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high supplies com erfahrungen

heard you need to be referred to b able to buy. know what that’s about? don’t want to give my bank account info.

asked in online shopping thread 2 since this is so old.

sorry but not understanding your post, are you looking for a referral?
Dr. Jekyll

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I was thinking about buying from but I don’t know if it is a legitamate site has anyone bought from there they have some PPP on sale for a good price so I was wondering.

the OP is near 5 years old and that was his one and only post, I think we could consider this thread as dead as a door nail
Mr. Hyde

sounds shady to me, nobody gets my personal banking info
many people use for growing supplies
Dr. Jekyll

If you are looking for seeds, there are several decent breeders that many of the folks use (look in the seed section)
Mr. Hyde

This company is a Seed bank that offers various varieties of marijuana seeds like indoor and outdoor weed seeds, Female seeds, White Seeds, and also Greenhouse pot seeds. They have such strains as Amnesia, Feminized Jacky herer, Cheese, and Feminized White Rhino to name a few popular strains in their inventory. Regular seeds are in packs of 10s while feminized weed seeds are packed in 5s.

High Life Seeds deliver marijuana seeds worldwide except the USA and the pot seeds are enclosed in sturdy packaging to prevent it from being damaged during transit. The payment methods accepted by them as of now are the International bank transfer, cash, and credit cards. High Life discount codes are not available as of this writing but they have an affiliate program where members can earn commissions according to agreed terms with the company

Do NOT shop with a page on Instagram called OfficalPrimoPacks or sc user: Desdefondo. big time Scammer! Will throw you deals so you can place an order than takes your money

I wouldn't personally buy from a legal weed shop, prices are cranked for profit. Go to

Scammers, thiefs, liars, impersonators, scumbags

This company is a SCAM! They start off good and as soon as they have your money, the SCAM starts. I paid them, after they sent me the information for tracking my delivery, the shipping company said they needed $250-$300 to insure my shipment. Mind you, this was a $100 purchase. When I questioned their tactics, they responded with expletives and excuses.

These people are scam artists.
Do not order from them its a fake website they take your money and you don't receive the products.

I went here to try something…Next day, guy texts me saying needing payment to process…fine, no big deal. Next day, was told to send $100 to get the “special package” released…took me several tries through my paypal but to no avail. Finally got it to them…the “guy” said all is good. This morning, get this email saying I needed to pay $500 to get my package delivered. I emailed back saying to return it and that I did not have the money. The “guy” then called me on my phone saying to come up with something…I told him no on the phone and blocked him. Now I am getting emails from him asking me to send. I refuse! I am broke now because of them! Not paying the said $500 they said they need. SORRY NOT SORRY!!