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The white cookie strain from crop king seed bank has been featured in High times magazine as one of the TOP 10 strains of 2015.

And slowly and steadily, Crop king seedbanks started to send out high-quality seeds to their customers in their own brand-new packaging.


All of the orders that are sent out from crop king seed banks are packed well. They are discreetly packed to provide buyers with total privacy.

According to the crop king seed bank experts, the best way to germinate your marijuana seeds is by using a paper towel and a cup of water method.

You will have a lot of options when it comes to contacting Crop king seed bank.

Regarding promotions, on the contrary, we did not give the CKS a positive rating. They don’t have too many promotions and are infrequent. They only offer certain discounts on special holidays, but not too big.

This stream is also of great use to make CBD oil. It has a high THC level and the results will, of course, vary per mix, but most of the time; mix the buds and you can make the best CBD oil, out there!

Candy Cane Autoflower Seed is something weird but leaves a lot of impressions. In 7 weeks you will have a very nice plant with medium buds. They are really for beginners. The best plant to grow indoors, they are small but need room temperature.

#1 Bubba Kush Feminized Seed

The THC level of the Candy can be 18%! The CBD level is around 0,10% to 0,40%. It gives a great lasting buzz. The buzz will go on (even after some time of consumption) for around 30-50 minutes.

CKS is specialized in medical marijuana, experienced growers and beginners. They have a wide variety of products like Sativa, hybrids, India and CBD plants with a high THC level. This firm also specializes in information; state of the art packaging and low stealth prices.

Price/quality wise we can say that they have a deep range of products, are more expensive than other banks but have a quality that is nothing like the other seed banks. If you like a good information bank; CKS is the way to go!

But lately, it seems that CKS has listened to and absorbed customers’ opinions. We see their offers appearing more frequently than on our website and on some social networks. This is a positive change and hopefully, they are on the right track.

The company hit a snag, due to marijuana laws and regulations in 2005, At this time they were forced to shut down their operations. Thankfully, operations ignited again in 2012. In 2021, the company is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.

Crop King Seeds is a global company, which means that they need to offer a variety of different payment methods. The company does this, which ensures that all customers, regardless of their location, will be able to make their purchase. Among the various payment methods, customers can choose between Visa and Mastercard, as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Suffice to say, everyone will be able to find a method that works well for his or her specific circumstances.

Seed Selection and Quality – Crop King Seeds Review

When comparing Crop King Seeds vs the rest of the marijuana seed breeders, Crop King Seeds has been scouring the planet for the most potent and reliable seeds in the world, since the early 2000s. In order to do this, they’ve teamed up with numerous breeders, which allow them to offer a variety of different options to their customers, This has also improved the potency and effectiveness of their strains.

Dwarf Low Flyer

First, you can use the company’s website to send them a message. Also, the company’s site features an online chat, which gives you the ability to speaking with a representative almost instantly. A physical address is also available. Finally, a toll free telephone number was the most effective option for us. The company’s associates were topnotch, respectful and very professional, during our time with them.