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Skin Burns and can treated effectively with CBD Oil. In this Spinfuel Vape special report we look at the science behind CBD and skin. Burns are some of the most common injuries of all. So can the properties of CBD Oil help in case of burns? This blog explains.

CBD Oil Can Heal Skin Burns Faster

All of us have experienced skin burns at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a sunburn or working around a hot equipment, the burn on the skin causes a lot of pain. Even though there are various creams and antiseptics available in the market to heal the burn, CBD Oil is the newest and perhaps, the most natural way to soothe that burn on your skin.

CBD has already taken the wellness industry by storm because of its miraculous ability to relieve people from various health problems, including anxiety, depression, chronic pains in muscles and joints, inflammation, seizures, epilepsy, etc. Now, it is also exhibiting the potential to heal the burns on your skin. To learn more on this, read the rest of this article.

What is the importance of CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is the product of cannabis plants. However, CBD is known for its therapeutic qualities and analgesic properties, more because, this miracle of a product does not contain or comprises very little THC, another cannabis compound primarily responsible for producing ‘high’ in the human body. Thus, CBD is non-intoxicating or non-psychoactive in nature. Additionally, it has also been legalized in all the states of America. It is no longer a controlled-substance in the country (under 2018 Farm Bill).

CBD is thus a naturally healing product. It is also safe to consume since it comes with little to no side effects, and is available in abundance. However, it should be the duty of every consumer that they are buying CBD oil or products from a well-reputed company that has no or less than 0.3% of THC and also holds the certificate of analysis and is third-party lab tested.

Is CBD oil an effective treatment for all skin burns?

To answer this question, it is important to note how CBD works with the body. When CBD oil is consumed by the body, it starts interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), whose function is to keep the hormones balanced and growth proliferation, amongst other things. The endocannabinoids, which are a component of the ECS activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body.

When the body suffers an injury, the endocannabinoids and receptors help in maintaining the balance between tissues, organs, and cells in the body. When the body needs healing from burns, this system kicks in and starts the healing process. CBD oil helps in boosting this healing.

In this 2010 study, done at the China Medical University, it is concluded that the CB1 receptor is activated when the wound heals and that they were found in the location of injury, six hours after the injury took place, and they remained there for 14 days. This acts as a binding site for cannabinoids, and thus, serves as an antibiotic.

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How CBD oil helps in healing skin burns?

The first evidence of CBD’s effectiveness as an anti-bacterial came in 1976, in a study done by Ten Ham and Klingeren. It can help in healing burns because of its various qualities and traits. Some of them have been mentioned below-

CBD is anti-inflammatory -:

In a 2009 study , it was concluded that CBD can reduce inflammation through the CB2 receptors in the skin. These receptors also help in relieving the skin from pain of burn. CBD reduces inflammation by weakening the cortisol section and decreasing blood levels.

It has analgesic properties:

CBD is anyway known for relieving people from chronic pain in the muscles, joints, and skin. CBD oil also contains terpene linalool, which is a group of compounds that help in relieving the pain from the body. This helps CBD in producing a cooling effect on the burnt area.

CBD is antibacterial in nature :

Another reason why one should use CBD oil on their burnt skin is to keep it clean to prevent bacteria from infiltrating the area around the skin and save it from infection. In this 2008 study , it was revealed that cannabidiol, in fact, does have antimicrobial qualities. It also protects the wounded area from pathogens, such as MRSA, which can infect the wounds. Applying CBD oil on the burnt area also prevents the skin from swelling and pain as well.

Even though more research is needed in this field, people are already using CBD oil to find relief from burned skin.

How to use CBD oil on a Skin Burn?

CBD oil is safe to apply on the skin. It can also be taken orally without any problem. However, there is no fixed or ideal dosage of CBD intake. Thus, the best way to consume CBD oil is by starting with a minimum dosage and monitoring the changes in your body. Once you start feeling positive change in your burn or body, stop at your ideal dosage, and continue taking the same for a few weeks. Once you become comfortable in your ideal dosage, start reducing the dosage to notice if you are getting the same results at a low dosage, because people have already experienced building reverse tolerance after a few months of CBD intake. In any case, CBD is absolutely safe to take or apply on skin. It doesn’t overdose and does not have any side-effects either.


If you are looking for a natural way to heal a burn, CBD oil is the answer. The best part is that it is easily available in the market, is legal, and does not cost a fortune at the time of purchase. It is a naturally-occurring product and thus, comes with zero negative effects. Even so, it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner, or a doctor before starting your CBD course. In a nutshell, CBD oil is the simplest way to heal your burns.

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Can CBD Oil Help Treat Burns?

