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Can You Apply CBD Cream To Treat Sunburn? The summer season can be fun with trips to beaches and casual hangouts. But what’s painful is the sunburn that you can get staying outdoors for long. No Summertime has arrived which means more time spent outdoors. However, those memorable times put you at risk of sunburn and summer skin problems. No one wants to suffer from painful skin, but you do have options to help heal your abused skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) may bring much-needed relief. Summer Skin Problems If you w Maybe you forgot to reapply suncream to your nose, after taking your mask off, or you accidentally used out of date sunscreen, we’ve all been there. We’re we’re here to tell you that you might be able to use hemp oil for sunburn!

Can You Apply CBD Cream To Treat Sunburn?

The summer season can be fun with trips to beaches and casual hangouts. But what’s painful is the sunburn that you can get staying outdoors for long. No one wants to have burnt skin, but there are ways to help your skin heal. CBD (cannabidiol) may provide much-needed respite. You’ll need to make efforts to preserve and soothe your skin if you want to enjoy the wonderful weather while it lasts. Lotions are great, but ones with CBD appear to provide even more relief.

CBD is a compound with many antioxidants. Aside from that, they’re also potent anti-inflammatory drugs. CBD Cream is shown in numerous studies to reduce pain, inflammation, and the occurrence of bacterial infections. This is due to its antimicrobial qualities and ability to retain moisture in the skin.

CBD is frequently added to oils, such as hemp seed oil, and then used as a component in skin creams and lotions. Broad-spectrum CBD, which contains no or just small quantities of THC, is most commonly used in CBD skin creams or lotions.

How CBD Cream Helps Sunburn

Sunburn is the skin’s reaction to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and it is not the same as being burned by something hot. UVA and UVB radiation both harm the skin and create an inflammatory response in the body. UVA photons have a longer wavelength and penetrate the skin more deeply, whereas UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and are just superficially absorbed through the skin. Sunburns are caused by UVB rays, whereas UVA rays lead to skin aging and cancer risk.

CBD-infused creams are an excellent alternative for preventing severe sunburns and providing relief if they do occur. CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities in spades. CBD is a powerful and effective anti-inflammatory drug, according to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Controlled Release.

CBD cream can soothe sunburned skin, which reduces redness and swelling while also speeding up the healing process. CBD is a highly effective antibacterial agent. Any type of sunburn is especially susceptible to bacterial infections. If you get an infection, there’s a reasonable risk you’ll get a fever and other serious issues.

As reported by a study published in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, CBD has proven to be a vital component for treating minor and severe, and chronic pain. In addition to giving relief from your skin’s inflammatory response to sunburn, CBD creams can also help with the discomfort associated with sunburn. As a result, CBD topicals such as pain treatment roll-ons, pain relief oils, pain relief creams and can assist you in efficiently managing the pain of sunburn.

How To Use CBD For Skin

CBD creams and lotions for application on the skin allow users to select CBD exactly wherever they want it. Apply a tiny amount to intact skin to see how you react if you’ve never used CBD topicals before.

If you’ve got the physical symptoms of sunburn under control but want to address the psychological effects, consider CBD tinctures, oil, pills, or vapes, as these are the only ways to get CBD into your bloodstream. Furthermore, vaping produces near-instant results when you need them the most.


CBD topicals can be pretty beneficial to your skin. There are, however, a few points to keep in mind. You should also know how to choose the best CBD topical medication to get the most value for money.

Before you do anything else, talk to a doctor about CBD topicals. Inquire if any pills or drugs you’re taking are interfering with the use of CBD topicals and making them useless. Several antibiotics, analgesics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and other medications can interfere with CBD’s function. Making sure you’re not using any of these medications can help you get the most out of CBD topicals.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the CBD topical product’s container.

– The word ‘Cannabidiol’ should be explicitly mentioned in the ingredients section. Cannabidiol is the only cannabis compound approved by the CDC, FDA, and INCI. Any product that does not specify this and instead mentions hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract should be avoided.

