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Our customers come from Birmingham and all over the UK. If you are looking to buy our number 1 selling Stardawg seeds, you will not be disappointed. Kandy Seeds Stardawg has somewhat become extremely popular in Birmingham and across the UK. If you are looking to buy Feminized Stardawg Cannabis Seeds in Birmingham you will struggle to find them as most seedbanks based in Birmingham only stock the Autoflower version which is simply not the same. Kandy Seeds UK sell the Feminized Version that you are more than likely searching for. If you live in Birmingham and want to buy high quality Stardawg cannabis seeds take a look at our original Stardawg seeds now.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

Kandy Seeds Stardawg Seeds Supplier UK

Our seeds are produced in our facility in Spain by a team of experts with over 100 years cannabis cultivation experience between them. Collectively during the last 8 years they have produced some of the best strains of cannabis available.

Once we move into our new premises the doors will be open for purchases of BSB Genetics, The Cali Collection and Eazy Seeds. The shop will of course resemble a war zone until all works are completed to get the layout and stocks sorted so if you do pop over please mind your step as we expect it to take several weeks to get things into order.

Our Auto Sweet Tooth variety has lead the way since we introduced auto flowering strains to our B-S-B Genetics range 2 years ago. Despite the introduction of Auto Northern Big Bud which is a huge hit and super successful strain and the great success of our Auto Tangerine, Auto Blueberry, The Beast Auto and Auto Blueberry Haze, our Auto Sweet Tooth still refuses to be knocked off top spot as sales consistently roll in.
She is an absolute beast when it comes to yields, producing right at the top end of what you’ll get from the best yielding varieties that are none auto flowering….she completely blows the myth out of the window that auto varieties don’t yield high amounts – you’ll get 600+ gm2 or up to 200g a plant in ideal conditions!
Then there’s the taste, her name is no coincidence, she was named Sweet Tooth because that’s exactly the craving she will satisfy, she’s one of the sweetest tasting varieties you’ll ever come across and customer feedback is a great testament to that.
Hardiness….she is possibly the most hardy auto variety you’ll also have the pleasure to work with, her levels of mould resistance are fantastic meaning she stands up very well to a wide variety of changing conditions. This makes her a joy to work with for both inexperienced and very experienced growers as you really cannot go wrong with her, and if you give her what she needs you’ll be rewarded with whopping yields of sweet sticky goodness.
Success rates on these seeds are higher than any other strain in our shop we have had feedback on, that’s around 1300 different strains from around 150 different breeders, so an amazing achievement for this variety.
So don’t look past adding Auto Sweet Tooth to your collection, she should certainly be your first port of call if your looking to work with auto flowering varieties.

Relocation Update – New Store Could be Open Monday……

Tel: 0121 475 5 475
Open Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm / Saturdays 12pm till 5pm

We’ll be moving our stocks out of the current premises tomorrow (friday) and will leave a collection of our top sellers at S & J Jewellery located right opposite our current premises for anybody wishing to purchase on Saturday. The Eazy Seeds collection of seeds has been available from S & J Jewellery through the previous week and there are still plenty of stocks of all 8 strains in that collection you can pick up any time from S & J Jewellery:

Keep checking in here and as soon as things are set in stone I will make them known here.

Kerosene Krash, Diesel scented buds with a blindingly powerful effect.

Getting cannabis seeds in Birmingham is easy with online options as well as some ‘bricks and mortar’ shops to visit. With dozens of cannabis cups and over three decades at the top of the cannabis business, Dutch Passion are trusted by growers all over the UK. Our seeds are shipped in plain, discreet packaging.

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Birmingham

● Auto Mazar, Northern guerrilla growers favourite, a classic hash plant

Auto Skywalker Haze, Haze x Amnesia genetics, with over 26% THC. The highest THC we have ever seen on any autoflower!

Sugar Bomb Punch, Feminised USA indica seeds with hard buds, 20%+ THC!