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growing cannabis from seed youtube

For a seed to be viable, it must be mature enough to have a completely formed genetic blueprint, and it must be strong enough to germinate and pop through its hard casing and sprout its crucial taproot.

If buying from a reputable breeder or seed bank, growing from seed is the best way to ensure your plants will have solid genetics and start clean, meaning they won’t come with diseases or pests.

A couple big drawbacks, though: Autoflower strains are known for being less potent. Also, because they are small in stature, they usually don’t produce big yields.

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Another drawback to clones is they can take on negative traits from the mother plant as well. If the mother has a disease, attracts pests, or grows weak branches, its clones will probably have the same issues.

If cannabis is legal in your state, you can buy seeds or clones from a local dispensary, or online through various seed banks.

With cloning, you don’t have to get new seeds every time you want to grow another plant—you just take a cutting of the old plant—and you don’t have to germinate seeds or sex them out and get rid of the males.

Even if your seed sprouts fast and grows vigorously, it still has roughly a 50/50 chance of being female and producing buds, instead of turning out to be a male.

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I especially loved this comment:

I’m sure you’ve realized this video isn’t on Youtube. Youtube banned this video (which hurt the videos feelings), so we moved it to Vimeo where it’s safely playing without fear of deletion.

The two techniques are known as topping and FIMing. At GWE, we’ve covered both methods extensively and they both work exceptionally well to get your plants to grow multiple colas.

YouTube is one of the best sources of information for novice cannabis growers seeking guidance. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to hone your growing skills, make sure to check out the channels below.

Below, we’ll highlight our top 10 cannabis growing channels. For other weed-related YouTube content, make sure to check out our lists of the top 10 channels for stoners and the top 10 YouTube videos to watch while high.


Looking for tips and tricks on growing weed? YouTube is the place to go. Here’s a list of our favourite YouTube channels on cultivating cannabis.

YouDube focuses on cannabis reviews, and is run by Bud, a cannabis enthusiast from Canada. Bud’s biggest forte are strain reviews, and his channel is a great resource if you’re looking for information on which strains to add to your garden. Besides strain-specific reviews, Bud also reviews paraphernalia, grow equipment, nutrients, and more. Moreover, YouDube has a bunch of tutorials on outdoor growing, harvesting, and trimming, as well as beginner videos on how to consume and enjoy cannabis. Finally, YouDube offers insight into the legal cannabis scene in Canada.

While some channels and YouTube users have been penalised for publishing cannabis-related material, YouTube is still by far one of the best platforms for cannabis news, culture, and grow tips.