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cannabis seeds newcastle

Buying cannabis seeds in Newcastle can be a tricky thing to do if it is your first time. If you are new to collecting marijuana seeds, then there is a vast choice of radically different options available, a huge range of strains with very different scents, yields, flavours, and medicinal properties. You can pick at random or spend a lot of time researching. There is also the question of where you will buy cannabis seeds in the Newcastle area, you can either do this on the high street or online using our website and get them delivered to your door.

Most cannabis seeds are sold through seedbanks, but there exist two other methods to obtain them. A very old method was to use a mail-order catalog and the second is through trading. There are many rare but popular strains that have been lost but a few seeds remain in the odd persons collection. You can initiate a private trade through forums online but ensure the user has a solid reputation so you know the genetics are true.

For those locals who want to stay within the area and offline, head over to Newcastle Shopping Centre and look for the not-so-discreet seedbank situated within!

You can view our full range of cannabis seeds below.

The easiest method to get cannabis seeds in Newcastle is to order online, but you need to make sure that you are buying them from a well-known seedbank with plenty of positive reviews. While most retailers will stock the seeds themselves, but there is some that dropship which means that the delivery will be much slower. All the popular shops such as ourselves stock directly and offer same day dispatch.

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No hidden charges: The Vault ensures that our pricing and structures are as open as possible: So you can sit back, relax and have fun picking your seeds without sneaky hidden costs coming to bite you in the ass. We include stealth shipping for free and guaranteed delivery (where tracking is available) at NO additional cost!

Buying cannabis seeds in the UK: is it legal?

If you live in the UK and are interested in cannabis seeds, it is not always clear what is within the limits of the law and what is not. You might wonder for example: is it legal to order cannabis seeds in the UK through this web shop or via cannabis seed companies like Vault, Gorilla and Attitude seed bank? The short answer to that question is: Yes. It is legal to order and own cannabis seeds in the UK. Yet there are certain points of interest. Therefore we have written this blog “Cannabis seeds UK” where you can read everything you need to know before you buy cannabis seeds in the UK.

We give away more freebies than any other cannabis seeds site: No matter how big or small your order with us, we’ll throw in FREE PREMIUM SEEDS to sweeten the deal. The larger your order, the more we’ll reward your loyalty with EXTRA FREE seeds! How do you like the sound of that, buddy?

Do you like choice?

By ordering cannabis seeds Newcastle from Lighthouse, you can be certain of a few things: guaranteed delivery, discreet shipping and packaging, competitive pricing, fast handling and above all: excellent service. Our main goal is to make every single customer happy, something you will definitely notice when ordering cannabis seeds at Lighthouse.

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Newcastle, and seeds are not always easy to find. Lighthouse is a Dutch company that discreetly ships cannabis seeds worldwide. Because we believe that every recreational user of marijuana has the right to enjoy their own herbs, we supply hobbyists and people who are passionate about cannabis with small amounts of seeds.

Growing your own Cannabis using seeds will give you the best result. There are a lot of different sorts available on the market, all with their own flavours, specifications and effects, so where should you start? You’re going to want low prices, good germination rate, and only the best quality. When buying cannabis seeds from a trusted seller with years of experience like Lighthouse, there’s not much that can go wrong. You can order feminized, regular and autoflowering marijuana seeds at Lighthouse. We ship cannabis seeds worldwide, including to Newcastle, depending on local laws and regulations.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Newcastle from Lighthouse

These are our 5 most popular cannabis seeds in the USA. Great prices and excellent quality, our customers’ favorite strains!