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feminized hemp seed starts

Hemp seed starts need a good location. It can be challenging to find a good spot for your seed starting set-up. Initially, those pots or trays don’t take up too much room, but as the plants grow, they may out-grow the original space, or need to be re-potted into larger containers. And space isn’t the only consideration; if you can’t provide ample light (with grow-lights or Greenhouse), starting your own seeds will be a frustrating waste of time and money.

The purpose of hemp seed starts is to eliminate the seed germination process for farmers. Breeders start the seed germination process by planting seed in carefully selected soil typically in trays with large number of small cells. The hemp seeds are kept in perfect environmental conditions, so the seeds can sprout and grow into small plants. That process takes time and attention to make sure all the seeds are sprouting correctly and are healthy. If you don’t have the time or have bad experiences with germinating large quantities of seed, our hemp seed starts can jump start your growing season. Breeders will then provide growers with a plant that’s already established and ready to transplant to its final growing environment.

Hemp Seed Starts

We have created hemp seed starts from our proprietary hemp strain, and have sexed it to ensure there are only females. This is the best of both worlds, as you get a taproot (that would otherwise not be present in a clone / cutting) and since the starts have already been sexed, you don’t have to worry about rouging males.

High CBD hemp seed starts are quick and easy when your garden beds or containers are prepped and ready for planting, it’s ridiculously quick and easy to just buy the seedlings that you need. Busy farmers will appreciate the high quality, ready-to-plant seed starts found at HEMP SEED FLORIDA.

Hemp seed starts are less risky for farmers since the seeds have to put up with hazards such as adverse weather patterns, like drought or flood, high wind (for open-field farming), pests, and weeds. In order to be successful, one has to ensure that the environment in which the seeds are growing, is conducive. The farmer also has to be prepared to thin the seedlings; that is, pulling out a few plants between the rows to make sure even spacing between the plants. Lack of spacing will result in crowded plants that will compete for light, water, and nutrients. Crowded plants have also been prone to diseases due to the lack of airflow. Seeds generally take a little longer to grow than Seed Starts. It’s good to note that there are some genetics whose germination rate is slower than others even if you plant them as Seed Starts.

The most successful hemp CBD farms take special care to cultivate only the finest female hemp plants. They do this by purchasing quality feminized hemp seeds such as those offered by HempSeedFlorida. Our seeds come from only premium hemp genetics and regularly test well below the minimum .3 percent THC threshold.

Thanks to advanced seed-breeding techniques, there is no need for growers to cultivate male plants only to toss them later. Instead, they can buy quality feminized hemp seeds from a reputable hemp seed distributor to save time and money and witness a significant return on their hemp seed investment.

A back cross of our very desirable Cherry Abacus™ into our Abacus 2.0™ to stabilize the terpene profile of the Cherry Abacus™ while maintaining the amazing smell of the Abacus 2.0™. Our Cherry Abacus 2.0™ was developed for smokable products and full spectrum extracts.


Original Abacus crossed with our own Abacus 2.0™ that we bred in 2016. Out of 2000+ plants we selected two genotypes with the best terpene profile and continued to breed these together to stabilize the cultivar. Imagine the strong berry essence combined with the wild berry smell of the Abacus™

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Peach Mint Kush is very easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. It has been approved for use in Texas and has a very uniform structure across the field. The plant is hearty, with thick stocks, big leaves, Christmas tree structure and short inter-nodal spacing.

Hemp cultivation is a considerable investment. In addition to the upfront costs like tools, supplies, and labor, farmers must also purchase the seeds to get started. It would be less profitable investment to toss half the crop or risk reduced product quality.

.3% THC / 10-12% CBD Outdoors. Harvest early October.

Abacus can be planted to grow row crop or spaced out. Will have strong tap root that is not present with clones / cuttings. A strong tap root ensures even more strength and vigor as the plant matures and has also been said to help increase yield. a “survival advantage” in nature, and gives a huge advantage in growing outdoor crops especially in hot and dry conditions.

We sow our Abacus seed into a soil from Miller Soils called “CDM Pro” that is comprised of the following OMRI listed ingredients: Perlite, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Coir, Compost, Biochar, Soybean Meal, CalPhos, Dolomite, Endo-Mycorhizzae, and Yucca Extract.

For Outdoor Farming

These are roots from our Abacus that was grown from seed, you can see the prominent tap root.

We have created seed starts from our proprietary hemp strain, and have sexed it to ensure there are only females. This is the best of both worlds, as you get a taproot (that would otherwise not be present in a clone / cutting) and since the starts have already been sexed, you don’t have to worry about rouging males.

Vigorous grower, can withstand early planting and spring snow. Grows right through bindweed, and does well in any soil condition, even with little to no soil amending. Late season frost will bring on ample trichromes and a striking deep purple color.