– CBD products that are not packaged in a glass or transparent bottle should be avoided. When exposed to light or sunshine, CBD loses its potency and usefulness. Look for CBD topical treatments in sealed containers with no transparent or translucent walls that could reveal the contents within. It’s also a good idea to get entirely packed items.

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CBD Sunscreen Vs Normal Sunscreen

Sunscreens containing CBD may be a better option. When you apply CBD lotion to your skin, you’re doing two things simultaneously. Sunscreen operates as an SPF by forming a protective layer. All that a typical sunscreen does is protect you from the sun. On the other hand, CBD sunscreen shields you from the sun’s damaging rays. It also works on the inside of your skin. It treats inflammation by acting on the skin. It regenerates skin cells that are injured. It also relieves skin inflammation and soreness. That refers to the topic of skincare.

In Short

CBD products have continued to gain popularity and effectiveness, and people are quickly adopting them for various medicinal reasons. Manufacturers of cannabidiol skin creams claim that their products relieve pain and reduce inflammation, making them useful for persons with specific health issues. When taken under the advice of a doctor, adequately extracted CBD treatments can deliver excellent and effective effects and all the sun protection you require.

CBD for Summer Skin and Sunburn Relief

Summertime has arrived which means more time spent outdoors. However, those memorable times put you at risk of sunburn and summer skin problems. No one wants to suffer from painful skin, but you do have options to help heal your abused skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) may bring much-needed relief.

Summer Skin Problems

If you want to just enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts, then you will need to take a proactive stance to protect and soothe your skin. Lotions are ideal, but ones that hold CBD appear to offer added relief.

Common summer skin problems include:

    Sunburn: As the Earth’s ozone layer slowly depletes, harmful UV light can more readily reach your skin. Also, if you live in or visit a region that is positioned close to the equator you are at an even greater risk of burning your skin. A pink hue or a full-blown sunburn causes extreme discomfort. When the sun’s rays burn the skin, your body responds with inflammation which makes skin pressure painful. Studies have shown that CBD acts as a potent anti-inflammatory which actively suppresses the body’s inflammatory response to reduce pain and redness. Also Organics 1500 mg lotion is infused with organic CBD oil , organic lavender oil and vitamin C soothes the area of sunburn and promotes healing. You can apply the lotion to your face and body at the first signs of sunburn.

What Makes Also Organics So Special?

Many people consider CBD to be the next frontier in skincare as its benefits start to become more well-known. At Also Organics, all our topical CBD products meet the following criteria:

  • Formulated to help heal the body (especially skin problems)
  • Non-psychoactive (won’t get you “high”)
  • Made using organically grown USA hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • Dye-Free
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Kosher
  • Made with nanoparticles for better absorption

CBD Tinctures for Sunburn

CBD topicals hold the promise of improving your skin after a sunburn. However, if you are in a great deal of discomfort then you might want to try a tincture or gummy to tackle the pain via ingestion instead of applying it on the area of pain. As mentioned, CBD acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and it can also help you cope with pain. Studies have shown ingestible CBD does ease certain discomfort.

If you want to purchase CBD to try orally or topically then please contact Also Organics to learn more about our tinctures, balms, salves, lotions to gummies to determine which one might be the best CBD tincture for sunburn and summer skin problems.

Hemp Oil for Sunburn: Does CBD Really Help Heal Sunburn?

With weather like this, we’re sure one of the top Google searches in Ireland/UK will be something along the lines of “how to heal sunburn quickly”. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that you might be able to use hemp oil for sunburn!

With things heating up, weather-wise, we’re sure there are quite a few of us out there who are sporting a slight shade of pink at the moment. We always harp on about wearing SPF but let’s face it, even the most careful of us get caught out sometimes.

Whether you forgot to reapply suncream to your nose, after taking your mask off, or you accidentally used out of date sunscreen, we’ve all been there. We’re all too familiar with the prickling heat and itchiness of healing sunburn.

Before we delve into using CBD and hemp oil for sunburn, let’s take a closer look at what sunburn actually does to our skin.

What is sunburn?