We all occasionally stumble, bump our head, cut our finger, or touch something hot and get burned. Accidents happen, no matter how careful we are. That is precisely why everybody should keep some CBD in their medicine cabinet: it can help ease the pain and stop inflammation making matters worse. Burns are among the most common injuries for children and adults alike. They tend to be especially painful and likely to cause inflammation. So can the qualities of CBD Oil or CBD Salve help treat burns? Read on to find out!

CBD Oil As First Aid For Burns

Even the most cautious people get burns. You may get distracted when lighting a candle, or you let a pan of boiling water slip from your fingers. Hot fluids, open fire, and even the sun can cause burns, although electricity and chemicals are notorious too. Burns are intense injuries: they are highly painful and severely damage the skin, which can easily lead to scars.

Burns are caused by more than just fire.

We can distinguish three types of burns:

  • First degree burns: skin reddens, but no blisters form;
  • Second degree burns: blisters and swollen skin on affected areas;
  • Third degree burns: severe epidermal and subcutaneous damage. Burns can be white, brown, or black and appear (almost) painless due to extensive nerve damage.

Rapid response is important for all types of burns, either by cooling or by seeking help. First degree burns are suitable to treat by yourself. Hold the burn under lukewarm running tap water for ten to twenty minutes to cool it down. After this, you can apply CBD Oil and CBD Salve to ease the pain, protect against bacteria, and counter inflammatory reactions. Further medical treatment is not strictly necessary, although you can always consult a doctor if in doubt.

Second degree burns demand immediate cooling too. Here, CBD Salve and CBD Oil can be applied as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic first aid for burns as well. If the burn affects your hands, feet, face, joints, or genitals, visiting a doctor is advisable. When in doubt, or if symptoms seem to grow worse, you should seek medical guidance.

Third degree burns are not suited to treat by yourself. These burns are severe and can even be fatal. Seek professional help immediately.

What Can CBD Oil Do For Burns?

The characteristics of CBD make this cannabinoid a good natural supplement to use for superficial burns. Burns involve pain and inflammations, and the resulting skin damage increases the risk of bacterial infections. Although research into the specific effects of CBD Oil on burns is still quite sparse, it appears as though cannabidiol could be particularly effective for controlling these symptoms.

CBD Oil can prove helpful in more than one way.

The effects of CBD (cannabidiol) arise from its capacity to affect the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). The receptors of the ECS extend all throughout the body, including the skin. Here, the ECS influences various processes including cell growth, hormone production, and cell death. Cannabinoids like CBD are capable of interacting with cell receptors, allowing them to influence the body’s mechanisms for pain relief, inflammation, and countering infections.

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Research Into CBD’s Effects

Research indicates that CBD Oil may be helpful in case of burns. One 2019 study tested the antibacterial properties of cannabidiol. Researchers tested its effectiveness against staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, as well as against so-called superbugs that have grown resistant to normal antibiotics. It turns out that CBD can destroy these bacteria within 3 hours, whereas standard antibiotics like Vancomycine require 6 to 8 hours to do the same. Even though CBD cannot be used against all species of bacteria, these results are promising nonetheless.

The antibacterial properties of CBD Oil are highly useful in case of burns. The skin is a vital line of defence for the body that keeps out external intruders. Burns can damage this defence line, increasing your vulnerability to bacteria and viruses. CBD can be used to reduce the chances of infection after burns.

Inflammation is another major risk associated with burns. Inflammatory responses are the body’s natural reaction to pathogens and other threats. That can be very helpful to protect the body in case of certain injuries. However, if the inflammation response is too intense, it can slow down the healing process and cause additional pain. A study conducted in 2010 and published in Future Medicinal Chemistry demonstrated CBD’s ant-inflammatory effectiveness. When the University of Aberdeen decided to investigate CBD’s effects on wounds, they found that CBD can help retain normal cellular calcium levels. This protects cells from the effects of trauma.

Lastly, of course, there is the often severe pain caused by burns. CBD can prove useful here as well; both by applying CBD Salve to or around burns, or by oral use of CBD Oil or CBD Tablets. Studies have shown that CBD can work as a natural analgesic in case of inflammations and neuropathic pain. That means the pain-reducing properties of CBD can be highly useful in case of burns.

Treating Burns With CBD Oil

If you or someone near you suffers burns, remember to always cool first. In case of severe second degree or even third degree burns, call the emergency services right away. For first degree or superficial second degree burns, however, cannabidiol can be an effective treatment after cooling long enough. You can either apply CBD Salve onto or around the burns, or take CBD Oil against the pain. Again, if you have any doubts about the severity of burns, never hesitate to consult your doctor. Medical professionals can provide further advice about further treatment.

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