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Want to buy the most cost-efficient and effective CBD for your budget? Find out how to calculate and assess the most cost-effective product! As a CBD oil distributor in South Africa, you must be aware of the legal status of the CBD products in the country. Pharmaceutical retailers Dis-Chem and Clicks have rolled out CBD oil onto shelves.

CBD Oil South Africa Price

Make the most cost-efficient CBD purchases for your budget! It’s easier than you may think, learn all about the average cost of CBD and what affects these prices below!

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) has certainly become one of the hottest wellness trends on earth. In South Africa, consumers are seeing CBD products popping up all around them – in chemists, supermarkets, spas and corner stores. Of course, curious newcomers are forgiven for raising eyebrows at something sold in such small quantities and varying so wildly in cost.

However, understanding how to buy the most cost-effective CBD to improve your quality of life can really help budget-conscious South Africans get more bang for their buck. The first thing to note is that producing and testing medical-grade cannabis extracts, to ensure the highest quality of CBD and lower quantities of THC (so that you won’t feel any psychoactive effects like “getting high”), is far more expensive than harvesting recreational cannabis.

Where a product is produced can also affect its cost. For example, organically-derived international products will cost more to import and distribute than local brands. While CBD can be expensive to produce depending on the location, production process and multiple formulas, this also means that you can choose between different kinds of CBD potencies in a wide variety of products. Depending on what your medical practitioner advises, you’ll be looking for either:

  • Low-potency CBD = 0-300mg
  • Mid-potency CBD = 300-600mg
  • High-potency CBD = 600mg+

How to make the most cost-effective choice? The best advice anyone can give you when you’re shopping for CBD is to always read the labels and packaging. You should assess two specific things upfront before buying anything:

  1. Is it a lab-tested product? CBD needs to have passed stringent restrictions and regulations through third-party lab testing. If it’s not lab-tested, consider another brand.
  2. If quality is certified, then you can check for the amount of CBD in the product in milligrams? Why? Because there is a really easy formula you can use to assess the cost efficiency of these products: price ÷ total mg CBD = price per mg.

For example, if a product costs R400 and contains 250 mg of CBD, the cost divided by the content = R1,60 per mg of CBD.

Now you can assess the cost vs potency of any CBD item with the proper information displayed on its label, packaging or online product description. Why is this important? Because once you know the cost per CBD mg in a product, you can also weigh this up against its “ bioavailability ”. This is a measure of how easily a substance can be absorbed by your body. Products with higher bioavailability often offer higher absorption of the CBD.

So, for example, a product with a low potency but two or three times higher bioavailability, ultimately offers a higher absorption-rate of the CBD into your body. In pharmacology, this is considered more cost-effective than using a high-potency item with a lower absorption rate.

The main draw towards CBD oils stems from the compound’s many potential health benefits. People may choose to supplement with CBD to help with inflammation and pain, anxiety and stress, and even sleep quality. In this regard, remember to always consult with your physician before buying and dosing with CBD oil.

If you’re supplementing for a specific health reason, it becomes even more important to source yourself the best quality extracts possible. When it comes to cost, in South Africa, CBD tinctures can range from R1 to R3 per mg. However, something to keep in mind when you’re shopping is that the more CBD a specific product contains, the cheaper it is going to generally cost you per mg.

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When it comes to convenience, CBD oil capsules or softgels are extremely popular for dosing on-the-go! You can expect the same price-range as oils, R1 to R3 per mg. However, when you use CBD oil and tinctures, you can only get a fairly accurate idea of the dosage you’re taking. But with CBD oil capsules, you know exactly how much you’re taking each time. Pure CBD oil does not taste bad, but it definitely does have a distinct flavour that some people describe as earthy. CBD capsules provide a completely flavourless and odourless option.