We all love getting out in the fresh air and feeling the gentle heat of the sun on our skin. It’s a great way to boost your vitamin D levels, along with your mood. But we know that too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage our skin.

There are two types of UV rays (UVA and UVB) and unfortunately, they can both harm our skin. UVB rays have a shorter wavelength, so they tend to burn the outer layers of our skin, resulting in what we fondly know as sunburn.

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UVA rays, on the other hand, penetrate the skin on a deeper level as they have a longer wavelength. Exposing your skin to these particular rays tends to increase signs of ageing, as well as increasing the risk of developing skin cancer.

When our skin is exposed to heat, whether it’s from the sun or from hot water, for example, our immune response is triggered. Typically this means extra blood and fluids are rushed to the injured skin to help heal it. For us, this means, that the area will become red, swollen, hot, and inflamed.

There are three main types of burns:

  • First-degree burns: this is when the outer layer of the skin is damaged. The skin stays intact but it becomes red and painful. This type of burn typically fades after a couple of days. This is the most common type of sunburn.
  • Second-degree burns: this is when the under-layer of the skin is also damaged. Second-degree burns are far more painful as the skin tends to blister to protect itself. This type of burn is more associated with exposure to hot water but it can happen with severe sunburn too. Second-degree burns will heal over time but there is a risk of sensitivity to the sun, as well as scarring.
  • Third-degree burns: this is a severe type of burn where both the skin and underlying nerves are damaged. Third-degree burns are usually the result of exposure to fire or acid, rather than exposure to the sun. This type of burn needs to be treated in the hospital, usually with skin grafts.

Luckily, our skin is fantastic at healing itself and most of the time, damaged cells can be repaired over time. But, if the cells can’t be repaired, they peel off to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. While accidents happen, it’s not a good idea to let your skin get burned on a regular basis!

What are the best ways to soothe sunburn?

Although sunburn will heal itself over time, there are a couple of things that we can do to speed up the process, and ease the discomfort that comes along with it. This is where using hemp oil for sunburn comes in!

Keeping your cool

As we know, when we get sunburned, the area of damaged skin becomes super red and warm to the touch. This can be extremely uncomfortable and painful at times, especially if your clothing is rubbing against your sore skin.

When the body is repairing the damaged skin, it increases circulation in the area and warms it up to help with the healing process. This can also lead to swelling and tightness of the skin.

So, what do we do when we’re too warm? Cool off! You can simply use cold water or ice to cool down the affected area. This will help reduce the flow of blood to the area too, reducing redness as well as swelling.

If you’re using ice, remember to wrap it in a towel before applying it to the skin. This will help to protect the skin against further damage, and it will keep you from losing the feeling in your fingertips too.

With just a little encourage-mint

Another wonderful way of soothing hot and swollen skin is to use menthol. Experts recommend using over-the-counter menthol-infused creams or lotions to help provide a cooling sensation, without actually having to bring down the temperature of your skin.

This is ideal if you’re sunburned but can’t walk around the office with a cold compress on your forehead!

Menthol works with the receptors in your skin, tricking them into thinking that it’s cold. So, your skin cools down, without having to carry a bag of frozen peas around the office. This is especially handy if you have a mild sunburn, as it’ll help relieve tightness and discomfort.

However, if your skin is cracked or broken, this isn’t the one for you. Applying menthol to broken skin may sting and irritate your skin further. We recommend doing a tiny patch test before slathering your whole body in menthol cream!

Using hemp oil for sunburn is also a good idea because it can help ease the discomfort associated with sunburn. Hemp oil works with the receptors in your skin to help reduce pain in the area where the balm is applied. Using a product like our Recovery Cooling Balm, you get the best of both menthol and hemp oil for sunburn.

When using menthol and hemp oil for sunburn, we would suggest doing a patch test first. Menthol is recommended by experts to help soothe sunburn, but it can sting if the skin is broken or cracked.

If your skin is moderate to severely damaged, we recommend skipping this step. Menthol and raw skin might not be the best combination and you could end up irritating your skin further.

Water you waiting for? Hydrate!

