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cannabis seeds for sale in south africa

There’s nothing like pulling out a top-shelf bud of dagga after harvest.

As the laws differ from one country to another, it is important to understand weed regulations whenever you travel or move to a new country. Have fun, but be safe as you travel!

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

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The best time to germinate cannabis seeds in South Africa is between September-November.

As corruption is quite frequent in the area, big sentences are rarely given for weed possession. But, if a maximum sentence were to be handed down for possession, it would mean 25 years in prison.

In this article “Cannabis seeds South Africa“, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the legality of cannabis and cannabis seeds in South Africa. Are cannabis seeds legal in South Africa? Is it legal to smoke marijuana? Where can you buy cannabis seeds and which seed bank is shipping to South Africa? Continue reading and find out!

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Consequences of the Supreme Court ruling

However, the legality of this soft drug differs from country to country. While some countries criminalise the purchase, possession and use of cannabis and punish offenders, other states have decided to legalise or tolerate the drug. As the consequences of using cannabis can differ greatly from one country to another, it is important to make sure the use of cannabis is legal in your country.

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The Constitutional Court’s judgment implies you are only allowed to use cannabis when you plant your own cannabis seeds. This gives rise to a new question: is it legal to import cannabis seeds from a overseas seed bank? The judgment implies that this question can be answered affirmatively. As it is now allowed to grow your own cannabis, it can logically be deduced that it is therefore also allowed to purchase cannabis seeds. These seeds can be bought locally, but can also be imported from a seed bank overseas when you have a phytosanitary document.

The “Rise” auction fetched 5.5 Ethereum (ETH) – the preferred cryptocurrency of NFT marketplaces – while “Burn” was sold for 1.852 ETH. Benas bought both, paying approximately $16,500 worth of ETH which amounted to roughly R224,000 at the time. Bidding on both auctions closed at the end of May, with GGG announcing Benas as the owner of “Rise” and “Burn” on Friday.

“One of the biggest problems in the industry has been the ownership of genetics and it’s one of the biggest parts of the Gage Green story.”

“I’ve been interested in cannabis for around 20 years,” Benas told Business Insider South Africa.

GGG recently combined “fine art, digital currency and luxury cannabis” in the form of an NFT auction featuring two ten-packs of cannabis seeds – of the “Rise” and “Burn” strain – which would be sold exclusively to the highest bidder. Two digitised artworks, which were originally hand painted by GGG founder Jeff Selsor, were included in the auctions.

“There’s a lot of value that people don’t see,” explains Benas.

A South African entrepreneur recently bought rare cannabis seeds, and digital art, at a non-fungible token (NFT) auction for approximately R224,000.

South Africans are slowly becoming more accustomed to the global NFT craze which has created overnight millionaires through the sale of digital artworks. A gallery based in Cape Town managed to get R59,000 for a digital artwork auctioned in March and a local NFT marketplace was launched a month later with backing from sports stars and celebrities.