brands are prohibited from making health claims and marketing the products as medicine or a dietary supplement.

    Legitimate CBD brands that comply with this regulation provide customers with a disclaimer, usually found on the product label or their official websites.

    CBD brands that aim to gain their customers’ trust consistently present a certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch they produce.

    The COA is a third-party laboratory test result that indicates the concentration and potency of the products. The COA also shows if the product contains harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

    What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

    Scientists have studied CBD oil for its potential therapeutic benefits on animals.

    The Frontiers in Veterinary Science has published a 2018 study that acknowledged CBD’s pain-relieving properties on dogs with osteoarthritis. The study hypothesized that a dose of 2mg/kg was adequate in increasing the comfort of canine subjects suffering from the condition (18) .

    Another study observed some relief in the dog’s health issues following the consumption of CBD-infused dog treats and products. The dogs’ health issues discussed by the authors are joint pain, digestive issues , pruritus (itching), inflammation, anxiety, and phobia (19) .

    There is still a lack of study on CBD’s therapeutic potential on cats. However, like all mammals, cats have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that may be influenced by cannabinoids, such as CBD (20) .

    During a 2019 review shared by Animals , the authors mentioned that CBD might trigger receptors in the ECS. The activity has been shown to provide potential therapeutic effects on humans, such as relief of anxiety, nausea, and inflammation (21) .

    A study hypothesized that dogs are better than cats at absorbing CBD into their bloodstream. The study demonstrated that a 2mg/kg dose produced higher serum concentrations in dogs (22) .

    Due to their large bodies, horses are prone to arthritis. Although CBD has been shown to produce positive results on dogs with osteoarthritis, studies on how the cannabinoid may affect horses are still lacking.

    Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Pets?

    A 2019 review discussed whether veterinarians feel comfortable recommendin g CBD oil to improve a pet’s health or its quality of life (23) .

    The authors retrieved data from the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). According to the review, 61.5% of veterinarians were c omfortable discussing CBD oil with their colleagues. Meanwhile, only 45.5% felt they could discuss the topic with their clients (24) .

    The review mentioned that vets practicing in US states where cannabis is legal are more likely to recommend CBD pet products to clients (25) .

    Does CBD Oil Cause Side Effects on Animals?

    Experts have acknowledged that CBD appeared to be relatively safe when given to healthy cats and dogs. However, feline subjects have shown some adverse reactions , such as head-shaking and licking (26) .

    Moreover, the FDA issued a warning that CBD, when consumed in extremely high doses, may cause liver injury (27) .

    This warning came after a 2019 study demonstrated that high doses of CBD caused liver toxicity in rats. The study’s authors added that the dosages used do not apply to real-life human scenarios (28) .

    However, there was no mention of how a high CBD dosage might affect cats, dogs, and horses.


    Holistapet aims to provide pets and livestock with high-quality CBD products . The brand plans to achieve this by using non-GMO hemp, organically grown, and harvested from regulation-compliant farms in Colorado. The products are also made from organic and natural ingredients without additives or artificial flavors.

    The company offers a variety of concentrations. These varying serving sizes enable all pets and livestock, no matter how much they weigh, to take advantage of CBD’s potential therapeutic benefits.

    Holistapet products are available at Holistapet.com . Customers may add their desired items into their shopping cart and click on “ checkout ” to pay.

    Some Holistapet products are also available through retailers , such as Amazon .com. Customers may also visit us at the Holistapet headquarters located at 7250 Bandini Blvd #110 Commerce, CA 90040, United States.

    HolistaPet Review

    Katharine completed her undergraduate degree in History and Anthropology from the University of British Columbia. She has years of experience instructing students in language arts, and enjoys writing for students and consumers.

    Table of Contents

    About HolistaPet

    HolistaPet is an American company that sells CBD treats and supplements for dogs, cats, and horses who need relief for their pain or anxiety. In this HolistaPet review I will introduce you to this growing brand, who are on a mission to help our pets live healthier and happier.