There is still a lot of confusion regarding CBD oil and vaping. Technically speaking, “CBD vape oil” isn’t usually oil-based. A more accurate term for it would be CBD vape juice, or CBD e-liquid . You can buy 100% natural, 99%+ pure CBD, that contains no THC and 0% nicotine to vape. This means that they are non-psychoactive (won’t get you high) and non-addictive. In terms of cost, CBD vape oils generally range from as high as R5 to as low as R1 per mg of CBD. This can be heavily affected by whether it is an imported brand or not.

CBD oil cartridges are also one of the most cost-effective options in terms of cost and bioavailability. They can go for anywhere from R1,50 to R3,50 per mg depending on the size and cost of your juice for refilling the pod.

CBD creams, balms and topicals are mostly designed for localized skin treatment and pain relief. These products are a popular choice for athletes and individuals suffering from joint pain. They are not really considered the most cost-effective option for CBD supplementation, since they come with much lower bioavailability than other products like oils and vapes. That being said, there are also CBD patches available, which can offer a higher absorption rate and cost anywhere from R5 to R12 per mg of CBD.

When you’re buying CBD for pets , you can generally assume the same cost per mg as the other types of items for humans above. The difference isn’t usually in price for pets, these types of CBD products have simply been specially formulated for their specific physiological factors rather than ours.

Besides comparing prices per mg rather than bottle size, buying more at a time to create a cheaper cost per mg and considering bioavailability, shopping from a credible store like ours provides better value for your money. Keep an eye on our CBD specials to catch exciting deals on some of your favourite products!

For your information, all of our CBD items have the cost per mg and extensive product descriptions readily displayed in the additional information tab on our website. After all, we want our customers to only get the purest CBD oil possible and never be at risk of buying snake oil or synthetics.

Our online shop offers full-spectrum CBD products that have less than 0.2% THC (i.e. no psychoactive properties). Would you like to know more about buying CBD? Read through some of our most frequently asked questions . Remember to also consult with a licensed medical practitioner before introducing any new CBD supplements to your daily diet. This consultation is also the perfect opportunity to discuss an ideal dosage for you specifically.

How To Become A CBD Oil Distributor In South Africa

In a temporary resolution, the health department of South Africa legalized the wholesale distribution of cannabidiol in the year 2019. If we talk about the future of CBD in South Africa then I must say it is quite uncertain. In South Africa yes you can find CBD products in pharmacies and general stores.

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You must have heard a lot about the CBD including CBD oil. As more and more people are turning to CBD oil and this is forming a new pathway if you are planning to start a business as CBD oil distributor in South Africa. Various opportunities are created in the CBD market. The good thing is that you can start a business and start making money by selling CBD oil either you can distribute it on stores or even try online.

In this article, we will discuss the laws and requirements of South Africa for distributing CBD oil in the country.

The legal status of CBD

As a CBD oil distributor in South Africa, you must be aware of the legal status of the CBD products in the country. In South Africa, the CBD products with a quantity of less than 20mg of daily dose are permitted and legal to be used. It doesn’t come under the Medicine Act. The legal product of CBD contains THC ingredient less or equal to 0.001% and is derived from Hemp plant rather than marijuana but if the product contains more than 0.001% THC then these products do not have any legal status in South Africa.

CBD laws

In South, Africa Government notice no 756 in the year 2019 Medicine Act which provides a list of preparation having CBD form the Act. South Africa has laws for the local cannabis and it has ingredient cannabidiol legislation with in the country and these laws govern the sale and distribution of CBD with less dose and quantity of THC. This makes a good way for the cannabis industry in South Africa. CBD products in South Africa cannot claim to treat in any medical condition. Cannabis products that are up for sale in the cannabis market in South Africa require having a CBD certificate of analysis that depicts the material used and content in it.

Cannabis licensing in South Africa

It’s a green revolution in South Africa with the legalization of cannabis and in getting a license for it. CBD oil distributor in South Africa needs to understand the border of legal and illegal cannabis product when seeking licenses. The government is creating a system for the permission and licensing of cannabis products. The regulatory practices posed administrative corundum. Although still in South Africa the license for cannabis is difficult to get but still, it is becoming a reality.

