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If you are curious to know about cannabis in the European countries, Germany has a fascinating ground for cannabis with its complicated law and lenient approach. If you are a cannabis connoisseur and wish to buy marijuana seeds in Germany, this is the spot!

Although the authority allows small quantities of marijuana for private consumption, numbers of cannabis-related charges are increasing.

Marijuana History in Germany

The punishment scale is raised by one to two, or five to 15 years if there are other aggravating events. For instance, if…

The sale and supply of marijuana in Germany is considered a more serious offense. If found, the offender could get a jail sentence of up to five years following the Narcotics Act .

As of December 2019, Germany served the world’s third-largest market for legal marijuana-based products outside of North America since the country led to legalizing the prescribing of marijuana for medical purposes to critically ill patients in 2017.

As summer begins to transition into autumn, the flowers of your plants will get larger and larger thanks to increased production of pistils and trichomes.

The growing season comes to a close in November, and anyone who hasn’t already should begin harvesting.

Unless you’ve lived under several rocks, you likely know that the cannabis market in Europe has reached new heights in recent years.


Summertime! You know what that means: Beach days, music festivals—no we’re just kidding, it means you get to watch your plants grow faster! This is thanks to the increased daylight (summer solstice is the 21st) and warmer weather, along with your caring hand.

Going into August, plants register the decrease in daylight hours, and growers raising photoperiod strains get to see something beautiful. This, of course, is the flowering phase.

Besides the weather, legality is still a big question mark, and it’s unclear when the government will start allowing for mass domestic cultivation.

This is exciting, of course, but we have to consider that there have already been issues with shortages. More international companies are being permitted to import into Germany, but their product is more expensive and relies on extensive trade.

Finally, it is legal to use CBD in Germany. As like other EU countries, the THC concentration of CBD-rich marijuana can never exceed 0.2% to be legal. For this reason, there are many high CBD hemp flowers dispensaries throughout the country.

As mentioned above, if the amount of marijuana seized corresponds to a ‘small amount’, it is likely that there will be no charges for possession or use. However, it is also possible that a rehabilitation treatment will be imposed.

Marijuana use in Germany is illegal. However, as in other European Union countries, using Cannabis in small quantities is permitted. Despite the fact that a large part of society is seeking marijuana use and cultivation decriminalisation in Germany, there are still many voices against it.

Cannabis Medicinal status in Germany

In addition, the penalties can be increased to 15 years’ imprisonment depending on a number of aggravating factors. These include supplying large quantities, selling marijuana to minors, using weapons or even belonging to an organized gang.

On the other hand, many patients reflect how complicated it is to get prescriptions for medical marijuana in Germany. Many professionals are skeptical about marijuana treatment and the poor image of marijuana in many sectors of society complicates the situation.

Once you have been charged, it is up to the judge to choose whether it is a criminal case or a simple penalty. Once an individual has been seized with marijuana, even if he has served the sanction, he will have a history on his criminal record. In fact, this history can be used to increase possible future sanctions for carrying or using marijuana in Germany in public.

As for marijuana possession in Germany, it is regulated by the so-called “small amount of Cannabis“. By carrying a small quantity of marijuana, the user can justify that it is his own private use and will not market to others.