    This brand takes pride in offering products that use 100% organic and US-grown hemp in their CBD products, but their products aren’t “[just] CBD for pets.” Many of their products also contain ‘superfoods’ like flaxseeds, hemp seeds, and blueberries, along with other healing herbs and supplements to help support your pet’s health.

    In this study, cannabidiol decreased an animal’s low frequency heart rate and the duration of time spent focusing on something in the room. Their tails relaxed and their high frequency heart rate reduced. Sounds like there’s some major CBD benefits for pets too!

    My HolistaPet review will take a closer look at the brand’s best-selling products, buying info, company highlights, and customer feedback, so you can make an informed choice about buying from this pet care company.

    Keep reading to learn more about HolistaPet!

    Overview of HolistaPet

    This company launched in 2016 with a mission to raise awareness about the possible benefits of CBD for our animal friends.

    HolistaPet explains on their website that they are “dedicated to providing natural remedies to reduce your pet’s discomforts without all the side effects of traditional prescription drugs.”

    HolistaPet sells both pure CBD oil and healing blends of CBD and other supplements meant to target common pet problems like joint pain, mobility issues, and stress. The brand offers their products as oils, soft chews, treats, capsules, and even topical shampoo and catnip.

    In addition to using 100% organic hemp oils and CBD in their supplements, this brand also guarantees their products are all third-party tested by the lab CannaSafe to ensure that they are pure and potent.

    HolistaPet says all of their supplements are specially formulated for pet use, and provide detailed information on their website about how to introduce CBD to your dog, cat, or horse. They also have a quiz on their site to help you figure out which product is best for your animal.

    Here’s some highlights of buying from HolistaPet!


    • Variety of CBD-infused products for dogs, cats, and horses
    • HolistaPet CBD comes in oil or solid food options
    • Organic ingredients
    • CBD is third-party lab certified by CannaSafe for purity
    • Free shipping across the US
    • Solid customer reviews

    HolistaPet Review

    My HolistaPet review will look at some of this company’s most popular products – if you’re looking for a special treat for your pet, or have a dog or cat that needs some comfort, take a look at their best-sellers below.

    HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care Review

    These HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats combine healthy, plant-derived ingredients with CBD oil to give your pet a nutritious treat and a dose of CBD at the same time!

    The main foods in the CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care are sweet potato, blueberries, and flax seeds.

    This study shows that inclusion of plant derived ingredients and the interest in alternative diets for animals is likely to grow. Companions can thrive with the inclusion of vegetarian additions to their diets that are nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced.

    According to HolistaPet, these ingredients should help your dog have a healthy heart, good coat, and boost their general immunity to illness, too. They explain that these foods are also meant to help skin problems, issues with digestion, itchiness, and respiratory problems.

    Introducing hemp into a canine diet can reduce epileptic seizures, ease osteoarthritis pain, and lower anxiety. This study summarizes the benefits of hemp when used as a food source, highlighting the excellent nutritional and health-promoting properties.

    Hemp’s high polyunsaturated fatty acid content and phenolic compounds effectively prevent common diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

    HolistaPet explains that these treats also help ease your pet’s discomfort thanks to the inclusion of CBD. According to the product page, the CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care are designed to help your dog’s digestion and mobility, and decrease allergic reactions, nervous anxiety and inflammation.

    This product has the following guarantees:

    • Cruelty-free
    • Non-GMO ingredients
    • No gluten, dairy, or THC
    • Lab tested
    • Contains “superfoods” such as hemps and flax seeds

    You can purchase these CBD dog treats in different levels of potency depending on the size of your dog: 150 mg for dogs under 20 lbs, 300 mg for dogs 20-60 lbs, and 600 mg for dogs over 60 lbs.

    Buy a package of 30 treats of the CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care starting at $27.

    HolistaPet CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats Review

    The CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats is meant to help your pet have the best possible quality of life, even if they are struggling with some physical or psychological problems.

    This liquid product contains only two ingredients: broad spectrum CBD oil and organic hemp oil.

