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The grow is believed to have a street value of up to £200,000.

Police stormed the property in Denewood Crescent, Bilborough, at 8.30am on Monday (19 July) after responding to concerns from local residents.

Inspector Gordon Fenwick, who leads the team, said: “We had substantial reason to believe cannabis was being harvested at a house in Bilborough and it was clear from the smell as soon as officers approached the door that a large amount of the drug would be inside.

The warrant was executed by the City West neighbourhood policing team.

Inside they found around 200 cannabis plants sprawled across four areas.

It comes after calls from a member of the public that a group of men were seen running from an address in Thurgarton Street.

Four individual units were discovered by officers during their search with more than 200 partially-cropped plants and more than 200 plant pots containing the remnants of plants.

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Police Constable Matthew Thompson, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Every cannabis grow we find and dismantle helps to prevent criminals profiting from their illegal activity and keeping drugs off our streets.

Officers identified a strong smell of cannabis and found leaves on the floor near a property in Thurgarton Street, Sneinton, during the operation on Wednesday, July 7.

Sheriff’s deputies on a routine flight between a pair of known marijuana grows sniffed out a third, much larger and more sophisticated operation.

The street value for this much marijuana could be as high as $80 million, but deputies say nobody was on the property when they raided it.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Fresno County sheriff’s deputies and National Guard members are dismantling what they’re calling the most elaborate illegal marijuana grow they’ve ever seen.

They believe 10 to 15 people were living in this former farm camp and there was a roving patrol.

Detectives tell us a new owner took over the property in October and they’ll reach out to that person.