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high yield autoflower cannabis seeds

In its 10th week, the THC-filled buds (up to 22%) can produce outdoor harvests up to 70 grams each per plant. When grown inside, expect the yield to be around 450 to 600 g/m2.

When taken, Amnesia Gold Auto brings pleasant flavors of sweet citrus that will both surprise and stimulate the appetite. It delivers strong, long-lasting happy head highs and decidedly psychedelic effects.

Its THC production can go up to a substantial 23%. Therapeutically, it’s recommended for chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and even as an appetite stimulant.

Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto

Adding to its calming effects is its refreshing citrus smell. Along with those aromas are equally fruity tangerine flavors and spicy, herbal undertones.

However, the thing that makes them easy to grow ( their Ruderalis gene ) also means autoflower yields are way smaller compared to pure Indica or Sativa strains.

If grown indoors, expect high yields of 450 to 670 gr/m2.

Amnesia Gold Auto is the product of combining two Sativa-dominant strains, Amnesia and Lennon, with an autoflowering Ruderalis. If you’ve never tried a Ruderalis blend, I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Nothing is better than growing top-shelf flowers and having an enormous yield, to keep those curing jars full for months on end. Knowing which cultivar produces what can sometimes be quite tricky, so below Fast Buds have created our top 5 high-yielding strains to be growing out in 2021.

Purple Punch Auto produces thick, golf ball-sized buds with very short internodal spacing, whilst displaying her Indica dominance. Her flavor is a wild mix of cherry and blueberry muffins with bold spicy overtones, and the effect is heavily relaxing and long-lasting that won’t keep you locked to your sofa. Certainly one for Indica fans who demand a powerful relaxing effect but with a Sativa side that will keep you energized and focused.

1. Bruce Banner Auto – Up to 450-600gr/m2

This citrus-flavored, Sativa dominant lady is one of our tallest plants growing as tall as 150cm with huge harvests. An extra-large yielding cultivar that is ready to harvest in just 10 weeks. Not only will she reward you with an abundant harvest of high grade, but will also be up to 24% THC, making her highly potent also.

Strawberry banana Auto grows quite large, with a tall main cola and several side branches while still maintaining the typical Indica appearance, and grows elongated and super dense buds with fat calyxes and an insane amount of trichomes all over them. The flavor can be described as tropical strawberries and ripe bananas, with a delicious sweet bubblegum and earthy background and comes hand-in-hand with a powerful hybrid high that starts as a euphoric cerebral effect and slowly transforms into a warming corporal relaxation, the perfect strain for those with a high tolerance looking for an everyday strain.

A hybrid of Indica and Sativa genetics that has huge yielding capabilities, and hits 24% THC. Not only is a terpene powerhouse, Wedding Cheese Cake is also amongst the fastest flowering cultivars, meaning commercial growers can harvest every 9-10 weeks. Her height will range from 90-130cm and when flowering, expect the buds to stack together filling every branch from top to bottom, with extremely frosty nugs that reek of a delicious fruity dough with a strong creamy background.

Most autoflowers don’t require a heavy dose of nutrients, but there are exceptions like Zkittlez Auto that require nutrients from the very first week. One thing to remember is that plants that grow vigorously need a bit more food. They are voracious eaters, so it’s your job to ensure that their needs are met.

Agreed, there are an unbelievable amount of fertilizers that promise the moon out there, but autoflowers will perform even if you grow them in super soil. This doesn’t mean that you should ditch the fertilizers. But, you should use them sparingly.

Remember that plants need food too. And food in this context correlates to light, so don’t skimp on it.

How to get maximum yields with autoflowering cannabis seeds?

When it comes to autoflowers, the adage “less is more” is very true. Whether it’s about the training or watering or even nutrients, you’ll do the plant a favor if you don’t overdo it. Actually, most plants perform the best when you don’t spoon feed them.

So, now that we have covered how to get the best yields out of your autoflowers, let’s move on to the top 5 high yield autoflowers that can make your friends turn green with envy.

This is a question many people ask. Technically speaking, autoflowers are the easiest to grow. But there are some rules to be followed. Like everything else, you need to work hard to get the desired results. Also, autoflowers are not that daunting as you imagined them to be. So, let’s put aside the myths and focus on the facts, shall we?

The best part is that autoflowers are now as potent as photoperiod strains. But, the fact remains that all autoflowers are not the same. It takes a lot of research to truly create something that stands out from the rest. For that very reason, it’s important for you to do your research and only trust the best brands that work hard.