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cannabis seed pods

Another indication of pollination can be the colour of her pistil hairs. When a female has been pollinated, the previously white hairs will soon shrivel and become darker.


Spotting male cannabis plants and pollinated females early can save you from investing further time and effort into an entire growing season that will be for naught. Most of the time, the best course of action is to get rid of the males along with your pollinated ladies and just start a new grow.


Pollination requires the presence of males or intersex (hermaphrodite) plants, which are females that will also produce pollen. The first thing you want to do to keep the risk of pollination low is to remove as many males or “hermies” as as you can. Especially during the first three weeks of flowering, it’s important to frequently check for possible male specimens in your garden.

To determine the sex of your cannabis plants, you will have to wait until the pre-flowering stage when plants begin to put their energy into reproduction. Female cannabis plants show their gender signs later than males. At the location where they will soon grow their buds (the nodes between the stalk and the stem), females will show wispy white hairs.

Pollination of your female cannabis plants will make them produce seeds and spend less energy on producing quality buds. But when you recognise the signs of pollination early, you can avoid putting time and resources into a poor harvest.

Obviously, no one wants to smoke seedy weed. When you grow cannabis and learn how to identify male plants and signs of pollination, you can remove these plants to save your remaining females. Likewise, recognising a pollinated female early allows you to start again before it’s too late, rather than finishing a grow that will only result in a poor-quality harvest.

1, you have seeds developing.

2, If you have a stretched plant the buds will be far apart.


2. Should the buds form in one spot and then grow outward from there or will I only get buds the size and location that they are now? I worry that I have bad genetics or something because of how localized the bud growth is. It seems like there are a bunch of little buds and no big ones running the length of the cola.

Same goes for harvesting bud, most folks can’t wait to chop it and smoke it but they are loosing out if they dont wait until some of leaves start to turn a bit brown or the glands are not full and milky white ( I like a bit of amber myself) you get that by waiting just a bit more..The essential oil of the plant is far better the full body of the stone is complete yummy , try waiting a bit longer! Good things come to those who wait!

In regards the the seeds, I haven’t ever seen seeds forming. Will there be more bud around the seeds or is what I see what I get?

The thread title said seed pods everywhere. Every female plant has seed pods. A little known cannabis fact is that each individual seed pod is a cannabis flower. Entire buds are not actually flowers, as in individual flowers, but instead clusters of many tiny flowers, the individual seed pods/flowers that grow together and create buds. Each seed pod/flower will ‘plump up’ and appear to have seeds in them when they near maturity. They will give an appearance of having seeds inside, but not have seeds in them.

There are cressent shapes at base of stems, but none of them have seeds at all.


There are no immaculate conceptions in herb growing.

If you have fully mature seeds in your buds then you can pull them out or leave them it’s up to you. A few seeds won’t hurt anything as long as you don’t smoke them

I checked light and there were no cracks, but I am aving issues with heat. Sometimes I come ome and its like 90+degrees and 30 or less on humid. Is that the issue?