One of the symptoms of sunburn is dehydration. We’re not just talking about your thirst level though, we’re talking about your skin too. Sunburn, like other types of burns, can severely dry out your skin.

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Hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy and it’s absolutely essential for your skin to heal damaged cells.

Of course, it’s important to up your water intake, but you’ll also need to deliver some hydration directly to the affected area with a moisturiser. As your skin is quite sensitive, you’ll need to be careful.

Try to use a moisturiser that offers intense hydration, but won’t irritate your skin further. Keeping the skin hydrated will help to repair the moisture barrier, repair the cells, and keep the skin from becoming cracked, itchy, and tight.

Poko product pro-tip:

One of the reasons why you can use hemp oil for sunburn is because it offers hydration. For example, our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser combines the nourishing qualities of hemp oil with aloe vera, to offer intense hydration.

Aloe Vera juice contains a whopping 99.5% water which means our skin loves it. We have been using Aloe Vera for thousands of years as it is also a well-known anti-inflammatory, and so is a popular choice when it comes to healing sunburn.

Is hemp lotion good for sunburn when it comes to hydrating? Using hemp oil for sunburn is beneficial because it helps to restore moisture to the skin without irritating it further. CBD is known to be extremely gentle on the skin and it is perfectly suitable for those of us who have extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, it’s unlikely to irritate your sunburned skin.

Our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser is also packed with natural oils like apricot kernel oil and olive oil. Both of these substances mimic oils that your skin naturally produces, like squalene and sebum.

Using these along with hemp oil for sunburn is perfect as they help to lock in hydration and nourish the skin’s moisture barrier. Therefore, they’re perfect to help hydrate the skin, without irritating it.

This can also be said for oat silk, another ingredient in our moisturiser. Oat silk is a powerful and fast-acting anti-inflammatory. It has long been known to help calm rashes, bug bites, and sunburn, as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

No scrubs

Although this isn’t technically using hemp oil for sunburn, we thought it’s worth noting. After a couple of days, you may notice that your skin has started to peel. As tempting as it is to peel it off, you need to exercise your utmost willpower and leave it alone. Trust us.

Damaged skin cells will eventually peel off but the skin underneath is still new, and sensitive. If you go pulling off the outer layers, you’ll expose the sensitive skin to the elements, potentially damaging your skin again!

If your skin is peeling a lot, you can use a soft muslin cloth to gently remove the excess. But don’t go scrubbing or picking!

We love a chemical exfoliator but now is not the time for it. When your skin is already sensitive, it’s best to avoid exfoliators that might irritate it further. It’ll come off when it’s ready to come off!

The same goes for blisters. If you have severe sunburn, you may notice small blisters forming. Leave them be. It’s your body’s way of protecting the damaged skin by cushioning it and protecting it from the outside world.

Popping blisters will not only increase your chances of infection, but it’ll take longer to heal. As you have exposed the sensitive skin underneath, your skin may take longer to heal and it’s more likely to scar.

Using hemp oil for sunburn: What does science say?

Some studies (like this one) show that we may be able to use hemp oil for sunburn, because it may have anti-inflammatory qualities. Experts believe that the CBD compound, present in hemp oil, interacts with receptors in our bodies to influence certain immune responses.

Whilst we need more research to fully understand how CBD works, experts believe it helps to stabilise key functions in our bodies, this includes immune responses like inflammation, pain perception, and body temperature.

Therefore, we may be able to use hemp oil for sunburn, as it can help in the recovery process, as well as dulling discomfort caused by the burn.

Does using hemp oil for sunburn really work?

Whilst we need more clinical studies to definitively say that you can use CBD for sunburn relief, all of the evidence that we have so far certainly pointed in that direction. Hemp oil may help reduce pain, swelling, and redness while helping to restore moisture to the sunburn area.

Whilst you can use hemp oil for sunburn, it is not a replacement for SPF. The best way to treat sunburn is to prevent it in the first place, and that means protecting your skin. To do this, you should liberally apply a high SPF several times a day!

Luckily, we have tonnes of other blogs all about SPF – how much you should be using and how you can apply it without disturbing your make-up. Check them out right here!

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