    It comes in a small bottle with a liquid dropper top so you can easily measure how much you want to give your pet.

    While writing this HolistaPet review I learned that there are different ways you can use this oil with your dog. Some owners put it in their food bowl, offer it with a treat, drop it directly in their mouth, or even use it topically.

    HolistaPet claims that their CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats will help your pet cope with the following issues:

    1. Joint health and mobility
    2. Stress and anxiety
    3. Allergic reactions
    4. Digestive problems
    5. Aging

    The hemp used to create this product is sourced from organic farms in Colorado, US. This brand also guarantees the customer that there is no THC in their HolistaPet CBD oil product and that it was manufactured, sourced, and tested in a cruelty-free manner.

    To buy this product, consider your pet’s weight and the potency you need. This CBD oil for dogs and cats starts at 150 mg of potency for pets under 20 lbs, 300 mg for pets 20-60 lbs, 600 mg for pets 60-100 lbs, and 1200 mg for pets 100-160 lbs.

    All options come in a 15 ml bottle. Buy the CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats starting at $26.

    HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats Review

    These fish-flavored treats should be a hit with your kitty! The HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats are small, crunchy snacks with about 2 mg of CBD oil in each one.

    These treats are grain-free and don’t have any artificial flavors or colors. Their top five natural ingredients are:

    1. Salmon
    2. Chicken
    3. Potato starch
    4. Peas
    5. Brewer’s dried yeast.

    Like all of HolistaPet’s CBD products, these CBD Cat Treats are designed to help maximize your kitty’s comfort and quality of life. If your cat is struggling with aging, nervous anxiety, joint pain, or inflammation, these CBD Cat Treats might help them cope and feel better.

    Buy one bag of 75 CBD Cat Treats for $25.

    HolistaPet CBD Oil For Horses Review

    HolistaPet hasn’t forgotten about our larger animal friends! The CBD Oil for Horses is meant to help your horse stay happy and comfortable.

    The CBD Oil for Horses has two ingredients: hemp seed oil and CBD oil. According to HolistaPet, their formulation is always vegan and organic.

    They explain that you can give this to your horse with food or apply it topically to their coat for quick pain relief. This product is designed to help your horse cope with the following issues:

    • Nervous anxiety
    • Sore joints
    • Pain reduction

    This study proves that CBD has good tolerability and a wide range of health benefits for horses, including the reduction of anxiety.

    This liquid oil comes in a bottle with a dropper top to help you measure out the product.

    CBD Oil for Horses is available for $250 for a 120 ml bottle with a 7500 mg concentration of CBD Oil.

    Who Is HolistaPet For?

    HolistaPet caters to any pet owner with a dog, cat, or horse who needs some physical or emotional comfort. This brand will appeal to pet parents who want to help their pet cope with problems like stress, joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, and aging issues.

    This company only ships within the US, so it is for American pet owners only. During this HolistaPet review I found that this brand offers free shipping to all customers – no minimum purchase required – making it a bit easier to give their products a try.

    HolistaPet is also an all-natural, cruelty-free alternative, and many of their products contain other nutritional supplements to help boost pet health. It’s ideal for pets who may not respond well to other kinds of medicine, and for pet parents trying to keep their pet’s supplements as natural as possible.

    It’s also important to remember that different pets, like people, will benefit differently from supplements and CBD. As always, it’s best to check with your vet before starting any new regimen for your pet’s diet.

    HolistaPet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

    HolistaPet does not share product reviews on their official website, but they do link to reviews on third-party websites.

    For example, this brand has a stellar 4.6 out of 5 star rating on the review site TrustPilot. Customers writing HolistaPet reviews on this site rave about this brand’s effective products and solid customer service.

    One horse owner writes in her HolistaPet review: Cbd pellets for horses is great! Our sometimes anxious horse is soo much more relaxed and content! I’ve recommended to others that are using it with great results also! The horses like it too!”

