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herbies seed bank review

– Serious Retailer
– Nice Customer Service, Quick response
– Quick delivery with tracking number
– Great Stealth technique no extra cost
– Seed quality depends on the breeders but overall most of my seeds germinate 70% on average(maybe because I always buy a couple of clearances that might be old stock)
– Always have tons of clearances and breeders offers(freebies, %off) that cumulates with their freebies, so with any order(even 1 seed you sure to get at least 2-3 freebies, I usually get at least 10-12 freebies, thanks to that I discovered some amazing strains and breeders I would not have looked into otherwise
– the only downside is that the prices are a bit higher compared to other retailers but its worth it because you get a ton of great quality freebies

Herbies sells for many breeders so if a breeder has a bad batch of seeds has not much to do with Herbies but i reached out to them when all 6 of my Apothecary Lemon OG seeds never popped. 2 did but were malformed as in the very first leaves never grew apart and stayed in the shape of the seed and died after 2 weeks of prayers lol. Herbies is the best! for one time only they sent a replacement at full cost to them. This is how you get return customers. Should have went with DNA but I wanted regular for seed making so had to grab Apothecary lemon OG.

guest United States, June 2018

VERY EXPENSIVE! Better/cheaper places to buy

Im outdoors, so this screwed up a lot of allotment space and wasted a lot of my time, effort and money. I find that Herbies usually has good customer service, but in this case, after e-mailing my complaint, their only offer for compensation was 15 free unspecified feminized seeds from their promotional stock, not a full replacement of the actual strain in question.

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Ordered from Herbies in the past with no complaints, but with my last order (last year), I was not satisfied. I ordered different strains from different breeders, and went with stealth shipping at their suggestion, which resulted in re-packaging by them. While 2 of the 3 strains I received were what I wanted, the 3rd was out to lunch; I wanted Feminized seeds of a certain strain and what I received was garbage: many outright duds, some grew only cotlyledon leaves, huge weird-looking things but no further, then yellowed and died, of the remaining ones, most were not only autoflowers, but regular (non-feminized) autoflowers to boot.

For foreign customers, the delivery time will of course be longer, but certainly not drive you crazy about waiting. Delivery times vary between regions of the world.

For bank transfers, they divide into several areas to ensure customers do not encounter many difficulties and cost a lot of transfer.

Choosing Herbies Seeds to buy seeds is a wise choice for not only growers in Spain but also other international residents. They have a large seed collection with hundreds of different cannabis seeds. Moreover, the seed quality is very good.

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And for other regions of the world, the delivery time will be about 7-10 days. Of course, the delivery time does not include holidays.

When growing indoors, we recommend using 600W lights for her to grow best.

For every order over 100 euros, you will get a 5% discount, over 200 euros will get 10% off and over 400 euros will get a 15% discount. Meaning that the bigger your bill, the more discount you get.

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For countries that have not yet legalized the cultivation and use of cannabis, ordering is even more dangerous. So choosing a safe and reputable address is essential.

Order #734901 problem
Herbies Head Shop
to me
4 days ago

After many sucessful transactions with Herbies Seed Bank

Those seeds are so cheap for them
They don’t need to steal.


You’ve sent us a copy of your order #734901 but there’s no payment in the envelope?

I feel that with the internet and the ability for customers to bitch to a large targeted audience its not worth it to steal from your customers.

No reason to hate crime them here, they have run a no quibble service for years with me and most others

The envelope had $145 enclosed.
Don’t order from Herbies Seed Bank. They are a blatantly fraudulent entity. Please spread the word if you can and perhaps it will save a poor bastard like myself from pissing away good money for absolutely nothing in return.