There are various licenses options to be considered in South Africa

Cannabis License For Personal

If you need to grow and use your cannabis then it is not a criminal act in private adult use. But the trade of this cannabis is not legal as per the new cannabis bill.

Club Licence

In South Africa, the cannabis club is rising as a business and is also paying applicable taxes. These clubs are for recreational and medicinal users of Cannabis.

Cultivation Licences

If you need to grow cannabis then a cultivation license is required but getting this is not that easy to get. This license is quite expensive. These licenses are also used for research and also paving its way in the international cannabis market. This requires heavy documentation for the research permits.

Cannabis License For Medicinal Use

Although it is difficult to get this license there are rare cases of isolate and synthetic cannabis pharmaceutical industries permitted them. For medical use, the cost is very much high. The government is planning to get medical cannabis legalized. South African Health Products Regulatory Authority provides information and regulations for pharmaceuticals.

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Licenses For Hemp

The Hemp regulations are still to be regularized by the South African government. And still, the confusion lies in the difference between medical cannabis and hemp cannabis. This license can be obtained from the Department of Health under the Medicine control council.

If you need to start the business in the cannabis market then the license is a very essential requirement. After that, significant capital and administration are required in the cannabis business.

Cannabis Developmental council of South Africa

The objective of CDCSA is regulating the body of South Africa which along with the National hemp foundation that regulates and controls the cannabis industry in South Africa. The CDCSA involves the following activities,

  • Making regulations and legislation of cannabis in the country
  • Licensing permits as per laws
  • Protecting the South African cannabis industry
  • Registration and protection of the rights of stakeholders
  • Creating jobs for the local community in growing and distribution of cannabis
  • Research and development for cannabis cultivation
  • Minimizing the harms of cannabis
  • Steps to make South Africa a world-class economy with devising ways for the cannabis market.
Author – Noah Nicholls

Noah Nicholls is a full-time Writer, Traveler, and Marketing Expert who is Currently Working for CBD-Boxes. Noah Nicholls writing relates to a range of subjects such as CBD and health.

You can now buy CBD oil derived from dagga from Clicks and Dis-Chem, starting at R295.

Pharmaceutical retailers Dis-Chem and Clicks have rolled out CBD products, the non-hallucinogenic chemical derived from dagga, onto shelves.

Business Insider South Africa found a variety of brands in select stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town with prices starting at R295 and hitting R695,00 for 15ml tinctures containing varied strengths of CBD oil.

CBD has taken off in South Africa, showing up in everything from pizzas to beer. Clicks says since October brands such as Elixinol, Rethink and Cannabex are available in 92 stores nationwide, with wider product assortments online.

This follows an announcement made by former health minister Aaron Motsoaledi that low dose CBD products can be legally bought and sold until May 2020, reported Parent24.

They can be bought off shelves as long as they contain a maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams (mg) or less, and the product can’t claim to cure or treat any specific condition.

“All the CBD products listed with Clicks are manufactured in good manufacturing practice facilities, use proper methods of extraction and distillation and have provided verified safety certification,” said Rachel Wrigglesworth, Clicks Chief Commercial Officer.

Both Clicks and Dis-Chem said it was too early to determine how well the products are selling.

Here’s what we found out:

For those who are eager to get their hands on some ASAP, you should visit the larger stores in your area, as some of the smaller Clicks’ and Dis-Chems’ might not have them.

If your store does stock them, they can be found in the the general area of the homeopathic goods aisles.

They’re hard to spot if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Be sure to check the labels and read the instructions carefully as the dosages can be different strengths.

Also be on the lookout for empty boxes. Our journalist, Bombi Mavundza, found some stores remove the bottles from their packaging, to prevent theft.

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