    Another customer found that HolistaPet’s products helped ease her dog’s arthritic pain, sharing in her HolistaPet review, “For my girl, Golden, who has severe arthritis, It has been nothing short of miraculous. Going on two years now. Thank you so much.”

    This company also has customer feedback on the Better Business Bureau website, where they have a high 5 out of 5 star rating based on 87 reviews. These HolistaPet reviews praise this company for their high quality product and feel that they could see positive changes in their pet’s behavior.

    One buyer reports in his Holista Pet review: “I have an older pup named bo who have joint and muscle problems which restricts him from running and jumping like a young pup. But ever since I purchased Holistapet, bo gets around like he is young again, really jumps higher then I’ve seen him just since I got him 4 years ago.”

    HolistaPet also has customer feedback on their official Facebook page, where they have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 136 Holistapet reviews.

    Pet owners share that HolistaPet’s CBD-infused products help ease older animals’ pain, or calm the nerves of more anxious pets.

    One consumer writes in her HolistaPet review: “We love the products we get from Holistapet we use several items of theirs and all are great and definitely do help with our needs. My 9 yr old lab is on the mobility chews about 6 months and he is running around like a puppy now with these you can totally see his pain has gone away.”

    Overall, this company has earned customer trust and high ratings by providing a safe and effective product that buyers feel is really helping their pets.

    Is HolistaPet Worth It?

    As you can tell, this company has gotten a lot of love from their customers for the quality of their products. Many customers who tried HolistaPet for their dogs, cats, or horses felt that they could see a difference in their pet’s comfort and quality of life after using these supplements.

    This brand stands out, not just for their unique product, but because of their free shipping offer and generous return policies that let you try their products with your pets with very little risk.

    For these reasons mentioned in my HolistaPet review I can certainly recommend this brand to anyone who thinks their pet would benefit from a CBD supplement.

    HolistaPet Promotions & Discounts

    HolistaPet offers saving options if you buy “bundles” of products together. You can also receive discounts of 25-30% off if you subscribe to receive their products regularly.

    You can also sign up to their website to receive HolistaPet promotions and enter contests. The brand also has occasional sales and promos on their site. If something in my HolistaPet review caught your eye, I recommend checking back regularly to find more savings or HolistaPet coupons.

    Where to Buy HolistaPet

    You can purchase all HolistaPet products through their official website.


    Who owns HolistaPet?

    Entrepreneur Charlotte Hodgson is one of the co-founders of this company– it isn’t clear who else co-founded or is involved in the company, but their parent company is Cheef Holdings.

    Are CBD dog treats safe?

    HolistaPet explains on their website that their products should be safe for your pets. Their products are similar to those other companies design for human use, since all mammals have endocannabinoid systems that can be stimulated by substances such as CBD Oil, which are phytocannabinoids.

    This brand carefully sources their ingredients and makes sure that their CBD oils and hemp oils come from hemp plants grown organically in the US.

    If CBD products are new to your pet, HolistaPet recommends starting with a low dose and slowly increasing it as needed. That said, you should always check with your vet before introducing a new supplement or treatment to make an informed decision about your pet’s health.

    Does HolistaPet ship internationally?

    No, HolistaPet only ships within the US.

    What is HolistaPet’s Shipping Policy?

    This company offers free economy shipping to all customers within the US! Your packages should take 5-7 days to arrive. If you would like rapid shipping you can pay extra for this option at checkout.

    Once you have made your order you will receive a tracking number for your delivery.

    What is HolistaPet’s Return Policy?

    This company will give you a refund on your purchase if you initiate your return after 30 days of your purchase date. The brand also has a grace period of 15 additional days, in case 30 days isn’t quite enough time to test the product or get your return in order. They will even refund you if you have opened the product!

    Expedited shipping fees are not refundable.

    HolistaPet requests that you make returns of unopened products in their original packaging, and include your order number or the original packing slip.

    To initiate a return, fill out their return request form to get started.

    How to Contact HolistaPet

    I hope you enjoyed this HolistaPet review! I’ve found that you can contact this company in the following ways:

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