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Below we have listed all of our high yield cannabis seeds to make shopping quick and easy for our customers, you can rest assure that every cannabis strain here has optimized genetics for the largest yields possible. For many collectors this is the most important genetic property. However what many come to find is that some of the highest yielding seeds out there produce lower quality product. At Sticky Seeds we have changed the game by ensuring that all of our strains produce huge amounts of top quality bud that pack plenty of power!

Some varieties of cannabis sativa have been created just to make big crops like the Industrial plant of Dinafem (hybrid sativa indica to grow indoor), or the Sweet Seeds butafumeiros (exterior). Also by Dinafem, the Mobydick, is very popular with marijuana growers in every country. Less known, but also very effective with big resinous buds, the Monster of Eva Seeds can be worth the test.

Legendary since the early 1990s, Big Bud has always been a sure strain in terms of fast crops and high yield. Also a pertinent choice, the Northern Light is an indica that has never disapointed anyone in indoor as well as outdoor. Choosing a Super Skunk can be a wise choice if you want to combine high yield and good taste.

The yield is often one of the most important criteria when choosing a cannabis seeds to buy. Over the past decades, breeders and seed banks in UK, Spain and Netherlands have been refining their varieties and creating others to improve this important factor. The genetics of the plant is very important, but remember that there is no miracle and that the way you grow (nutrients, substrates, climate) is also as decisive as buying high yield cannabis seeds.


Big Bud growing outdoor

Don’t expect autoflowering cannabis seeds to give you the same high yield than the feminized or regular seeds. Still, some genetics will give you crops much more beautiful than others. Harvesting 100 grams just after two months of cultivation, it’s quite nice. Very impressive for a automatic strain, the Auto Mazar if you take care well of it, might give you very good results (see picture). Be careful she is a little capricious to grow.

It is not necessarily a ranking in order, but rather a list of safe choices. If you do not know what to choose, the Critical Kush is a cannabis strain that can make up to 800 grams dry outdoor and 700 grams / m² indoor. Grow in greenhouse or indoors for optimum results.

If you like sweet and exotic, the Chronic by Serious Seeds, in addition to being incredibly easy to grow, will give you very beautiful crops in good growing conditions. If you are ready to grow with regular cannabis seeds, Mr. Nice’s Critical Mass is an obvious choice.

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Looking To Buy High Yield Seeds. A high yield is very important to many breeder farmers and collectors. As with any harvest we all want to gain a large yield without sacrificing quality. High Yield cannabis seeds have been bred for the specific aim of great strong harvests. With a lot of years of research and commitment these great cannabis seeds are now available on the market.

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