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cannabisseedsforsale com review

Not into Bitcoin. in OZ.
Local . first OZ order – was skeptical but good communications helped!
Beans arrived with Xtras. KUDOS to Southern Star Seeds – worth the wait in gold!

2nd order from haze IO?ordered southern star seeds they arrived in 8 days and 29/30 germinated? they grew nicely until the stupid bush rats found em got one female out of 30!?will order again still growing thc bomb and blue dream indoors will use them again?give it a go.

guest Australia, July 2018

I bought for about 120 ?.
The package did not arrived, i was argue about refund but they just did not care.

I love this place. They are amazing. Always friendly. Freebies are amazing. Attitude doesnt hold a candle. Doc ky green thumb.

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 55 user reviews. offers top-notch security to their customers ensuring that everyone who accesses the site or makes a purchase can rest assured their data is not accessed by third parties. also has free seeds as giveaways for their potential and recurrent customers. As a top seed bank, the company has orders upon orders of marijuana seeds and it is impressive how many people they serve per day.

Their budget packs cater to customers on a budget, ensuring that even with a small amount of money they have they can still get high-quality seeds. They cater to both wholesalers and retailers so if you want to redistribute or grow on a large scale, this is one bank you want to consider. Their seeds are high quality but are still dependent on where they have been sourced from.

Their quality checks ensure that even if they are gotten from a third party, their customers receive only the best. They work with reliable suppliers like Barneys Farm, Nirvana Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds and many others.

They have various categories like indoor and outdoor seeds, feminized and autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, cup winners, medical strains, Sativa, Indica, Strongest and even a pack for beginners. has a chart for best sellers so that people can make decisions based on what other customers are taking. They also cater to mixes and have clearance sales that have giveaways for their customers. Seedbank is the Cannabis Seed For Sale company that was established in 2013 in the United Kingdom and has managed to give itself a place as one of the top seed banks in the world. The 420 seed bank ships to countries all over the world and provides payment options for many people who want to make a purchase.

Ordered the seeds in the original packaging, received hand-packaged no name c-grade seeds. Sent multiple e-mails asking for a replacement first and a refund later, never got an answer, they just don’t care.
There are so many reputable seed banks to waste your time and money on these scammers.

Once a great online seed supplier. For whatever reason, expect mistakes in payment, delays, and non-viable seeds.
Wish it was not so.

Once a great online seed supplier