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dutch cannabis seed banks

What better founder of a seed bank in Holland than a Rastafarian. That’s Soma, the founder of Soma Seeds, who since the 70s learned how to grow his own marijuana and, today, his seed bank is recognized among the best in Holland.

Among the varieties developed by Barney’s Farm that have earned them the preference of growers, we can name the following:

The seed banks in the Netherlands are among the most successful in the world, thanks to the constant study and development of new seed varieties focused on improving product quality and user sensory experience.

White Label

Nowadays, there’s a lot of controversy due to misinformation on the subject and Dutch seed banks serve as a reference for proper functioning in the sector.

Marijuana has been crucified everywhere, but Dutch seed banks, and the inhabitants of this country in particular, have helped clear its image by showing the world the healing and medicinal potential of cannabis.

For example, in White Label by Sensi Seeds you can get feminized cannabis strains such as White Label Skunk #1 (the original, sold as surplus), White Label Super Skunk (same as the previous one), White Label White Skunk and many other quality seeds.

In your case, how did it go when you tried the Dutch cannabis seed banks? We would love your opinion about it, especially what has been the marijuana variety that you liked the most and why.

Again, choosing the best seed from Barney’s Farm, one of the best seed banks in Holland, is a difficult task. But the Acapulco Gold, descended from the noble Mexican Sativa heirloom lineage, and LSD, one of the most psychedelic and exquisite tasting seeds, stand out.

Without a doubt, Roskam’s work with the Haze family is noteworthy, and the Arjan’s Haze #1 stands out for its effects and huge production, even though it’s not an easy strain to grow. What is, and is accompanied by a lot of resin, is the Himalaya Gold, another of the best Green House strains ever.

The Dutch seed banks are responsible for some of the most popular Cannabis strains. This is partly due to the fact that personal Cannabis use is allowed in the Netherlands. But it is also due to their long tradition, as most of them were established decades ago. In today’s article we will show you the best dutch cannabis seed banks. This list has been done by analysing the history and the strains of the dutch seedbanks.

Barneys Farm

The Netherlands has been gather most of the great pioneers of legal marijuana for a very long time. Thus, in this country, marijuana personal use has been decriminalized since the 1970s. This legalization created a great positive climate for the creation and expansion of numerous cannabis seed banks.

Today, DNA Genetics is one of the biggest corporations in the world cannabis seeds market and has trade agreements with several countries. Thus, the first gram of legal marijuana sold in a dispensary in Canada belonged to DNA Genetics.

Their Bubblegum is one of the most popular seeds in their extensive catalogue, available in regular and also in the feminized version. Also noteworthy is their variety Darkstar, an old-school Indica high quality strain.

One of the most outstanding varieties in DNA Genetics’ catalogue is the Kosher Kush, one of the jewels of the Kush strains. Another of their most collected seeds is the Tangie, a seed with exclusive genetics and deep citric aroma.

Their seed stock is very diverse and these seeds have a fairly high germination rate. They provide feminized cannabis seeds, automatic cannabis seeds, Indica, Sativa, CBD cannabis seeds, and more.

Although newly established in 2011, but Amsterdam Seed Center is still a prominent name in the cannabis community. They really offer quality cannabis seeds from top breeders for a reasonable price. They also received a lot of positive reviews from customers on the forums.

They pack the seeds fairly well and ship them as quickly as possible to make sure the seeds stay fresh. The Weed Seeds Express also offers a variety of promotions and offers free seed to customers.

#16 City Seeds Bank – Best Seed Bank for first-time growers

Clients will find feminine, regular, Sativa or Indica seeds. They have seeds suitable for growing indoors and outdoors separately. And if you are the beginner growers then you will also easily find yourself a suitable cannabis strain seed.

The Amsterdam Seed Company seed warehouse was also constructed to store biodiversity. They contain a lot of cannabis seeds, and you will be able to easily find them by category on their website.

In particular, they offer a wide variety of CBD strains and CBD products, which have high medical value so they also help patients suffering from mental health problems.

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